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Electronic Cardboard v2.1

Spotlight Article Graphic

Resurrected by designer Rich Hogen, "Electronic Cardboard" was originally conceived as a Game Assist Program (GAP) for the Play-By-Electronic-Mail (PBEM) community. It was created to address the need for non-destructive overlay of bitmaps atop bitmaps. Although features are based on gaming needs, EC may be universally useful for overlaying tasks.
In the modern computing environment EC can be used in conjunction with Netmeeting or Webex or similar desktop sharing software to play a game in real time, i.e. synchronously. Gaming references in this Help file assume asynchronous play (e.g. PBEM).

Poster: Mark D.
Post Date: 9/16/2017

Great source of publication and knowledge about the British aviation.

Spotlight Article Graphic

Was searching about air wargames and found this site with very interesting publications and stories about the war aviation. Will keep it in my bookmarks. Happy reading!

Poster: Yannick Stoneage
Post Date: 9/14/2017

Atomic Games Legacy: Video #1

Spotlight Article Graphic

First video in a series covering the incredible wargaming legacy left by Atomic Games. This first video covers the creation of Atomic Games in 1989 and the development and release of their first game in the V for Victory series, D-Day: Utah Beach. Videos produced by Ikrananka for his YouTube Channel...

Poster: Mark D.
Post Date: 9/7/2017

Lexington & Concord 1775

Spotlight Article Graphic

What is "The Myth of the Embattled Farmer"? Jeff Berry, in his Obscure Battles blog, examines the fascinating details behind Lexington & Concord, and shows how circumstances actually "… gave the 'embattled farmers' an overwhelming tactical victory in this first battle."

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 8/30/2017

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Fifth Corps: NATO Player Aid sheet (PDF)

NATO player aid sheet that allows for tracking of Electronic Warfare Points, Air Points, Tactical Nuclear Points and the locations of Hidden Static Territorial Units. Created by Mark D. for

Fifth Corps: Warsaw Pact Player Aid sheet (PDF)

Warsaw Pact player aid sheet that allows for tracking of Electronic Warfare Points, Air Points and Tactical Nuclear Points for the Warsaw Pact player. Created by Mark D. for

Perfect Opening - Axis Strategy for Leningrad '41

"Perfect"? We'll see about that... Mark D. pens a strategy article proposing a series of moves that the Axis player should make on the first Impulse of the July 1941 game turn. Whether the moves turn out to be perfect or not, Leningrad '41 is a fun and challenging game and is highly recommended for newbies and grognards alike.

Academy Games Announces a New Game!

Uwe Eickert, of Academy Games, announces a new game at the 2017 Origins Game Fair...

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Game Articles


Pub Dates
Game: Gulf Strike
Publisher: Victory Games

Article Descriptions
Article ID: 740
Date: 3/17/2017
Poster: Doug Holt
Gulf Strike: Scenario 1 - The Bear and The Eagle

"We are waiting for the hammer to fall on Riyadh." Brad's epic replay of Victory Game's Gulf Strike is approaching a climax. Can the Saudi's hang in there? Then suddenly the "…Qataris come from out of nowhere with their Mirage planes..."!
Article ID: 739
Date: 3/3/2017
Poster: Doug Holt
Gulf Strike: Scenario 1: Cataclysm

"Can the Americans and their allies manage to fend off the Iranians for another turn?" Brad of Hexsides and Hand Grenades continues his surprise-packed replay of Victory Game's Gulf Strike! Can the Iranians take Riyadh? Well, don't count out the Rangers! As Brad opines "I think the special forces options are my favorite part of the game because it adds so much unpredictability."
Article ID: 738
Date: 1/23/2017
Poster: Doug Holt
Gulf Strike - Scenario 1: The Russians are Coming!

"It is turn 8 and this is the big enchilada now. WW3 starts this turn..." Brad continues his wild Scenario 1 odyssey in Victory Games' Gulf Strike, with his Iranians thrilled to have Russian support. "Done! Boom - that's what's it like to be a superpower, I guess."
Article ID: 737
Date: 12/14/2016
Poster: Doug Holt
Gulf Strike - Scenario 1: America - Heck Yeah!

"...things are looking real bad for the Saudis..." Brad is back with his ROLLER-COASTER replay of Victory Games' Gulf Strike! Now someone learns a lesson: "Don't leave supply depots alone in a hex. Ever."
Article ID: 736
Date: 11/9/2016
Poster: Doug Holt
Gulf Strike: Scenario 1 - Battle for Riyadh

"Trying to protect your supply lines without adequate air basing is a fool's errand." Brad pushes his tense and dicey Iranian invasion of the Gulf States in Gulf Strike! The Iranians firm up their supply situation, but... "Next turn is turn 7 and the Americans activate. Hoo boy!"
Article ID: 735
Date: 10/28/2016
Poster: Doug Holt
Gulf Strike - Scenario 1: Operation Sharp Stick

"It looks like my sweeping vision for Iranian supremacy of the Middle East is turning into a great big joke." Hexsides and Hand Grenades' Brad returns with more Gulf Strike learning curve exasperation! Yet Turn 5 hints at a table tipping: "Despite the Iranian setbacks this turn, the Saudis are in real trouble right now and facing a very dangerous situation."
Article ID: 734
Date: 10/14/2016
Poster: Doug Holt
Gulf Strike: Scenario 1 - A Jaunt Down the Road

"...turns 1 and 2 were the wargame equivalent of punk rock with tanks and planes going everywhere and attacking everything." Brad's Gulf Strike Iranian glory run blazes on, but supply concerns now taunt him: "Still amazed at how vital trucks are in this game.", and "I spent the Iranian SPs like a drunken sailor in the first two or three turns and now I'm starting to wonder a bit if I'll be hurting when it comes to the big push on Riyadh."
Article ID: 733
Date: 10/10/2016
Poster: Doug Holt
Gulf Strike: Scenario 1 - Operational Thinking & Lessons Learned

"I am trying to take Kuwait on the cheap here." Hexsides and Hand Grenades' Brad is back with more fun in Scenario 1 of Victory Games' Gulf Strike! It's all about trade-offs raised by trying to crush Kuwait while invading Saudi Arabia at the same time. "I think scenario one goes to whomever takes the smartest gambles with a bit of luck thrown in here and there."
Article ID: 732
Date: 10/3/2016
Poster: Doug Holt
Gulf Strike - Scenario 1: Iran Strategy & Thinking

"There is no such thing as overplanning in Gulf Strike." Brad of Hexsides and Hand Grenades is doing some strategy skull time for a play of Victory Games' Gulf Strike. It's 1984, and a revolutionary Iran (on steroids) is out to control the whole Persian Gulf. They've got to move fast, however, "before the Marines are ashore and suddenly we're another lyric in the Battle Hymn of the Republic."
Article ID: 731
Date: 5/27/2015
Poster: Mark D.
Hexsides and Hand Grenades: Thoughts on Scenario 5

By George, I think he's getting the hang of it! Brad, writing for the Hexsides and Hand Grenades blog, posts some thoughts on his playthrough of scenario 5. He's gotten hooked on Gulf Strike (as many of us have over the years) and presents some pretty interesting observations. Definitely worth a read for fans of the game...
Article ID: 727
Date: 5/23/2015
Poster: Mark D.
The Boardgaming Life: Strategy (Trouble with Kuwait)

"The Trouble with Kuwait" - Suggested strategies for Scenario #1 in Gulf Strike, written by Mark D for The Boardgaming Life site.
Article ID: 730
Date: 5/13/2015
Poster: Mark D.
Hexsides and Hand Grenades: Scenario 6 Redux

I think we've collectively shamed Brad, of Hexsides and Hand Grenades fame, into completing the replay of Scenario 6 that he started some time ago but never finished. Mission accomplished… And he even gave a plug for one of my old articles on The Boardgaming Life. Thanks Brad!
Article ID: 729
Date: 8/11/2014
Poster: Mark D.
Hexsides and Hand Grenades: Replay (Scenario #1)

Brad over at Hexsides and Hand Grenades, has gotten totally hooked on Gulf Strike and favors us with a replay of the Scenario #1 opening attacks. Stay tuned for follow up postings.
Article ID: 728
Date: 8/5/2014
Poster: Mark D.
Hexsides and Hand Grenades: Replay

Nice, quick replay of the strategic scenario in Gulf Strike, by Brad at the Hexsides and Hand Grenades blog.
Article ID: 725
Date: 4/8/2012
Poster: Mark D.
The Wargamer Magazine: Review

Brief review in The Wargamer magazine.
Article ID: 717
Date: 6/20/2010
Poster: Mark D.
The Boardgaming Life: Player Aid (PDF)

A General Information Tracking Sheet for Gulf Strike, including U.S. Special Forces Detachment Missions, Missile Depletion and Replenishment, and Naval Movement Determination. Created by Mark D. for The Boardgaming Life site.
Article ID: 726
Date: 5/31/2010
Poster: Mark D.
The Boardgaming Life: Strategy (Special Forces)

"Making Special Forces Special" in Gulf Strike. Written by Mark D for The Boardgaming Life.
Article ID: 724
Date: 4/18/2010
Poster: Mark D.
The Boardgaming Life: Strategy (Getting Ashore)

This article, penned by Mark D for The Boardgaming Life site, examines the challenge of safely delivering heavy U.S. ground reinforcements via naval transport to the theater of operations covered by Gulf Strike Scenario 2.
Article ID: 723
Date: 12/17/2007
Poster: Mark D.
Player Record Sheet (WORD)

Custom player record sheet.
Article ID: 722
Date: 12/15/2003
Poster: Mark D.
Chris Fawcett: Updated OOBs

A kit to update the orders of battle for the nations in the game.
Article ID: 720
Date: 7/22/2001
Poster: Mark D.
Desert Storm variant (ZIP)

Variant created by Mark Herman to model Desert Storm. Released as it was actually happening. Contains rules mods, new unit counters, and map section.
Article ID: 721
Date: 7/21/2001
Poster: Mark D.
Counter Manifest (zipped Excel file)

Article ID: 719
Date: 12/17/1998
Poster: Mark D.
Andrew Fairnie: Game Overview

Quick overview of the game by Andrew Fairnie.
Article ID: 718
Date: 12/15/1998
Poster: Mark D.
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