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Gaming Conventions

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Gaming Clubs and Organizations

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Outstanding articles that are not necessarily linked to one particular game, but may have broad appeal to gamers.

Butcher's Yard: A Wargaming Foray into the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879

Spotlight Article Graphic

"…he found several hundred Zulus coming up the other side. The Battle was on!" Joe Robinson regales us with a tabletop encounter recognizing the 140th anniversary of the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879. Lots of nice photos of a game in which "…things escalated quickly."

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 1/9/2019

Hexes and Soldiers Magazine - Issue #1

Spotlight Article Graphic

Available now is the very first issue of Hexes and Soldiers Magazine! The 38 page periodical includes articles by: Shayne Logan, Adam Starkweather, Stuka Joe, Sean Chick and Jason Kruse.

Poster: Mark D.
Post Date: 1/8/2019

Responsibilities to the hobby

Spotlight Article Graphic

Should you "…feel obliged to make some kind of effort to convert muggles into gamers."? Prufrock weighs in, with some well phrased bon mots, on the idea that "…wargamers should, in various ways, be active in promoting the hobby." Spoiler: "Your inviting someone over for a game does not make them a wargamer any more than your eating a perfectly cooked scallop makes you a French chef."

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 1/7/2019

$1.00 Counter Trays? Thanks, Captain Dave!

Spotlight Article Graphic

Captain Dave, from Centurion's Review web site, shares a bargain that he discovered at Dollar Tree...

Poster: Mark D.
Post Date: 1/6/2019

More Spotlight articles...

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Grognard Originals

In addition to our links to great content all around the internet, expect to see more "originals" in the future.

Land of the Two Rivers: Iraq War - Now on BGG!

Got the BGG listing for Land of the Two Rivers: Iraq War approved and published! Playtesting is proceeding. Still working on better counters...

Land of the Two Rivers: Iraq War - First draft of rules completed

Grognard Enterprises ( first game will be Land of the Two Rivers: Iraq War which covers Operation Iraqi Freedom from June of 2003 through the end of 2012 the latest (the game can end earlier). Designed and created by Mark D'Agosta.

10/15/2018 - First draft of the rules is completed. All charts and tables are complete. Map is 75% done. Working on the counters...

Interested in a TUSCW tournament on Vassal?

Anyone interested in a 2019 Tournament of the American Civil War on Vassal?

Registration deadline 12/31/2018.

Limit: 8 Participants.

Land of the Two Rivers: Iraq War - In Development (Grognard Enterprises)

The first game from Grognard Enterprises ( will be Land of the Two Rivers: Iraq War which covers Operation Iraqi Freedom from June of 2003 through the end of 2012 the latest (the game can end earlier). Design by Mark D'Agosta. Check in on the info article for the latest info on this game...

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Latest Grognard Updates

  Game/Publisher Article Info
Game: Spellbinder

Publisher: Task Force Games
Game Type: Board
Date: 1/21/2019 3:42:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
Captain Dave's Review of Spellbinder

Nice to see new reviews for old games every now and then. Captain Dave, at the "Centurion's Review" web site, treats us to a review and an un-boxing video. Not that he's thrilled with the game, but rather he is a collector of micro-games from that period...
Game: Pericles: The Peloponnesian Wars

Series: Great Politicians Series
Publisher: GMT Games
Game Type: Board
Date: 1/21/2019 3:33:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
Pericles: Reviewd by The Boardgames Chronicle

Another review, shared by Michal Kowalczuk at "The Boardgames Chronicle", of a more recent Mark Herman effort, "Pericles" which depicts the epic ancient clash between Athens and Sparta...
Game: Hannibal and Hamilcar

Publisher: Phalanx Games
Game Type: Board
Date: 1/21/2019 3:24:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
The Boardgames Chronicle Reviews "Hannibal & Hamilcar"

Hannibal & Hamilcar is a 20th anniversary edition of the classic game Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage. This 2 player card driven game (CDG) depicts one of the largest conflicts in ancient history - the Punic Wars. The good folks at The Boardgames Chronicle have taken the time to write up a review for the rest of us...
Game: Fast Action Battle: Crusader

Series: Fast Action Battles
Publisher: GMT Games
Game Type: Board
Date: 1/21/2019 12:52:00 PM
Poster: Doug Holt
FAB Crusader AAR: The Winter Battle of North Africa 1941 (Part 1)

"The Axis led by Erwin Rommel are unaware of the impeding attack…". Designer Michael Gustavsson begins a replay of his GMT Games' Fast Action Battles Crusader, a North Africa game. It's time to test the waters: "The [Tobruk] breakout has begun!"
Game: Armageddon War

Series: Armageddon War
Publisher: Flying Pig Games
Game Type: Board
Date: 1/21/2019 10:30:00 AM
Poster: Pat L.
Armageddon War – a Boardgaming Way Review

In his review published by online gaming magazine The Boardgaming Way, reviewer Mitch Freedman unboxes and reviews this platoon level, Mid-East based, near future (post 2000) game from Flying Pig Games. Noting that this board game resembles a miniatures game, the rules are easy to follow, and the play flows smoothly, Freedman discusses game mechanics, strategies and many of the game features that make this game so interesting.
Grognard Challenge Time!

Date: 1/20/2019 7:15:00 PM
New Challenge Clues! Last Challenge Results!

See the graphic clues for the new Challenge (#900) for 20-Jan-2019 and the winners for the last Challenge (#899).
Game: Albuera 1811

Series: Lines of Battle
Publisher: White Dog Games
Game Type: Board
Date: 1/19/2019 11:26:00 PM
Poster: Pat L.
Albuera Terrain and Game Design Considerations

David Kershaw, designer for Albuera 1881, discusses how the battle field's terrain affected his design. He also discusses his thoughts on sighting artillery, and the power of cavalry vs other unit types.
Game: Command and Colors: Ancients - Computer

Publisher: HEXWAR
Game Type: Computer
Date: 1/18/2019 8:16:00 AM
Poster: Doug Holt
“Carthage, methinks, ought to be utterly destroyed.” Command and Colors: Ancients Computer Game Review

"This game gives you the sandbox you need to try out different offensive and defensive formations and see how they succeed or fail." Rick Martin reviews GMT Games and Hex War's Command and Colors: Ancients computer version for Armchair General, giving it a 90% rating. See why Rick thinks it is a promising platform, to include the desired visuals: "Especially impressive are the cavalry and chariot charges…"!
Game: France '40 Gold

Publisher: John Tiller Software
Game Type: Computer
Date: 1/16/2019 9:15:00 AM
Poster: Doug Holt
Review: France '40 Gold

"Scenarios are the BIG change to this game." Bill Gray reviews the updated France '40 Gold from John Tiller Software. Bill finds a special pleasure in one of the new scenarios, and offers this historical tidbit: "Typically, Hitler had a conniption fit and had Waeger reprimanded. Never heard of this battle?"
Game: Across The Narva: The Soviet Assault on Estonia, February 1944

Publisher: Revolution Games
Game Type: Board
Date: 1/14/2019 8:27:00 PM
Poster: Pat L.
Across the NARVA Unzipping

In this Youtube video, Kev from Big Board Gaming unzips Across The Narva: The Soviet Assault on Estonia, February 1944 from Revolution Games. Kev thinks this will be a fun game, fast playing, and great for solo play. He considers this game to be an improvement over the original design, Army Group Narwa produced by Three Crowns Game Productions.
Game: Star Explorer

Publisher: Fantasy Games Unlimited
Game Type: Board
Date: 1/14/2019
Poster: Doug Holt
Star Explorer

"To boldly go where no copyright infringement has gone before." Brad, in his Hexsides and Hand Grenades blog, checks out the 1982 vintage Star Explorer by Fantasy Games Unlimited. Brad finds a wargame like feel in how it plays, along with a very Trekkie result: "I lost both my geo specialists by the time I left the second planet I visited. Half my redshirts were gone too."
Game: The Battle for Ramadi

Publisher: Tiny Battle Publishing
Game Type: Board
Date: 1/13/2019 5:33:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
The Battle for Ramadi - Moe's Game Table Review

A proper review of "The Battle for Ramadi" solitaire game from "Tiny Battle Publishing". Video produced by Moe's Game Table.
Game: Athens: The Birth of Politics

Publisher: Up and Away Games
Game Type: Board
Date: 1/13/2019 1:37:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
Athens: The Birth of Politics - New from Rick Heli

New from designer Rick Heli and published by "Up and Away Games". Reflects approximately a century in the life of the ancient city-state. Players cooperate and compete to manage its fortunes, especially its wars and politics from the Persian to the Peloponnesian Wars. Each player represents an Aristocrat, Merchant or Farmer group with different (dis)advantages. supports changes in government type that change the basic rules of the game...
Game: Less Than 60 Miles

Publisher: Thin Red Line Games
Game Type: Board
Date: 1/13/2019 8:45:00 AM
Poster: Mark D.
Less Than 60 Miles - Designer's Notes, Part 3

This installment focuses on several decisions Commanders will have to take before and during an Operation, and on the factors influencing them. It will also give an idea of how the system works, without going down into excessive rules detail. Written by game designer Fabrizio Vianello and shared on the "Big Board Gaming" site...
Game: The Dark Sands

Publisher: GMT Games
Game Type: Board
Date: 1/11/2019 8:40:00 AM
Poster: Doug Holt
The Dark Sands: AAR of Designer Solo Campaign Game (Part 4)

"Rommel has the bit between his teeth now…". Designer Ted Raicer has a fourth after action report on the campaign game with his GMT Games' The Dark Sands. The action is ramping up, and "Rommel now attacks the outer Tobruk defenses and luck is with the Afrika Korps as both forts fall."
Game: Nomads No More

Publisher: Compass Games
Game Type: Board
Date: 1/8/2019 11:19:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
"Nomads No More" Review by Len Krol

Len Krol pens a brief but informative review of "Nomads No More" for the Centurion's Review web site.
Game: One Helluva Fight: the Battle of Medjez-el-Bab

Publisher: High Flying Dice Games
Game Type: Board
Date: 1/4/2019 9:59:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
One Helluva Fight - Angry Bunny Review

Lots of information about High Flying Dice Games "One Helluva Fight" on the Angry Bunny blog...
Game: Ultimate General: Civil War GL

Series: Ultimate General
Publisher: Game Labs
Game Type: Computer
Date: 1/4/2019 10:37:00 AM
Poster: Doug Holt
What’s Gus Playing?: Ultimate General: Civil War!

"What better way to kick off the New Year than by trying out a new game…". Lloyd Sabin, in Grogheads, enthuses about his New Year's entertainment, Game Labs' Ultimate General: Civil War. What has Lloyd so cranked up? Well, it's more than just the variable AI… "I cried tears of joy after weeks of being pummeled by AIs left and right."
Game: Ilios

Publisher: Playford Games
Game Type: Board
Date: 1/2/2019 10:01:00 AM
Poster: Doug Holt
Ilios Game Review

"Victory will go the cleverest of generals, not the strongest." Father Geek reviews Playford Games' Ilios, an abstract strategy game with somewhat of an ancient Greek theme. See if this is a fit for your young board gamers. "This is a fast game, good depth, and interesting choices to be made."
Game: Soldiers: Heroes of World War II

Publisher: 1C Entertainment
Game Type: Computer
Date: 1/1/2019 4:51:00 PM
Poster: Pat L.
Soldiers: Heroes of World War II Review

In his video review of Soldiers: Heroes of World War II, YouTube poster Salokin calls this tactical game from 1C Entertainment “brutally realistic, brutally hard”. The review includes a long list of tips to aid game play, and shows many examples of actual game situations.
Game: Battle Line

Publisher: GMT Games
Game Type: Card
Date: 1/1/2019 2:33:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
Gourmet Gaming - Battle Line on iOS

For "Battle Line" fans, and Reiner Knizia fans: Go to Gourmet Gaming site and download the iOS version of "Battle Line", and other games...
Game: Land of the Two Rivers: Iraq War

Publisher: Grognard Enterprises
Game Type: Board
Date: 1/1/2019 1:02:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
Land of the Two Rivers - The Grind: Morale and Commitment

Designer notes about some of the game mechanics planned for "Land of the Two Rivers", specifically focused on the Morale/Commitment differential.
Game: Gallipoli, 1915: Churchill's Greatest Gamble

Publisher: GMT Games
Game Type: Board
Date: 12/31/2018 10:42:00 AM
Poster: Doug Holt
Over the Top and Into the Fire. GMT Games ‘Gallipoli 1915: Churchill’s Greatest Gamble Board Game Review.

"If you are a fan of detailed simulations this game will appeal to you." Ray Garbee reviews GMT Games' Gallipoli 1915: Churchill’s Greatest Gamble for Armchair General, giving it a 91% rating. Check out why Ray feels the game accurately models the challenges of Gallipoli, and why he recommends the free landing campaign where, "With luck – you’ll prove smarter (or just luckier) than Churchill and knock the Ottoman’s out of the war early."
Game: The Awful Green Things from Outer Space

Publisher: Steve Jackson Games
Game Type: Board
Date: 12/30/2018 3:03:00 PM
Poster: Pat L.
VASSAL Module for The Awful Green Things From Outer Space

The folks at VASSAL have added a module for The Awful Green Things From Outer Space from Steve Jackson Games. VASSAL is an engine for building and playing Internet-capable versions of turn-based, human-vs-human games. Hundreds of games are available for internet play at the web site.
Game: The Awful Green Things from Outer Space

Publisher: Steve Jackson Games
Game Type: Board
Date: 12/30/2018 2:16:00 PM
Poster: Pat L.
February Sci Fi Month: The Awful Green Things from Outer Space

On his “Toy Soldiers and Dining Room Battles” Blog, retired Colonel Neil presents illustrated examples from this classic Tom Wham game from Steve Jackson Games.