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Music at war through the ages.

Spotlight Article Graphic

A little old text but gave me the curiosity to search more about some orchestra pieces that were made through war times. Also on the website there is a lot of other interesting articles.

Poster: Yannick Stoneage
Post Date: 2/12/2018

The U.S. Navy Cannot Fight North Korea Alone

Spotlight Article Graphic

How can the U.S. Navy destroy North Korea should Washington give the word? It can’t. Or at least it stands little chance of doing so by its lonesome barring improbable circumstances. Interesting article written by James Holmes for the "War is Boring" blog...

Poster: Mark D.
Post Date: 1/25/2018

The better angels of our nature.

Spotlight Article Graphic

"Well, it was you Americans fighting each other. Why shouldn't we like it?" Prufrock has some contemplations after watching Ken Burns' Civil War during some recuperative downtime…

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 1/22/2018

The Publishing Art of Wargaming: Year in Review 2017

Spotlight Article Graphic

"… 2017 saw publishers taking the middle path in two ways." James Cobb considers directions taken by computer wargaming last year. It seems: "…fertile minds were at work."

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 1/1/2018

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Fifth Corps: NATO Player Aid sheet (PDF)

NATO player aid sheet that allows for tracking of Electronic Warfare Points, Air Points, Tactical Nuclear Points and the locations of Hidden Static Territorial Units. Created by Mark D. for

Fifth Corps: Warsaw Pact Player Aid sheet (PDF)

Warsaw Pact player aid sheet that allows for tracking of Electronic Warfare Points, Air Points and Tactical Nuclear Points for the Warsaw Pact player. Created by Mark D. for

Perfect Opening - Axis Strategy for Leningrad '41

"Perfect"? We'll see about that... Mark D. pens a strategy article proposing a series of moves that the Axis player should make on the first Impulse of the July 1941 game turn. Whether the moves turn out to be perfect or not, Leningrad '41 is a fun and challenging game and is highly recommended for newbies and grognards alike.

Academy Games Announces a New Game!

Uwe Eickert, of Academy Games, announces a new game at the 2017 Origins Game Fair...

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History of 'Spotlight Articles' Spotlight Articles History

Articles that are not necessarily linked to one particular game,
but may have broad appeal to gamers.

Date Title Article Summary
2/12/2018 Music at war through the ages.
Poster: Yannick Stoneage
- A little old text but gave me the curiosity to search more about some orchestra pieces that were made through war times. Also on the website there is a lot of other interesting articles.
1/25/2018 The U.S. Navy Cannot Fight North Korea Alone
Poster: Mark D.
- How can the U.S. Navy destroy North Korea should Washington give the word? It can’t. Or at least it stands little chance of doing so by its lonesome barring improbable circumstances. Interesting article written by James Holmes for the "War is Boring" blog...
1/22/2018 The better angels of our nature.
Poster: Doug Holt
- "Well, it was you Americans fighting each other. Why shouldn't we like it?" Prufrock has some contemplations after watching Ken Burns' Civil War during some recuperative downtime…
1/1/2018 The Publishing Art of Wargaming: Year in Review 2017
Poster: Doug Holt
- "… 2017 saw publishers taking the middle path in two ways." James Cobb considers directions taken by computer wargaming last year. It seems: "…fertile minds were at work."
12/27/2017 Wargamer 2017: Tabletop Wargaming – The Year In Review
Poster: Doug Holt
- "Historical Board Wargaming – Twilight of the Gods?" Bill Gray surveys the state of the hobby as he sees the trends: "The Hex is Dead", "Rise of the Esoteric" and "What was Old is New", among others. "So grab a frosty mug of your favorite holiday libation, and let’s talk a bit."
12/25/2017 Further Holiday Spirit…
Poster: Doug Holt
- PAXsims has a post for those gamers who can never get enough!
11/17/2017 Recap of the San Diego Historical Game Convention by Moe Fitzgerald
Poster: Mark D.
- Moe Fitzgerald's recap of the San Diego Historical Games Convention, featuring several game previews from GMT Games.
11/15/2017 Medic! The Role of Medical Treatment in Wargames
Poster: Doug Holt
- "Let’s say you’ve just secured a town from the Soviets, but took a fair number of casualties in the process." Sean Couture considers the medical and psychological aspects of combat and how some games strive to integrate them, which "…reminds players that the strength of their strategies and by extension their armies [is] weighed in how responsibly they handle their forces and how many lives they unnecessarily throw away."
11/3/2017 Mobile Warfare: A Wargamer's Guide to Gaming on Vacation
Poster: Doug Holt
- "In such dark times, computer gaming is my salvation." Colonel (Retired) Bill Gray offers a relief-for-those-stranded-on-vacation guide for the wargamer away from home. "Joy sticks are bulky, and according to my wife, immediately identifies you as a nerd high priest (. . . and this is a problem because, I ask?)."
11/1/2017 Fontenoy 1745
Poster: Doug Holt
- "...there are two reasons for everything, the good reason and the real reason." Jeff Berry, in his Obscure Battles blog, regales us with fascinating details of the Battle of Fontenoy in 1745. Turns out the French commander, Marshal Saxe , "...had nearly as many enemies at his back as on the battlefield. But he handled them all."
10/11/2017 Tracer Rounds: What Do You Buy, Read, or Play?
Poster: Doug Holt
- " many of us bought something with the express purpose of studying the game more than playing it?" Brant Guillory muses on a not oft considered aspect of being a wargamer: "What do you buy? What do you read? What do you play? And why do things end up in those different buckets?"
9/29/2017 Convergence: Using Counter Games as Miniature Campaign Platforms
Poster: Doug Holt
- "I call this TSS, or Tabletop Suicide Syndrome..." Colonel (Retired) Bill Gray discusses how to integrate your miniatures actions into a broader context, and the benefits to be gained from doing so. "…I am amazed how much discretion appears when players realize that what they end up with may be all they have when the next tabletop battle is announced."
9/28/2017 PAXsims video about military formation of military students.
Poster: Yannick Stoneage
- Explanation of formation for Army personals with wargames. We see Triumph and Tragedy, For the people, Pericles of GMT games and other to learn military history and context. Learning how war was done and how the students can learn to do better of what history has been. Gives some idea of good games out there.
9/16/2017 Electronic Cardboard v2.1
Poster: Mark D.
- Resurrected by designer Rich Hogen, "Electronic Cardboard" was originally conceived as a Game Assist Program (GAP) for the Play-By-Electronic-Mail (PBEM) community. It was created to address the need for non-destructive overlay of bitmaps atop bitmaps. Although features are based on gaming needs, EC may be universally useful for overlaying tasks.
In the modern computing environment EC can be used in conjunction with Netmeeting or Webex or similar desktop sharing software to play a game in real time, i.e. synchronously. Gaming references in this Help file assume asynchronous play (e.g. PBEM).
9/14/2017 Great source of publication and knowledge about the British aviation.
Poster: Yannick Stoneage
- Was searching about air wargames and found this site with very interesting publications and stories about the war aviation. Will keep it in my bookmarks. Happy reading!
9/7/2017 Atomic Games Legacy: Video #1
Poster: Mark D.
- First video in a series covering the incredible wargaming legacy left by Atomic Games. This first video covers the creation of Atomic Games in 1989 and the development and release of their first game in the V for Victory series, D-Day: Utah Beach. Videos produced by Ikrananka for his YouTube Channel...
8/30/2017 Lexington & Concord 1775
Poster: Doug Holt
- What is "The Myth of the Embattled Farmer"? Jeff Berry, in his Obscure Battles blog, examines the fascinating details behind Lexington & Concord, and shows how circumstances actually "… gave the 'embattled farmers' an overwhelming tactical victory in this first battle."
Poster: Doug Holt
- Setup, Furniture, Equipment... Rules Lawyers... Time and Endgame. Colonel (Retired) Bill Gray offers some "sage wisdom" for those wanting to run a convention game. Get your players in the groove, but know when "…you need to intervene and let the Dice Gods decide the issue…"
7/8/2017 Armémuseum war games exhibition
Poster: Yannick Stoneage
- Go on a trip to the world of war games – from medieval knight´s chess to tabletop science fantasy miniature wargames of today. See how the games were used in military training and how it has influenced important events in history. On display 24 Feb 2017 – 7 Jan 2018.
7/3/2017 Pickett’s Charge: What modern mathematics teaches us about Civil War battles
Poster: Mark D.
- This article, written for The Conversation web site, describes mathematical studies of Pickett's Charge and Culp's Hill at the Battle of Gettysburg. What if the generals had made different decisions?
6/21/2017 The Importance of Being Galleys
Poster: Doug Holt
- "Every grunt and tread head in the world will resent this statement: no major war has been won without the victor having sea supremacy." Jim Cobb examines a long and crucial phase of naval combat that has been little addressed by wargames. However, "That’s about to change."
5/22/2017 Why Does America Need Aircraft Carriers? Ask Hitler and Mussolini.
Poster: Mark D.
- Michael Peck, writing for the National Interest, makes the case for keeping a strong U.S. Navy carrier force intact...
5/12/2017 Kaliningrad Fires is war, but no game
Poster: Doug Holt
- Semantics, semantics! Rex Brynen has a tart comment or two about Kaliningrad Fires, the first of a series of what The Strategy Bridge bills as a series of wargames. Per Rex, "…it isn’t really a wargame at all."
5/5/2017 Forgotten Theatres of World War 2
Poster: Doug Holt
- "… I think that they should be transposed over into the virtual medium we call gaming." Sean Couture considers two "unsung" campaigns of World War II which, in his opinion, have only been addressed by games that were "…sadly superficial at best." A couple of interesting choices!
5/2/2017 New magazines to discover this month!
Poster: Yannick Stoneage
- New magazine for this month. Some solo games included and information about upcoming wargames. Happy reading!
4/3/2017 Winter of Wargaming 2017 Wrapup - Podcast
Poster: Mark D.
- Three Moves Ahead, Episode #389 - Rob and Bruce wrap up this year's winter of wargaming by looking back at some of the games they played and some of the trends they've seen in the wargame space. From boutique games to the pros and cons of computer wargaming, they cover a wide array of topics on their favorite hobby. Does a narrow scope limit a game's design or does it open up new possibilities? How well can you really simulate a given scenario?
4/3/2017 Notes on Games with Sequential Moves
Poster: Mark D.
- Paul Owen, writing for his Man Overboard blog, pens a fairly deep analysis of strategic games involving sequential moves (i.e. those in which each player's decision happens in the context of knowing opponents' previous decisions). This is actually the second post in a series exploring games of strategy, begun last month, that is co-authored by designers Aaron Honsowetz and Austin Smokowicz...
3/13/2017 1066 Project (leading to the Battle of Hastings).
Poster: Doug Holt
- William the Conqueror is coming! Norm, of Battlefields and Warriors, is designing using the accretive process, with the goal being a battle of Hastings game later this year. Follow his thoughts on figures, terrain and rules: "Oh Dear! To be both blessed and cursed by choice!"
2/20/2017 Reflections on (another) McGill megagame
Poster: Doug Holt
- This year's rules "...facilitated the sort of creative, emergent gameplay that is at the heart of a successful megagame." Rex Brynen of Paxsims gives an AAR on the War in Binni Megagame, held at McGill University on February 11th . Apparently the event was a great success, and had a strange twist: "Little did the players know that, hidden among the participants were a small group of secret cultists."
1/20/2017 War Gaming Must Get Red Right
Poster: Doug Holt
- "An expert in-house adversary is a powerful tool for the fleet." Captain Dale Rielage, U.S. Navy, sheds light on how the Navy is acting on the renewed U.S. military interest in wargaming, "If war gaming is to realize its potential, we must get Red right."
1/15/2017 Yaah! 8 - A Look Inside
Poster: Ed Sommers
- Brad, of "Hexsides and Hand Grenades" fame, had the opportunity to fill in as guest editor of Yaah! magazine. He shares the experience with us in his latest article...
1/15/2017 Stuka Joe - The Case for Sequence of Play Cards
Poster: Mark D.
- First video in a series that discusses the use of Sequence of Play cards in board wargames. Sequence of play cards can ease the learning curve of complex, multi-phased wargames. In addition, they can contain relevant charts and tables on them, saving the player a trip to the player aid card...
1/4/2017 The Tuesday Interview – Bob Smith of Oriental Empires
Poster: Doug Holt
- "...being up at 3am trying to find 3 bytes of memory..." Grogheads interviews computer historical gaming legend Bob Smith, who has some fascinating insights on his games.
12/24/2016 Armchair General: Best of 2016 Gaming Guide
- The game reviewers at Armchair General want to share their top games of 2016. These little gems brought more smiles to our faces in 2016 and helped get our minds off of what was a pretty stress filled year...
12/17/2016 War is Boring: Russia, Iran and the Assadists Barely Get Along
- Pro-regime forces in Syria are stretched thin - and fighting among themselves! Five years into Syria’s apocalyptic civil war, there is no more Syrian Arab Army on the country’s battlefields. So who’s fighting for Syrian president Bashar Al Assad? Tom Cooper, writing for the "War is Boring" site, attempts to answer that question...
11/25/2016 Ukraine & Gaming Modern War - US board game designer Joseph Miranda
- A prescient design? Tony Gosling and provide us an insightful chat with longtime game designer Joseph Miranda. Enjoy the perspective!
11/6/2016 Zones of Control: Perspectives on Wargaming
- Marco Arnaudo shares his opinion of the book "Zones of Control: Perspectives on Wargaming", a new release from author Pat Harrigan, that provides a diverse set of perspectives on wargaming's past, present, and future, including articles and commentary from the hobby's top publishers and designers...
11/4/2016 Philosophy of Boardgaming | Part. 1
- "THAT's a boardgame!" Hex Dice Fire! goes on record about why we like boardgames - and there are lots of "whys". Are you an "Enthusiast" or a "One-Shot"?
10/16/2016 Russia Says It Never Invaded Poland in 1939
- Did you know that Hitler invaded China in 1956? Or that America dropped the first atomic bomb on Paris in 1924? You didn't? Well, that's because these are taradiddles. Historical events that never actually happened. Michael Peck, writing for The National Interest, fills us in on this fascinating re-writing of history...
9/19/2016 Interview with Legendary Game Designer Richard Berg
- Rick Martin checks in with 'The Pope of Wargaming', Richard Berg, designer of over 160 published games, for an Armchair General interview. Maybe part of Richard's secret in becoming a wargame master is that he understands the importance of "...doing stuff with friends..."!
9/7/2016 Exploring US engagement in the Middle East: A Crisis Simulation
- Some weeks ago, Rex Brynen posted a report on the game methodology that he, Bilal Saab and John Watts developed for a crisis simulation held at the Atlantic Council in Washington DC. The report from that game has now been released, and this PaxSims article is a brief recap...
9/5/2016 Gioco & Storia Board Gaming Convention - Italy
- Gioco & Storia is a board game convention taking place on the 8th and the 9th of October at Piana delle Orme Museum - Latina - ITALY. The convention will be focused on board wargames with tournaments ("Twilight Struggle", "Commands & Colors", "Combat Commander"), auctions and a game lottery. Visit the stands, play games and see demos. Completely free! Check us out on
9/3/2016 Wargame Magazines
- "It seems that the endless magazine games are beginning to swallow a larger share of wallet, the least play time, as well as more and more storage. Is this a problem?", says Kevin Sharp, writing for his Big Board Gaming blog, as he puts forth some opinions on the current crop of wargaming magazines.
8/12/2016 Easy Roller Dice
- Do you need "Legendary Copper Metal"? Chris Heatherly reviews the Easy Roller Dice company, and reminds us why dice matter! More than a few of us can identify with this recollection: "The last time I bought my own dice from the local hobby shop I had to color in the numbers by hand..."
8/7/2016 Russia's Pearl Harbor: The Battle of Port Arthur
- Michael Peck, writing for the National Interest web site, claims that December 7, 1941 wasn't Japan's first big surprise attack, recounting their 1905 attack on Port Arthur and the Russian Empire...
7/23/2016 Interview with Zvezda Game Designer Konstantin Krivenko
- Rick Martin interviews Zvezda Game Designer Konstantin Krivenko for Armchair General.
7/13/2016 COIN Down: Games about Counterinsurgency
- Simon Lestrade provides a run down of his experiences playing games from GMT's COIN series (and another from Cole Wehrle)...
6/28/2016 Marco Arnaudo: Top 10 WWII Games
- Marco continues his "Top 10" series videos, this time listing his top 10 World War II wargames...
5/26/2016 The Madness Behind a CDG Solo Method
- An end to the solo CDG blues? Jose Ruiz (aka Stuka Joe) offers a method of keeping the fun in card driven games (CDGs) played solo: namely overcoming the classic difficulty of a "most awkward and unrewarding gaming experience as you play each side hoping not to remember the other side’s hand..".
5/18/2016 An Invitation to Play: What Gets Gamers to “Open the Box” and Keep Playing
- Paul Comben takes on the elusive topic of what makes a great game. An entertaining and thought-provoking read...
5/9/2016 Perspective in Wargames: Who Exactly Are You?
- Derek Croxton ruminates on the wide spectrum of methods wargames have used to insert players into the historical challenge being simulated. "After all, if players were only interested in games for the competitiveness or mental challenge they provide, they would all be playing chess."
5/1/2016 Austerlitz at 'Duel in the Desert VI' Convention - June 2016
- La Bataille d’Austerlitz will be the featured game at Duel in the Desert VI at the CONSIM WorldExpo 2016 in Tempe, Arizona late this June. Marshal Enterprises (ME) has arranged to play the new and improved version of the game, first designed and released in the 1980’s by ME, at the Tempe Fest...
4/29/2016 One Battle, Two Tanks, Three Systems: Design, Complexity and Outcomes
- Hexsides and Hand Grenades' Brad sets out to make an apples-to-apples comparison of three tactical combat systems. His goal is to see if differences in rule complexity result in a more realistic "feel" or a "more meaningful or interesting impact on the game..."
4/20/2016 Participants Sought for WWII Gameplay Study
- PAXsims is posting the following announcement on behalf of Desiree Bruce, a PhD student at Capella University who is undertaking a study of educational gaming.
4/4/2016 Pharsalus Battle Day - In Miniatures
- Prufrock, writing for his "Here's No Great Matter" blog, reports on his version of the Society of Ancients' battle day in Japan! The object of this year's study was of Pharsalus, and they used custom rules to try to explore the battle and some of the possible outcomes. Awesome stuff for you mini's fans...
3/13/2016 “Burning Shadows”: Toward matrix gaming as a tool for joint professional military education
- PAXsims' Rex Brynen posts a piece about matrix gaming on Libya by Luke Nicastro and Ian Platz of the Center for Advanced Strategic Learning, National Defense University. Seems the quagmire "...tends to create uncertainty and paralysis among players..."
3/11/2016 Sentinum refight: background.
- "...the enemy was arising in his own strength and in that of his allies to make war on Rome..." Blogger Prufrock preps for and carries out an awesome miniatures recreation of the battle of Sentinum. Loads of excellent photos! The replay itself is at Sentinum - the battle. "In that place where you see the creature sacred to Diana lying dead, flight and carnage will begin..."
2/20/2016 Multiman's Grand Tactical Series Wiki
- GTS Wiki is your source for information on the "Grand Tactical Series" wargames. Here you will find information about the games themselves along with rules, clarifications, FAQs, sample gameplays and other tools for GTS players. Produced by Ty Snouffer.
2/17/2016 Odds & Ends - The Unusual or Funny in Games
- Revenge of the Designer! Brad has some fun pointing out tidbits from the "Designer Notes" sections of various games where "the designer pokes their head out" - tongue-in-cheek stuff we've all enjoyed over the years. Should this prompt a little amateur psychoanalysis?
2/8/2016 Interview with Marshall Barrington of Command Post Games
- Interview with Marshall Barrington of Command Post Games, designer of Brandywine. He discusses Brandywine and the new "Pub Battles" series.
2/6/2016 War Blog: New Online Hex-Based Wargaming Site
- War Blog is a recent site that contains a series of playable online hex based war game scenarios based on both current day conflicts as well as historic scenarios. The site is still under development and there is a small annual fee for joining. Visit the site and check out the current game choices...
2/6/2016 Imagine Image Multimedia - Broadcasting Miniature War Games
- Watch and take part in broadcasts of miniature wargames! On the Imagine Image Multimedia site, you’ll find various links and applications that are used to conduct a miniatures game live, using Pan Tilt Zoom IP cameras, a/v chat software for audio and webcam conversations, and other features. Broadcasting miniatures games has come along way since the early days of the technology. Members who wish to participate in the online game need only have a computer and chat function app to issue audio instructions to the judge running the game! How cool is this?!?!
2/2/2016 Boardgame Of The Year 2015
- The Rock Paper Shogun website culls their 2015 best board games, from "Empires" to "Kingdoms."
1/28/2016 Thiele: Marines ought to play more games!
- Needed: "a hostile, independent will." Blogger Rex Brynen comments on a Marine Corps Gazette article by LtCol Gregory A. Thiele. It seems the Marines are seeing the value of wargames for enhancing combat readiness. Thiele emphasizes that "Wargaming is a simple, low-cost method of introducing an opposing will into training. Ideally, wargaming complements a training regime that consists largely of free-play force-on-force exercises." An excellent reminder of the old military axiom that "no plan survives contact with the enemy". And no billion dollar budgets required. Also, as any wargamer might add, don't forget the fun!
1/24/2016 Combat Odds Computation Tool - By Lou Coatney
- Designer Lou Coatney has completed a manual/paper combat odds computation aid which he thinks is the fastest, simplest, and easiest to envision yet, and it is here for individuals to download for recreational use. Government and educational agencies may also download and use if Lou is credited...
1/23/2016 I Will Never Grow Up: Game Designer Advice
- Designer Blog – Into the Black - Staying Focused and Productive. Advice for game designers (and any one else who needs to stay on track...) provided by James J. Campbell lead game designer at "I Will Never Grow Up Gaming".
1/16/2016 Big Board: Contemporary Wargame Magazine Reviews
- Just last week, I was thumbing through an old "General" magazine, and I thought "they just don't make magazines like this anymore". Then I thought about it and realized that maybe they *do* make magazines like this and I'm just not aware of them! Coincidentally, Kevin Sharp has produced an excellent video review of all the current crop of mags for his Big Board Gaming blog, which was right on time...
1/12/2016 Arcola 1796 - War of the First Coalition
- Bonaparte as revisionist? Jeff Berry pens an in depth analysis of a battle "held up as the epitome of [Napoleon's] much-studied First Italian Campaign". He comes to a different conclusion: "...for me, Arcola merely represents an example of military blundering."
1/11/2016 Hong Kong Wargamer: How to Watch Live Games on Vassal
- Did you know you can watch live games on VASSAL like people watch TV? Jackson Kwan from the Hong Kong Wargamer blog passes along the method he uses to watch others play ASL. According to Jackson, "There’s almost always something going on and it’s a good way for new folks to get some context for understanding the ASL Rulebook or simply to see how they can expand their opponent horizon from local to global"...
1/11/2016 Dice Hate Me: 2015 Dexterity Game Challenge Winners
- Last Spring, the crew at "Dice Hate Me" challenged their readers to submit their best "dexterity" game designs. They got quite a few submissions, and had a difficult time picking the winners, but here are the top four designs that took home the prizes...
12/21/2015 Enrico Viglino: World War I Strategic Games - Best in Class
- Enrico Viglino takes on World War I Strategic Games, presenting the "Best in Class".
12/20/2015 Afghanistan: Not Worth Fighting For
- In spite of the fact that Afghanistan is largely absent from the American consciousness these days, it's good to keep tabs on what's happening there. The Strategy Page is an invaluable source of information on all the world's hot-spots...
12/15/2015 Tiny Wargames: Awesome Battle Mats Retailer!
- Tiny Wargames sells 3mm rubber mats and cloth mats for wargaming. I just came across this site and the maps look really cool! Suitable for all games - Bolt Action, Warhammer, Dust, Sea battles, X Wing, Bullet, Historical , Wings of Glory etc. They will also do custom mats as well...
12/3/2015 Homefront Wargame Center: Visiting Battlefields - Tolbiac 496AD
- Denny Koch, writing for the Homefront Wargame Center blog, shares experiences from a trip to an ancient battlefield just east of the German-Belgian border. An outstanding historical piece, well illustrated and written, discusses the battle of Tolbiac (496 AD). A must-read...
11/16/2015 The Best of WWII Grand Strategic Games
- Ruminations about the various WWII grand strategic games that have been published over the years. An Enrico Viglino video...
11/11/2015 Obscure Battles: Omdurman 1898
- Fantastic in-depth story and brilliant graphics covering the battle of Omdurman 1898. The Obscure Battles blog created by Jeff Berry, is well known to Grognards. Each article that Jeff produces is a history lesson with visuals that bring the battle to life. Please support Jeff in his work by visiting his site and leaving a comment!
10/29/2015 Top 10 Health Benefits of Board Gaming!
- Those old board games collecting dust on the top of your closet could be key to keeping your mind active and healthy. Board games entertain and bring people together through competitive and cooperative game play. Tell your friends...
10/28/2015 Meeting Triumph and Disaster: The gaming ups and downs of famous battles
- Thanks to Paul Comben for sharing this interesting and detailed look about how game designs, sometimes more than actual game opponents, may have more to do with the game's eventual outcome... or maybe not. In any event, it's a thought provoking read.
10/13/2015 1 Hour Wargames - Big Battle
- One Hour Wargames by Neil Thomas comes with 30 teaser type scenarios and rules for nine periods of history. The rules for each period are less than three pages long and are intended for games to be played in a space of 3' x 3' with up to 6 units per side and in any figure scale... Shared by Norm from the "Battlefields and Warriors" blog.
10/4/2015 Tips for the Top 5 Problem Players
- The zany folks at Shut Up and Sit Down created a video instructing us how to handle the "Top 5 Problem Players" (with a bonus 6th thrown in for good measure) that probably exist in any gaming group. I can think of an important one that was left off the list... players who take a ridiculous amount of time to make a move!
10/4/2015 Yaah! Magazine #4 Available for Pre-order!
- Back, bigger, and better than ever, Yaah! #4 is up for pre-order. This issue is jammed full with Poland Strikes, a Mark H. Walker-designed tactical World War Three-ish game based on the Sticks and Stones system introduced by Tiny Battle Publishing.
9/30/2015 V​eiled Ambition​: A Simulation of Iranian-American Relations in the Middle East
- Strategic Crisis Simulations is a student organization affiliated with the Elliott School of International Affairs at the George Washington University in Washington, DC. They kindly provided PAXsims with this summary of their recent “Veiled Ambition” simulation, that examined the complex relationships in the Middle East in four distinct areas: Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Lebanon...
9/19/2015 What is it about Market Garden Games?
- Ty Snoufer, sporting a new Games from the Front blog look, reviews his collection of Market Garden games over the years...
8/31/2015 The Potomac Foundation: Gaming the South China Sea
- The PaxSims blog discusses gaming the South China Sea. The Potomac Foundation is an independent nonprofit research organization dedicated to improving the quality of public discourse and national policy formulation - in part, through the use of wargames and crisis simulations. One of their most recent games examines geopolitical tensions and rivalries in the South China Sea...
8/11/2015 Master archive of all S&T issues from #1 through current issue.
- George Michaels has put together a searchable checklist of all S&T magazine issues from #1 to the present. Want to find out all the game for which David McElhannon was the artist? You can do that here. I love a good searchable database. Visit George's site and support his work...
7/17/2015 The History of the Zeds: An Interview with "Dawn of the Zeds" Designer Hermann Luttmann.
- Morten Pedersen, writing for BGG, conducts a text-based interview with game designer Hermann Luttmann, focusing on the history of the "Dawn of the Zeds" franchise…
6/30/2015 FC's ETO at ConsimWorld Expo 2015, part 2
- Frank Chadwick’s ETO: Dispatches from the Front - When ConsimWorld Expo began, the core team for Frank Chadwick's ETO arrived over the course of the day: designer Frank Chadwick, developer Lance McMillan, and publisher Alan Emrich.
6/27/2015 Obscure Battles: Zorndorf 1758
- The battle of Zorndorf 1758 will no longer be "obscure" to you once you get done reading Jeff Berry's masterpiece on the subject. The background, history, fantastic graphical aids, and modern photos of the battle area all make for a great article.
6/26/2015 Enrico Viglino: Live from ConSimWorld Expo 2015
- Enrico Live! Does it get any better than that? Enrico Viglino takes us on a surreptitious tour of the early morning action at ConSimWorld Expo 2015. Well it starts off surreptitiously anyway. Lots of game footage but mostly faceless, unidentified people, except for Ted Raicer and a brief Harvey Mossman (The Boardgaming Life) sighting at about 54:03...
6/24/2015 Design Updates from Mark Herman, published on "Inside GMT"
- Updates on game awards, reprints, independently published titles, videos and "what's next?".
6/17/2015 A Very Near Run Thing - Modern Interpretations of the Battle of Waterloo
- The Duke of Wellington once likened the description of a battle to that of a ball - "where there is so much simultaneous movement of so many people across so large an area with so many different outcomes that to record it all from a single standpoint becomes nigh impossible". But Paul Comben gives it a shot with this interesting article...
6/12/2015 Battle of Waterloo: Summary, Analysis and Assessment for the 200th Anniversary
- Top notch article written by Jerry D. Morelock for Armchair General. Jerry packs a lot of information into a relatively small article. Everything you need to know about the battle (except the fact that it didn't actually take place at the town of Waterloo!). He covers the events leading up to the battle, summarizes the five stages of the battle itself, and addresses several of the commonly quoted reasons for Napoleon's failure to prevail. Great read.
6/8/2015 Iraq Situation Report June 5-8, 2015
- Great summary from the outstanding Institute for the Study of War site. This Iraq Situation Report was written by Theodore Bell, Patrick Martin and the ISW Iraq Team. I can't believe that it's 2015 and we're reading sit-reps about the "re-taking" of Fallujah and Ramadi. But happy that the casualties this time are not U.S. Marines…
5/23/2015 CanGames 2015 - Ontario Gaming Convention May 15-17
- Gilbert Collins shares some personal observations of CanGames 2015. It's not an overview of the whole convention, but rather a brief look at specific games/events like "Spaghetti Western" and "Dawn of the Dead".
5/11/2015 Alpha Testing? Beta Testing? What Does That Mean?
- Alpha/Beta testing. These terms apply to software development as well. And any other process that attempts to produce quality products. Ever wonder what they mean? The good folks at Victory Point Games explain...
4/15/2015 Gaming Air Operations with the US Air Force ROTC
- William Van Horn of the US Air Force Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (AFROTC) at Montana State University has contributed the following piece on how they have integrated wargaming into the program…
3/24/2015 Taliban Resurgent: Threats to Afghanistan's Security (PDF)
- Special report by Lauren McNally and Paul Bucala, writing for the Institute for the Study of War web site. Download the PDF for a full 39-page report.
3/7/2015 ISIS Crisis at the Royal Military Academy
- The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) has another go at running the ISIS Crisis Game on 25 February. PaxSims recounts a summary of the game provided by Tom Mouat (Defence Academy of the UK). Fascinating stuff. It would be interesting to take part in one of these games/exercises...
3/1/2015 Iraq Situation Report 2/28-3/1/2015 (PDF)
- For a moment, I thought this was a historical document from 2003 maybe, or 2005, or 2007… but *no*, this is a current report about the re-taking of Tikrit. From the outstanding Understanding War web site...
2/28/2015 Frank Chadwick's new game series ETO to debut at ConsimWorld Expo 2015
- Look for not one but two full campaign game demonstrations at ConsimWorld 2015 hosted by designer Frank Chadwick, developer Lance McMillan, and publisher Alan Emrich.