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Confronting Chaos: a New Concept for Information Advantage

Spotlight Article Graphic

"...although American teams lose wargames all the time, this is, in fact, a very big deal." Chris Dougherty explains his concerns about how three decades of Pentagon war planning have "…assumed U.S. forces could achieve information dominance in a great-power conflict, akin to what the American military attained during the 1991 Gulf War. That assumption is fatally flawed."

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 9/17/2021

The Return of Great Power Proxy Wars

Spotlight Article Graphic

"If the United States fights with China or Russia, what type of war will it be?" Frank Hoffman and Andrew Orner, in War on the Rocks, make the argument that proxy wars are likely to again become a preferred tool of statecraft. "Proxy conflicts are, after all, the ultimate indirect approach."

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 9/10/2021

WotR - Recruiting continues

Spotlight Article Graphic

"...the herald is such a splendid figure, that Lord Cobham insisted on him joining the ranks!" Norm Smith, in Battlefields & Warriors, gives us a figures and painting update for his Wars of the Roses collection. Check out more of Norm's excellent miniatures work. And perhaps there is some action coming: "…I hear there are rumblings in the Parish of Piggy Longton, something to do with the Bishop of Dungborough recruiting for The King - what could possibly go wrong there!"

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 9/6/2021

10 Historical Facts About Avalon Hill

Spotlight Article Graphic

David Lent, aka “The Centurion”, provides this quick list of factoids concerning the Avalon Hill Game Company, the first of the great hex and counter war game companies.

Poster: Pat L.
Post Date: 9/4/2021

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How to Play Shores of Tripoli: Naval Combat

The Shores of Tripoli, published by Fort Circle Games, is a great game to introduce someone to the hobby.Seek Out and Play has produced a series of excellent videos tutorials to help people learn the game and start playing quickly. In this video, they teach you how naval combat works.

Falling Sky - Perfect Opening Moves - Roman (updated)

Is there such a thing as a "Perfect Opening Move" in any of GMT's COIN Series games? Mark D. shares his idea of a "perfect" opening turn for the Romans in Falling Sky. Enjoy.

Editor's note added on 5/15/2021.

Higlanders - Scenario for Vietnam: 1965-1975

Experimental scenario for Vietnam: 1965-1975 created and shared by Mark D'Agosta.

Battle for Russia - Game Turn Restrictions Summary

I'm finally getting to play this game, and am looking forward to it. There are a decent amount of "special rules" and restrictions that apply to either the Axis or Soviet player, depending on which turn it is. Rather than flipping back and forth in the rule book, I made a quick & dirty cheat sheet for myself which I have been using, and thought I'd share it. If anyone sees anything that's incorrect, please let me know via email at mark at grognard dot com. (updated 4/11/2020 to include rules for ignoring Rivers - Axis only on Turn 1; both sides on Turn 2)

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Articles that are not necessarily linked to one particular game,
but may have broad appeal to gamers.

Date Title Article Summary
9/17/2021 Confronting Chaos: a New Concept for Information Advantage
Poster: Doug Holt
- "...although American teams lose wargames all the time, this is, in fact, a very big deal." Chris Dougherty explains his concerns about how three decades of Pentagon war planning have "…assumed U.S. forces could achieve information dominance in a great-power conflict, akin to what the American military attained during the 1991 Gulf War. That assumption is fatally flawed."
9/10/2021 The Return of Great Power Proxy Wars
Poster: Doug Holt
- "If the United States fights with China or Russia, what type of war will it be?" Frank Hoffman and Andrew Orner, in War on the Rocks, make the argument that proxy wars are likely to again become a preferred tool of statecraft. "Proxy conflicts are, after all, the ultimate indirect approach."
9/6/2021 WotR - Recruiting continues
Poster: Doug Holt
- "...the herald is such a splendid figure, that Lord Cobham insisted on him joining the ranks!" Norm Smith, in Battlefields & Warriors, gives us a figures and painting update for his Wars of the Roses collection. Check out more of Norm's excellent miniatures work. And perhaps there is some action coming: "…I hear there are rumblings in the Parish of Piggy Longton, something to do with the Bishop of Dungborough recruiting for The King - what could possibly go wrong there!"
9/4/2021 10 Historical Facts About Avalon Hill
Poster: Pat L.
- David Lent, aka “The Centurion”, provides this quick list of factoids concerning the Avalon Hill Game Company, the first of the great hex and counter war game companies.
8/20/2021 Wrong, wrong, and wrong again
Poster: Doug Holt
- "...games and game-models that are lauded for their innovation and perspicacity, whose designers are profiled in the Washington Post, whose hobby games potentially influence real-world decision-making, can still get it wrong." Prufrock takes a square look at what the current debacle in Afghanistan tells us about the limits of our hobby (or for some, vocation): "It's not a nice pill to swallow."
8/13/2021 ETO Series: August 2021 Update
Poster: Doug Holt
- "...great game development is the art of subtracting, not adding...". Alan Emrich gives us a progress update on Frank Chadwick's ETO Project. Check out the team's progress in rules, component/graphics and other areas with the system. "Much of the ETO playtesting this summer has been focused inward with the development team working on different extended examples of play."
8/11/2021 Resentment, Rebellion and Retribution: The Second Anglo-Sikh War 1848-1849. Book Review
Poster: Doug Holt
- "Going far beyond the official histories, Singh provides insights into the perceptions, goals and thought processes of the participants...". Ray Garbee reviews The Second Anglo-Sikh War 1848-1849, by Amarpal Singh. Check out why, while Ray has one significant quibble, he still finds it to be a very readable, valuable book. One which provides another interesting insight: "The battle narratives demonstrate that the British military juggernaut was far from infallible and show that several battles were indeed close-run affairs."
8/5/2021 Time for a New Approach to Defense Strategy
Poster: Doug Holt
- "U.S. rivalries with Russia and China [...] will not be determined by the outcome of the regional contingencies over which U.S. defense plans now obsess." Michael Mazarr offers some very big picture ideas about how to rationalize US defense objectives and strategies: "…today, U.S. defense planners are working heroically to prop up a zombie strategy that represents the worst of both worlds, neither safeguarding Americans from the things that most directly and urgently imperil their well-being nor assuring victory in distant wars."
8/2/2021 The American Revolution, Naval Power, and the 21st Century
Poster: Doug Holt
- "The Battle of Valcour Island was not the battle the Royal Navy officers and their army counterparts had prepared for." BJ Armstrong reviews Valcour: The 1776 Campaign That Saved the Cause of Liberty, by Jack Kelly, which covers how the struggle for Lake Champlain impacted the early Revolutionary war. Check out BJ's strong case for why we should "…remember that the American War for Independence was a naval war.", and why key considerations of the campaign remain important in our own century.
7/28/2021 Shevardino 1812
Poster: Doug Holt
- "...strategically, Bagration's tactical 'mistake' may have actually saved the Russian army, and ultimately Russia." Jeff Berry, in his Obscure Battles blog, brings us another insightful review, this time looking at Shevardino, the prelude to Borodino. As always, Jeff examines questions that may not have gotten enough historical consideration, for example, the fact that "…this was still summer, and Napoleon's force was already far below normal attrition numbers for other campaigns."
7/24/2021 In Memoriam: John Tiller
Poster: Pat L.
- John Tiller played a significant role as a war game designer who brought hex and counter war games to the computer screen. Mitch Reed traces Tiller’s career from the 1990’s onward with illustrated examples from Tiller’s creations. Tiller’s games are available from Matrix, Slitherine, HPS Simulations, and John Tiller Software.
7/18/2021 Interview with designer Hermann Luttmann about his upcoming cooperative game The Plum Island Horror
Poster: Harvey M.
- Rob's Tabletop World interviews Designer: Hermann Luttmann about his upcoming 1-4 player, cooperative game design for GMT Games covering a little-known government island facility just off of Long Island New York, known for its highly secretive controversial infectious disease research. The Plum Island Horror is a throwback to old-fashioned 1950s horror movies and asks the question, "what could go wrong?!".
6/25/2021 Interview with Andrew Rourke Designer of Coalitions from PHALANX Currently on Kickstarter
Poster: Harvey M.
- With 2021 marking the bicentenary of Napoleon’s death on May 5, 1821, there have been quite a few new Napoleonic wargames that have released/gone to Kickstarter over the past 6 months or so. Napoleon 1815 from Shakos Games, Napoleon’s Imperium from Compass Games, Napoleon Returns 1815 from Worthington Publishing and Coalition! The Napoleonic Wars, 1805-1815 also from Compass Games. Well, PHALANX is also getting into the act with a game of their own on the subject called Coalitions designed by Andrew Rourke that hit Kickstarter this month. The game looks really fascinating and is being touted as a game of diplomatic and military maneuvering in Napoleonic Europe for 1-6 players. I wanted to get a better feel for the design and reached out to Andrew to get a look inside the game and he was more than interested in sharing.
6/25/2021 History Behind the Cards – A Look at Vijayanagara: The Deccan Empires of Medieval India, 1290-1398 from GMT Games – Card #6 A New Calculus
Poster: Harvey M.
- In Fall 2020, there was a game design contest held called Consim Game Jam where designers had to repurpose a COIN Series game and it’s components and make a new playable game in about 48 hours! The game that won the competition was called Vijayanagara: The Deccan Empires of Medieval India, 1290-1398. The game is an asymmetric 1-3 player game depicting the epic, century-long rise and fall of medieval kingdoms in India over two dynastic periods.
6/14/2021 WW1 board games: the best World War I tabletop games
Poster: Doug Holt
- "Disclaimers dealt with, let’s go over the top, shall we?" Bill Gray discusses his favorite (currently available) World War I games. Bill has apparently played all the scalings, including one where the "…entire package includes 16 maps and 5600 counters (no, really)."
6/4/2021 Homo Ludens - Wargame Book Club #1 - Simulating War - Philip Sabin
Poster: Mark D.
- Fred Serval tries a different format for his Homo Ludens web site. In this first episode of the Wargame Bookclub, we will discuss Philip Sabin's Book: Simulating War. An exquisite panel: Natalia Wojtowicz (Wargaming Experiences - @Wojtowicz_N), Riccardo Masini (Le guerre di carta 2.0 - @RMasini_WLOG), David Thompson (Undaunted Normandy - @djackthompson), Cory Graham (Vijayanagara - @Chaosgoat)
5/31/2021 Perry Miniatures: New 1806 Napoleonic Prussian Fusiliers
Poster: Mark D.
- Perry Miniatures: New 1806 Prussian Fusiliers - We have four codes of Fusiliers available now; there will be a pack of Fusilier Schützen which is next in line with the first of the cavalry.Prussian Army of 1806. Highlighted on the "Wargame News and Terrain" site.
5/28/2021 Bosworth 1485, Percy attacks!
Poster: Doug Holt
- "...by sword, by bill, with righteous conviction and by virtue true we shall suffer our enemy to kneel before their King this day." Norm Smith, in Battlefields & Warriors, indulges in a bit of battle of Bosworth "what if" for a miniatures engagement. Lots of photos of Norm's excellent miniatures in a tight fight where "Both sides are starting to feel the losses, the Stanleys are close to having to take their first break test, while Percy’s men are clearly tiring…"!
5/26/2021 Slingshot 336
Poster: Doug Holt
- "...the idiosyncracies of Slingshot are the idiosyncracies of the membership...". Prufrock explains his satisfaction that Slingshot, the journal of the Society of Ancients, just keeps on chugging. Despite the onslaught of a number of recent trends, "…Slingshot still holds true to its original amateur, collective ideals. Now into its 336th edition, long may that continue!"
5/17/2021 28mm Wars of the Roses Pocket Armies additions
Poster: Doug Holt
- Norm is "...trying to build the Lancastsrian and Yorkist armies equitably, so that they can give some games while the collection grows...". Check out the Battlefields & Warriors blog to see more of Norm's excellent miniatures work, along with some accompanying historical tidbits. Lots of swords, billhooks, and a tank…!
5/5/2021 “Taranto And Naval Air Warfare in The Mediterranean, 1940-1945”. Book Review.
Poster: Doug Holt
- "...an engaging story of the pilots of the Fleet Air Arm that conveys how, to paraphrase Churchill, so many owed so much to so few." Ray Garbee reviews Taranto And Naval Air Warfare in The Mediterranean, 1940-1945, by David Hobbs. Check out why Ray feels the book is a combination of engaging narrative history, along with tactical insights about "…the evolution in aircraft carrier battlespace management, that is: detection, fighter direction and airstrike management."
5/2/2021 Alea Magazine is Back!
Poster: Mark D.
- After years without publishing new issues, Alea magazine is back! The latest issue (#36) was published in March of 2021. We hope everyone will support this outstanding publication once again...
4/28/2021 Reinforcements for the Bosworth Project and early WWII
Poster: Doug Holt
- "Fortunately I seem to have a ‘mud on tracks obsession’, so that should fix it!" Norm Smith, in Battlefields & Warriors, discusses miniatures work, and shares photos of some very nice results. "Anyway, that’s it, I’m worn out now! all that modelling, I’ve used up an entire years motivation in just a few days :-)"
4/26/2021 Maldon: Something to Mull Over
Poster: Doug Holt
- "The preliminary challenges, insults, and actual fighting between 'champions' on the causeway resulted in a slight advantage for the Saxons." Chris Hahn, in his No Painting Required blog, brings us replays of the Viking versus Anglo-Saxon battle of Maldon in 991 A.D. Chris provides some interesting background to his various stagings, along with plenty of action: "…the Vikings crashed into the Saxons, having pushed through their own skirmishing archers, scattering them to the winds."
4/22/2021 The Players Aid Interviews David McDonough
Poster: Mark D.
- Interview with David McDonough Designer of Dawn’s Early Light: The War of 1812 from Compass Games. Produced and shared by The Players' Aid site.
4/19/2021 ACW rule comparisons
Poster: Doug Holt
- "The scene is one of using the fire and charge rules from each system to have a Confederate regiment try and capture the higher ground." Norm Smith, in his Battlefields & Warriors blog, tries out an apples to apples comparison of four miniatures rule systems. Norm brings a definite scientific approach to his "experiment", with his objective being the best gaming experience (even if that may be not-so-analytical, but eminently understandable!). Norm "…enjoyed all four situations, with each bringing a different thing to the party."
4/16/2021 From Biplanes to Ballistic Missiles — The Career of General Thomas S. Power. “To Rule the Skies: General Thomas S. Power and the Rise of Strategic Air Command in the Cold War”. Book Review.
Poster: Doug Holt
- "...the more engaging part of the narrative is centered on Power’s efforts to transform the United States Air Force into a true aerospace force." Ray Garbee reviews To Rule the Skies: General Thomas S. Power and the Rise of Strategic Air Command in the Cold War, by Brent D. Ziarnick. Ray finds an often engaging and insightful book about General Power's efforts, which may have been ahead of their time, but are more relevant now. "How Power sought to do this is the stuff of a pulp science fiction fan’s dreams."
4/15/2021 Interview with Sergio Shiavi Designer of Give Us Victories: The Chancellorsville Campaign from Dissimula Edizioni Currently on Kickstarter
Poster: Harvey M.
- A few years ago, Sergio Shiavi broke onto the scene with his new company called Dissimula Edizioni with their first Kickstarter called Radetsky’s March: The Hundred Hours Campaign and that game was then followed a few years later by From Salerno to Rome: World War II – The Italian Campaign, 1943-1944. Now comes the third game to Kickstarter which is a look at the American Civil War and the Chancellorsville Campaign involving the Union Army of the Potomac commanded by Joseph Hooker and the Armey of Northern Virginia commanded by Robert E. Lee and is called Give Us Victories: The Chancellorsville Campaign. The Players Aid reached out to Sergio and he was more than willing to give us an inside look at the design.
4/12/2021 Wargaming in Rome
Poster: Harvey M.
- Homo Ludens provides their perspective of wargaming overseas in Rome with this interesting video blog
3/29/2021 1471 - A rendezvous and ambush at Piggy Longton
Poster: Doug Holt
- "Neighbouring Lord Trebian, not known for either patience or caution, planned to move swiftly and attack...". Norm Smith, in Battlefields & Warriors, brings us another one of his nicely crafted fictitious engagements in Dungborough. Join Norm for a well told tale, accompanied by photos of his splendid miniatures intensifying the action: "…as push, shove and hack continues, the long spear gain the upper hand at this critical point on the battlefield…"!
3/26/2021 The Eagle and the Sun Duel at Okinawa in “Rain of Steel: Mitscher’s Task Force 58, Ugaki’s Thunder Gods, and the Kamikaze War Off Okinawa”. Book Review.
Poster: Doug Holt
- "Rain of Steel is an indispensable reference for understanding the Okinawa campaign." Ray Garbee reviews Rain of Steel: Mitscher’s Task Force 58, Ugaki’s Thunder Gods, and the Kamikaze War Off Okinawa, by Stephen L. Moore. Check out why Ray feels the book covers the topic well at all levels, and how it "…shines by illuminating the experiences of the individual sailors, soldiers, marines and airmen."
3/18/2021 Interview with Bill Byrne Developer for Great Battles of the American Civil War Volume VIII Into the Woods: The Battle of Shiloh from GMT Games
Poster: Harvey M.
- The Players Aid interviews Bill Byrne about the latest offering from GMT Games on the battle of Shiloh called Into the Woods, in the Great Battles of the American Civil War Series.
3/16/2021 History Behind the Cards – A Look at Red Flag Over Paris from GMT Games with Designer Fred Serval – Card #8 Adolphe Thiers
Poster: Harvey M.
- The Players Aid delves into the history of the event cards in the upcoming game Red Flag over Paris from GMT Games.
3/8/2021 Interview with Hugh O’Donnell, designer of The Troubles – Shadow War in Northern Ireland 1964-1998, coming to Kickstarter in March
Poster: Harvey M.
- The Troubles by Compass Games is a COIN inspired, multi-faction treatment of the over 30-year’s conflict in Norther Ireland. The Boardgames Chronicle interviews Hugh O’Donnell, designer of this soon-to-hit the Kickstarter game.
3/3/2021 Designer Deep Dive: Bruce Maxwell Air & Armor
Poster: Harvey M.
- The Big Board interviews designer Bruce Maxwell and his upcoming design remaking a legacy West End Games' title, Air & Armor to be published by Compass Games.
3/3/2021 Is It a Wargame? It Doesn’t Matter: Rigorous Wargames Versus Effective Wargaming
Poster: Doug Holt
- "...how do we balance sufficiently rigorous design with a playable and impactful wargaming experience?" Jeremy Sepinsky, writing in War on the Rocks, a blog site focused on "…foreign policy and national security issues through a realist lens…", discusses balance and other issues in wargame design. He provides an interesting answer, fed in part by his contention that "Wargaming is a malleable, multifaceted shapeshifter that becomes exactly what you need it to be."
3/1/2021 A Bosworth Project update and interpreting history!
Poster: Doug Holt
- "There has long been controversy about the site...". Norm Smith, in Battlefields & Warriors, discusses his progress towards creating a scenario covering the battle of Bosworth in 1485, "…one of the UK’s most significant battles on home soil…". Norm covers ongoing research about the battle, the miniatures he's developing for the scenario and the rules he intends to use, all working towards a day he can call "…a Bosworth day!"
2/26/2021 Operation Market Garden Comparing BG Gavin’s Leadership With Today’s Principles of Mission Command
Poster: Doug Holt
- "...his successful leadership was possible due to a mastery of certain Mission Command principles." Douglas Ritter takes a look at how General James Gavin handled command of the 82nd Airborne Division during Operation Market Garden. With an interesting review of Gavin's background and planning, Ritter shows how he "…identified and balanced the risks to his Paratroopers with the risk to his mission and, despite major setbacks, lead the 82nd to accomplishing all of its objectives."
2/25/2021 Interview with Robin David Designer of Judean Hammer from Catastrophe Games Coming to Kickstarter February 23rd
Poster: Harvey M.
- Interview with Robin David Designer of Judean Hammer from a new game publishing company called Catastrophe Games. The new design simulates the Maccabean Revolt against the Seleucid Greeks in Judea in 167BC, a topic not covered in any other wargame to my knowledge..
2/24/2021 Victrix 12mm World War II
Poster: Doug Holt
- "Curiosity got the better of me...". Norm Smith, in his Battlefields & Warriors blog, decides to check out new 12mm WWII hard plastic miniatures by Victrix. Norm provides pictures of his excellent results as he delves into the question "So what does Victrix bring to the party?"
1/27/2021 Armchair Dragoons Digital Convention - Bruce Maxwell NATO Designer Interview
Poster: Harvey M.
- Join Moe and Bruce as they talk about NATO: The Cold War Goes Hot, the upcoming title from Compass Games. This is not a simple reprint, but a whole new take on the original game. Learn about all of the design changes and the decisions behind them.
1/26/2021 Interview with Grant Wylie Designer of Tarawa 1943 from Worthington Publishing Currently on Kickstarter
Poster: Harvey M.
- The Players Aid interviews Grant Wylie from Worthington Publishing about the new WW II Pacific War solitaire design, Tarawa 1943,. now on Kickstarter.
1/24/2021 Waddington’s Board Game Archive
Poster: Pat L.
- Sonia and Andrew Reynolds maintain an inventory of board games produced by Waddington’s in their Board Game and Jigsaw Puzzle World blog. Wargames on the list include GHQ, Campaign, The Game of Nations, Battle of the Little Big Horn, and Camelot.
1/22/2021 Airpower Over Gallipoli: 1915-1916.
Poster: Doug Holt
- "...an indispensable reference guide to air operations over Gallipoli." Ray Garbee reviews Airpower Over Gallipoli: 1915-1916, an exhaustively researched book covering a little addressed topic. Beyond just a factual treasure trove, Ray finds the book to be a good "…narrative of how a small group of intrepid aviators faced adversity with strength and ingenuity to innovate against a series of never-ending obstacles."
1/6/2021 Interview with John Poniske Designer of Flanks of Gettysburg from Compass Games
Poster: Harvey M.
- John Poniske is a prolific designer and we have enjoyed several of his games including Revolution Road from Compass Games, Plains Indian Wars from GMT Games (as yet unreleased but nearing completion), Bleeding Kansas from Decision Games, Hearts and Minds from Worthington Games and Maori Wars: The New Zealand Land Wars 1845-1872 from Legion Wargames. The Players Aid talk to him about his design philosophy and his upcoming game, Flanks of Gettysburg to be published by Compass Games.
1/6/2021 Warlord Epic ACW - painting and comparing
Poster: Doug Holt
- "...this post is going to look at what it might mean to my wargames table...". Norm Smith, in his Battlefields & Warriors blog, checks out a sample of the new Epic Battles: American Civil War miniatures from Warlord Games. Check out why Norm feels he can give the product "…a big thumbs up, another area of choice for the customer and in our relatively small hobby…".
1/4/2021 A Brief History of Naval Wargames
Poster: Pat L.
- Kyle Mizokami gives a brief history behind the US Navy’s use of war games on the US Naval Institute’s News page. These games have played an important role in US Navy strategy and tactics. “After the war, Admiral Nimitz was to remark, “The war with Japan had been reenacted in the game rooms at the Naval War College by so many people and in so many different ways, that nothing that happened during the war was a surprise . . . absolutely nothing except the kamikaze tactics toward the end of the war; we had not visualized these.”…”
1/1/2021 Marengo 1800
Poster: Doug Holt
- "...Marengo, the putative victory that cemented Napoleon's hold on power." Jeff Berry, in his Obscure Battles blog, brings us another one of his exquisite battle illuminations. This time, an engagement with a role on the path of power: "Bonaparte realized that if he were to retain his dictatorial powers, he had to deliver victory and a satisfactory end to the war."
12/23/2020 Interview with Wolfgang Klein Designer of Assault – Red Horizon 41 from Assault! Games Currently on Kickstarter
Poster: Harvey M.
- The Players Aid interviews new designer Wolfgang Klein (no relation to Alexander Klein) and discusses his upcoming Kickstarter for a tactical level wargame focused on Operation Barbarossa during World War II from June through December 1941, Assault – Red Horizon 41.
12/18/2020 Opening action at Henry Hill 1861
Poster: Doug Holt
- "It is a wargamers delight." Norm Smith, in Battlefields & Warriors, draws from the book 'We Shall Meet Again’ The first battle of Manassas, by JoANNA M. McDonald to create a tabletop scenario. Join Norm as he gives us a first play AAR, and check out why he concludes that "…the game did feel like an early 1861 engagement and passed a pleasant hour."
12/14/2020 Interview with Mark Holt Walker Designer of The Long Road from Flying Pig Games Currently on Kickstarter
Poster: Harvey M.
- Mark Walker from Flying Pigs Games and, designer of the upcoming game,The Long RoadThe Players Aid about his design.
12/13/2020 Top 3 wargames suggestions for Christmas 2020 – Part 2 – all time classics
Poster: Harvey M.
- The Boardgames Chronicle wishes everyone happy holidays with their suggestions for wargame gifts that should be under everyone's Christmas tree.
12/13/2020 An Interview with Dana Lombardy
Poster: Harvey M.
- Dana Lombardy spends some time with Harold discussing his career and his latest project: MacGowan & Lombardy's THE GREAT WAR fast-playing card game. Available on Kickstarter:
12/11/2020 Best 3 Games with…Blocks!
Poster: Harvey M.
- The Boardgames Chronicle states, "The allure to me of this genre of wargames is the Fog of War aspect that you get from not knowing exactly what you are attacking or are being attacked by until that moment when you reveal the units. This creates some really tough decisions about how to attack and where and will lead to some gaffs form time to time as you end up going full bore realizing after the fact that you overcommitted because they only had smaller value blocks and now you are out of position to follow this move up on the battlefield.". They present the 3 games they love best with blocks!
11/25/2020 1471 - Stand firm, save the Treasury!
Poster: Doug Holt
- "Lord Darcy is hoping that his archers will do most of the work this day...". Norm Smith, in his Battlefields & Warriors blog, gets to the action with his latest Dungborough encounter. Whose hands will the collected tax prize fall into, the Lancastrians or the Yorkists? As Norm puts it, "The situation is tightly balanced, with several points of crisis and no certainty of which way it will go - I like that about this system."
11/22/2020 Strategy Talk - Dunnigan Deals With Monsters And Politics
Poster: Mark D.
- Strategy Talk speaks to Jim Dunnigan about reader feedback in Strategy and Tactics. The discussion moves on to the monster games of SPI. We round things off with a discussion of several of Jim’s early political games including ‘Up against the Wall Mother F!#&@%’ and ‘Chicago, Chicago’.
11/18/2020 Preparing for war! Dungborough 1471
Poster: Doug Holt
- "...indecent haste suggests that the Yorkists are quite close." Norm Smith, in his Battlefields & Warriors blog, sets the stage for an upcoming engagement in his fictitious Dungborough battle site! Enjoy all the photos of Norm's excellent miniatures work, and get ready to hang on to your seat, as the defenders "...will fight to the last, rather than see their hard earned taxes stolen by the rebels."
11/1/2020 Recent Board Games Submitted to the National Library of Finland
Poster: Pat L.
- The National Library of Finland has been cataloguing and maintaining a repository of Finnish games including Finnish War Games. Click these additional links to see: Maps of War Games at the National Library posted by Kari Hintsala(wait for the page to fully load to so you can translate it to English); and a short conversation posted by Board Game Barrage.com.
10/23/2020 A battlefield to fight over .... often!
Poster: Doug Holt
- "Dungborough... has frequently borne the brunt of the rivalry and machinations of others." Norm Smith, in his Battlefields & Warriors blog, is fleshing out his fictitious battleground area of Dungborough, and getting ready for more action: "…the parish must assemble an array of their finest archers and be ready to join their Lordship in defence of the parish!"
10/19/2020 Quarterdeck Int'l - Newsletter #8 - St. Lo, and Other Specials
Poster: Mark D.
- The first thing to announce is a reprint of St. Lo, designed by Joe Balkoski and originally published by West End Games. We have a special offer going on right now (started today 19-Oct) offering the first 24 copies at $55.00 instead of the normal $70.

Additionally, from today until November 8th we have a special running on multiple games to help make room for new games arriving (a lot more are coming in!).

Check out the details at Quarterdeck International's web site!
10/13/2020 Dunnigan’s and SPI’s Friday Night Follies, A Play Tester Heaven
Poster: Harvey M.
- It's always nice to reminisce about the old days of wargaming and here's a very special interview with legendary designer and head of Simulations Publications Inc., Jim Dunnigan, as he talks about the play testing done on Friday nights in New York city.
9/23/2020 Basing thoughts for Bosworth
Poster: Doug Holt
- "I tried hand painting the pavises. It was a brave attempt, I wept, swore, gave up wargaming forever..."! Norm Smith, in his Battlefields & Warriors blog, talks basing and painting work with his miniatures. Lots of photos of some excellent work, and comments about the occasional frustration: "Perhaps my friend ‘The Dremel’ can correct that!"
9/14/2020 Battle at Dungborough 1471 with Billhooks!
Poster: Doug Holt
- "Events unfold quickly at the hill." Norm Smith, in his Battlefields & Warriors blog, plays out a battle in the fictional county of Dungborough, using the Never Mind the Billhooks rules he's been having fun with of late. Playing a fairly balanced scenario always makes for an interesting test of a rule set, and then "Suddenly, a gift presents itself!"
9/4/2020 4th Kingdom of Heaven ACTS Tournament
Poster: Mark D.
- Call to Arms for the IV Kingdom of Heaven Tournament!

Join us for the IV Kingdom of Heaven Tournament! Whether you are an expert or novice, you are guaranteed at least three games, since round 1 is the (introductory) First Crusade played twice.

The games will be played on the Advanced Card Tracking System ACTS.

Please send your pledge to participate in this tournament, including your ACTS e-mail and ACTS nickname, to the GrandMasters of the Tournament:

Aleksandar Pesic

Trevor Sturmy

Start enlisting and soon we will announce the starting date!
9/4/2020 Giving the WotR Billhooks rules a first outing.
Poster: Doug Holt
- "...a better appreciation follows play, where I think the rules can be seen to be punching above their weight." Norm Smith, in his Battlefields & Warriors blog, grows his appreciation for the Never Mind the Billhooks rules he's been trying out. To include a nuance that leads Norm to conclude that "As this game clearly demonstrated, leader loss is a nightmare and one has to give thought to where leaders are placed…"!
8/31/2020 Never Mind the Billhooks - free WotR rules
Poster: Doug Holt
- "It seems to me that these rules cleverly walk the tightrope of being easy rules, but not simplistic...". Norm Smith, in his Battlefields & Warriors blog, checks out the Wars of the Roses large skirmish/small battle rules by Andy Callan, contained in Wargames Illustrated issue 393. Norm is definitely enthused, since this new acquisition "…has already caused me to further boost my [Wars of the Roses] stash with an order for some Perry plastic foot knights and their lead Lancastrian command on foot."
8/28/2020 Angry Bunny Blog - Games, e-Pubs and Kickstarters
Poster: Mark D.
- Discussions of GMT's "Beneath the Med", High Flying Dice Games "Desert Eagles", a couple of Dan Verssen Games titles including a current Kickstarter item "Zero Leader", 2 e-Pubs: "Combat at Close Quarters" (Vietnam River Boat combat) and "Naval Air War" (Rolling Thunder). Lots of info courtesy of Ashley, i.e. "Angry Bunny"...
8/24/2020 Risky Business
Poster: Doug Holt
- "Risk can be mitigated – but never eliminated." Brad Smith, in his Hex Sides & Hand Grenades blog, discusses how he is handling a conceptual difficulty encountered in designing his upcoming game, That Others May Live. See why he's coming to the conclusion that "…I had an obligation to show that things could go sideways even though everything had been done according to the book."
8/16/2020 WW2 Global Conflict - Moderated Game
Poster: Mark D.
- You are invited! WW2 Global Conflict is a moderated game of unlimited scale. No fee to play! You play your favorite board games, report your results every two weeks, and I plot those results on my master maps. Your games mean something, in a BIG PICTURE war game. Visit our site to get our free manual and JOIN!
8/16/2020 Favorite 3 CDGs - Boardgames Chronicle
Poster: Mark D.
- Another article in the series of my favorite wargames. Today the focus is on Card Driven Games (CDGs). Enjoy! Shared by the good folks at The Boardgames Chronicle site.
8/5/2020 Stamford Bridge
Poster: Doug Holt
- "What a fun year this must have been! Comet included!" Jeff Berry, in his Obscure Battles blog, offers another one of his exquisite looks at a not so well known battle. Including some perspective as to "…why it was strategically important to events that ultimately shaped English history, and even the evolution of the English language itself, i.e. why it's mostly French."
8/3/2020 Simple Battles No.1 - Fight for the Bridge.
Poster: Doug Holt
- "So, in the spirit of pursuing the simple game, I have put a game on using just 6 units per side...". Norm Smith, in his Battlefields & Warriors blog, chips in to help evaluate the concept of a "…‘simple game’ and what that actually means." Norm creates a fast-moving ACW meeting engagement, and the fun starts: "The Union are the first to get all of their brigade onto the table (they are the fastest with the mostest!)." Do they retain their advantage?
Poster: Doug Holt
- "Well color me tartan, because I just took the plunge and my sage ruminations follow." Bill Gray explains the why and the how of his miniatures "downsizing" effort, along with some nice pictures of the results! And a bit of the sagacity he mentioned: "…remember, if you have but one pack of unpainted lead in your closet, you can’t die…"
7/13/2020 509th (H) B-17 Virtual Bomber Group
Poster: Mark D.
- If you are interested in playing a Play By Forum that is playable with either "B-17 Queen of the Skies" or with "Target for Today", we would love to have you join us. We are an open ended campaign, so people can come and go as they need to. We fly one mission every 2 weeks. Crews will carry over from one campaign to the next so lost crew can be replaced, and so that people can join as we go. The crews that are currently in our campaign (which is flying with the 9th USAAF) will simply transfer over to the 12th. Any thing not in the base games that is needed we can help you with, so that you are able to play along. The 509th has been functioning as a play by forum game since 2012, and has had 10 wonderful campaigns. The way that the 509th works, is when you register for a crew (B-17 or B-24) you will be placed into a squadron. Please see the site for more information...
6/22/2020 Mongol Logistics
Poster: Doug Holt
- "There is a conspiracy website that oddly asks a lot of good questions." Len Krol, writing in the Centurion's Review, has questions about the Mongols, whether inspired by a conspiracy site or not. He makes some interesting points in examining the idea that "There is more to the Mongols than meets the eye."
6/15/2020 Not the Phalanx Wargame Show
Poster: Doug Holt
- "...this is one that is always on my ‘must attend’ list and so will be particularly missed...". Norm Smith, in his Battlefields & Warriors blog, is set on honoring, in his own way, the Phalanx wargame show, which will not take place this year. See what Norm is up to in his effort to remind us of why "…the relevance of wargame shows and their ability to motivate and enthuse is something precious that we need to make sure we never let slip away."
6/10/2020 Wars of the Roses Artillery.
Poster: Doug Holt
- "Painting projects seldom grace the pages of this blog, but this base has a slightly different emphasis." Norm Smith, in his Battlefields & Warriors blog, relates why he's made a head start on a War of the Roses armies project, focused on a Front Rank 28mm medieval gun piece with crew. Norm has his reasons, and then discovers that he also "...had never appreciated the clever but simple mechanism for adjusting gun elevation that these things had."
6/5/2020 My Passion for History - Ancient Greece
Poster: Mark D.
- "In this write-up I am continuing with the series of articles regarding my passion for history, this time focusing on Ancient Greece – especially times of Pelopponesian Wars. A very noticeable period and with long-lasting effects on the whole Hellenistic world. One which was always drawing my attention." The Boardgames Chronicle discusses various board games that cover this period...
6/3/2020 Size Matters: the Evolution of Scales & Figures in Miniature War Games
Poster: Doug Holt
- "The scale actually, physically did grow up. Seriously, not joking here. As in the figures actually got bigger and taller." Bill Gray reflects on trends in the miniatures figures market, some good, some annoying. Like his conclusion that "…all of us true 15 mil aficionados are simply going to have to adjust, become REAL good at figure placement and generally suck it up."
5/25/2020 The Last Dice
Poster: Doug Holt
- "...the new series documenting part of the career of a man who was so good he is almost a myth." Prufrock is up to something…! Perhaps a directorial debut? Who is the mysterious "Ear Bevan"?
5/22/2020 The Wargamer's Guide to Heraldry, Uniforms & Flags in Tabletop Wargaming
Poster: Doug Holt
- "...pageantry is one of the reasons I do historical miniature wargaming." Bill Gray brings us a fascinating look at the how and why of the way armies looked before things became nationalized and regularized in the past couple of centuries. Which is why Bill particularly likes games where "…you need to stop thinking like a 21st Century humanoid, at least understand why generals long ago thought the way they did, and then do likewise."
5/20/2020 Empire of the Sun: Full Campaign PBEM Tournament
Poster: Mark D.
- Now registering for the "Empire of the Sun: Full Campaign PBEM Tournament". Check the site for details of tournament rules and requirements. Registration will be limited to 16 participants or no later than August 31, 2020.
5/18/2020 Book buying spree
Poster: Doug Holt
- "It was only right, meet and good to go there and splurge in votive thanks as soon as I was able." Prufrock brings us his first post-full-lockdown thoughts, centered on the pleasure that his local secondhand bookshop has reopened. And he didn't leave empty-handed: "Fortunately, there were three cracking coffee-table hardcovers with Prufrock written all over them…"!
5/13/2020 The Granicus
Poster: Doug Holt
- "...it was a political as well as a vainglorious motive to invade Darius III's realm." Jeff Berry, in his Obscure Battles blog, brings us another one of his fascinating, in-depth battle examinations. Jeff's approach with this one, given the available history (or lack thereof?), is to keep in mind the adage that "…most accepted truths are the fossilized remains of self-serving propaganda."
5/8/2020 Virtual paradox: how digital war has reinvigorated analogue wargaming
Poster: Doug Holt
- "...analogue methods have often proven to be more flexible, creative, and responsive than their digital counterparts in addressing emerging modes of warfare." Rex Brynen discusses what he sees as an emerging, and fascinating, juxtaposition in why the modern growth of digital warfare may be better analyzed using good old-fashioned hands-on wargaming. As Rex puts it, "…advances in digital wargaming could result, as Caffrey (2019) notes, in obtaining 'the wrong answer faster and with more persuasive graphics'."
5/1/2020 The little Hetzer and the grizzled Sherman!
Poster: Doug Holt
- "The German Hetzer is just one of those strange looking little vehicles that can easily become a wargaming favourite." Norm Smith, in his Battlefields & Warriors blog, checks out how a World War II tactical encounter is handled in a board game (Old School Tactical Vol II by Flying Pig) versus a tabletop system (Battlegroup rules from Iron Fist Publishing). Along with some interesting analysis, Norm is looking for when "That emotional connection with a game pulls you in and shows that something is being done right."
4/24/2020 Fighting with Featherstone ...... again!
Poster: Doug Holt
- Norm Smith sets out "…to see what 5 decades has done to the way that introductory rules are presented." Norm, in his Battlefields & Warriors blog, plays a scenario using the classic Don Featherstone’s ‘Battles with model Soldiers' rules, and then with the Perry Brother’s Firepower rules. Check out why he concludes that, "…for what it’s worth, my older school credentials have me preferring the intricacies and exactness of the Featherstone method."
4/20/2020 Battle of Mathilda’s Field - A video participation game
Poster: Doug Holt
- "...I can already feel a sense of command tension / anticipation from the unknown and wanting a plan to work...". Norm Smith, in his Battlefields & Warriors blog, is taking part in a video miniatures encounter being featured on the Check Your Leader TV YouTube channel. The game is already underway, and in Norm's initial report, he is "…mightily encouraged by the bravery on my right flank and am in hope that by the end of the day, we will prevail…"!
4/18/2020 Miniature Wargaming
Poster: Pat L.
- Here’s a quick overview of the miniature wargaming hobby from the Fandom Card and Game Database web site. The site includes many resources of interest to the miniatures wargamer.
4/11/2020 Little Wars and Floor Games
Poster: Mark D.
- Angry Bunny shares links to Project Gutenberg (and other places) that contain rules and discussions for very old wargames, some going back to the early 1900's.
3/27/2020 A Comprehensive List of Things to do While in Isolation.
Poster: Doug Holt
- "Sadly, as much as we would like to, we can't spend all that time painting, gaming, and reading up on armies and battles old and new. It would get boring." Prufrock comes to the rescue! Acknowledging that at least some of us may have limits with unlimited wargaming time, he offers some tongue-in-cheek possibilities to balance things out. That includes expanding the hobby: "…smuggly extol the virtues of a hobby that has already accustomed you to long periods of time alone and exacerbated anti-social tendencies that some are only now coming to comprehend."
3/23/2020 A tale of two tank platoons.
Poster: Doug Holt
- "...the new recruits must quickly learn their craft if they are to survive the initiation of battle." Norm Smith, in his Battlefields & Warriors blog, is "mixing it up" by rerunning a German/Soviet armor clash with different governing rules, and then again with some additional mods. As always, good storytelling and insights: "The mods made the second game much more interesting than the first…".
3/20/2020 “Flattening the Curve” COVID-19 matrix game
Poster: Doug Holt
- "From deep in his secret social distancing bunker at an undisclosed but secure location…". Rex Brynen, in PAXsims, discusses a matrix game focused on the pandemic, Flattening the Curve. A sign of our unfortunate times…
3/17/2020 Moe's Game Table Interviews John Kranz
Poster: Mark D.
- Continuing his quest to interview every game designer of any note, Moe, of Moe's Game Table fame, had a chance to sit and chat with John Kranz at the first Consimworld Expo Dallas Convention that he began this year. John shares some insight into both the Dallas and Tempe conventions as well as the multiple hats he wears with all of his responsibilities with Consimworld and Compass Games. Including a discussion about numerous titles that are headed our way from Compass Games...
3/14/2020 Centurion's Review - Top 10 Reasons for Game Review Choices
Poster: Mark D.
- "A friend of mine asked why I choose to concentrate on games off the beaten path when I could instead concentrate on popular games and get many more views... here are the top 10 reasons I choose to concentrate on games off the beaten path in no particular order..." Excellent video/written article from Centurion's Review enumerating reasons to review less popular games.
3/13/2020 Yahoo Groups Is Dead - Now What???
Poster: Mark D.
- Bad News: Yahoo Groups closed in October 2019.

Good News: Here's a guide to Yahoo Groups alternatives, which should make an "easy fix" to send your readers that is more useful than a "closed for business" page!
3/9/2020 Alumwell Show (WMMS) 2020
Poster: Doug Holt
- "...for a medium sized show, it is punching above its weight." Norm Smith, writing in his Battlefields & Warriors blog, gives us a field recon report on the Alumwell or West Midlands Military Show. Norm has lots of pictures of the excellent table displays in the show. "Don't you just want to own this!"
3/8/2020 Best Games Reviewed in 2019
Poster: Pat L.
- Here are the top 20 games reviewed by the Armchair General wargaming blog. High Flying Eagles from High Flying Dice Games scored a perfect 100% with its tactical World War I aerial combat game.
3/6/2020 Interview with Iván Cáceres Wargame Graphic Design Artist
Poster: Doug Holt
- "The best part is getting the cover finished and making it express the correct feeling for the theme and battle involved." Grant Kleinhenz interviews graphic design artist (and long time wargamer) Iván Cáceres about his work in the field and how he approaches it. Hats off to Iván for his professionalism! "I know how harsh the fandom can get about historical accuracy, so I take it seriously."
3/4/2020 Unboxing figures
Poster: Doug Holt
- "For the Big Move™ down south I was quite worried about how the figures were going to manage the journey." Prufrock relates how he prepared his wargaming treasures for his New Zealand excursion! "And it's not too bad…"