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Game: Maharaja

Publisher: Avalon Hill
Date: 16-Apr-2014
Academic Gaming Review: Variants
Extensive list of variants from the head of Academic Gaming Review Peter L. de Rosa, and others from Jim Lawler, John Kisner and Rick Heli. Fans of this game should definitely check this out. Thanks again to Togu Oppusunggu for finding and sharing this gem.
Game: RAF

Publisher: West End Games
Date: 16-Apr-2014
Simon Blackwell: Variants
Original version RAF Solitaire Battle of Britain Wargame. Variant aircraft units and implementation rules for players to cherry pick and add to the original game. Featuring 15 additional aircraft types not featured in the original game but that either did or could have participated in the actual campaign plus Polish Sqn ace status upgrade. Thanks to Simon D. Blackwell for sharing these variants.
Game: France '40

Publisher: GMT Games
Date: 16-Apr-2014
Armchair General: Review
Nice review of this GMT title by Ed William. He covers the components, orders of battle, combat mechanics, and an alternate scenario.
Game: Wilderness War

Publisher: GMT Games
Date: 15-Apr-2014
Hiew's Boardgame Blog: Review/Replay
Really good review/replay. Hiew Chok Sien takes us through an overview of the game and then recounts a short scenario played by him and his gaming buddy Allen. Gives a nice feel for the game, and it's good to see 'Wilderness War' getting some renewed attention.
Game: 1775: Rebellion

Publisher: Academy Games
Date: 15-Apr-2014
Drive Thru Review: Video Review
The more of Joel Eddy's video reviews I see, the more I like them. He generally does 2/3 of the video as a straight review, and the remaining 1/3 as an opinion piece, which I find really helpful. He feels that '1775: Rebellion' is a great crossover game for non-wargamers.
Game: NATO Division Commander

Publisher: SPI
Date: 15-Apr-2014
Big Board Gaming: How-to (Combat example)
It's part text, part video... part analysis, part how-to... but fully interesting and informative. Kevin over 'Big Board Gaming' takes us through a combat example in 'NATO Division Commander'.
Game: Target: Iran

Publisher: Decision Games
Magazine: Modern War #10
Date: 13-Apr-2014 Original: Strategy
The first of a new series of original articles, this strategy article by Mark D. is titled 'Playing the Odds'. It discusses strategies that can be employed to defeat the game system of this new solitaire game from Joseph Miranda of Modern War Magazine.
Grognard Challenge Time!

Date: 13-Apr-2014
New Challenge Clues! Last Challenge Results!

See the graphic clues for the new (13-Apr) Challenge and the winners for the last (6-Apr) Challenge.
Game: Band of Brothers: Ghost Panzers

Publisher: Worthington Games
Date: 13-Apr-2014
Boardgaming Life: Review
Excellent review by contributor Paul Comben for The Boardgaming Life.
Gaming Club: Chiltern Kriegsspiel

Location: Hertfordshire, England
Date: 12-Apr-2014
Chiltern Kriegsspiel: Gaming Club
As interpreted by our circle, Kriegsspiel is any fun conflict simulation using umpires to limit the information available to the combatants, thus providing for example hidden movement and the 'fog of war' in a military simulation. We meet about once monthly in a small village in Hertfordshire, England, with a nice pub nearby.
Game: A Spoiled Victory: Dunkirk 1940

Publisher: White Dog Games
Date: 12-Apr-2014
Marco Arnaudo: Video Review
Marco Arnaudo favors us with a detailed video review of White Dog's recent efforst, 'A Spoiled Victory: Dunkirk 1940' from designer Hermann Luttmann. Looks like Mr. Luttmann's designed another winner.
Game: 1914: The World at War

Publisher: VentoNuovo Games
Date: 11-Apr-2014
Publisher: Preview Flyer
VNG is proud to announce the launch of its new World War I historical wargame series named “1914: The World at War” which will depict some of the events that shook the world a 100 years ago.
Game: Mound Builders

Publisher: Victory Point Games
Date: 10-Apr-2014
Stranger Things Have Happened Blog: Review (First Look)
Dave Nichols is getting into this game, one inch at a time. Here he writes a 'First Look' type of review. Looking forward to seeing his take on the game once he actually gets into the guts of it.
Game: Kampen Om Norge (Battle of Norway)

Publisher: Vega Forlag
Date: 10-Apr-2014
Publisher: Player Aids and English Rules Translation
In addition to providing an English translation for the rule book, this publisher link also includes bonus scenarios, quick reference sheets for the Allied, Norwegian, and German players, and summary cards for the Turn Sequence and Land Combat Sequence. It appears to be a well-supported game.
Game: Kampen Om Norge (Battle of Norway)

Publisher: Vega Forlag
Date: 10-Apr-2014
Boardgames in Blighty: Review
Mark Rivera does his usual bang-up job of informing us of the relatives merits and demerits of the game, although he finds this game much heavier on the 'merit' side of the ledger.
Gaming Club: The Brooklyn Strategist

Location: Brooklyn, NY (USA)
Date: 9-Apr-2014
The Brooklyn Strategist - Gaming Club
A unique, community-based, interactive board- and card-game center, café and social club. It is a place to play, learn, think creatively, socialize and strategize against an opponent or with team members. They offer afternoon clubs for all age groups that are interested in learning new board games and improving skills on known games.
Gaming Shop: The Uncommons (NYC)

Location: New York (USA)
Date: 9-Apr-2014
The Uncommons (NYC) - Gaming Cafe/Club/Shop
Manhattan’s first and only play cafe, the perfect place to grab coffee or tea and a game of Scrabble or Settlers of Catan. We’re way more fun than any chain coffeehouse… and better for you than bar hopping.
Game: The Bulge: 6th Panzer Army

Publisher: Victory Point Games
Date: 9-Apr-2014
Metagames: Review
James at the Metagames blog writes a concise review and shares his experiences playing The Bulge: 6th Panzer Army.
Game: Conquistador

Publisher: SPI/Avalon Hill
Magazine: S&T #58
Date: 8-Apr-2014
BoardGameGeek: Variant/House Rules
A few variants/house rules for Conquistador to iron out some of the rough spots in the rules, particularly in the late game. Tried and tested by some gamers who know the game well. Thanks to Togu Oppusunggu for locating and sharing this article.
Game: Inventing the Future

Publisher: Rick Heli
Date: 8-Apr-2014
Spotlight on Games: Print & Play Game
Science fiction game of doing the research, development and manufacturing of three major inventions: teleportation, time travel and the flying car. Thanks again to Rick Heli for sharing his creations with the rest of us.
Game: Founding Fathers

Publisher: Rick Heli
Date: 8-Apr-2014
Spotlight on Games: Print & Play Game
Politics in the early American Republic starting with George Washington in the executive chair and continuing to the possible outbreak of the Civil War. A complete Print n Play board game including game map, cards, rules, charts, etc. This entertaining and educational game, from the mind of Rick Heli, also includes special edition rules for classroom use.
Game: Target Arnhem: Across Six Bridges

Publisher: Multiman Publishing
Date: 7-Apr-2014
Marco Arnaudo: Video Review
A fair assessment of this introductory level war game. Nice video review by Marco Arnaudo.
Game: Commands and Colors: Napoleonics

Publisher: GMT Games
Date: 7-Apr-2014
The Mad Padre's Wargames Page: Replay
A quick replay of Commands and Color: Napoleonics scenario 'Rolica 1', by Michael Peterson at The Made Padre's Wargames Page
Game: Advanced Squad Leader

Publisher: Avalon Hill
Date: 6-Apr-2014
Hong Kong Wargamer: Review and Analysis
An article originally penned by Eoin Corrigan and reprinted on the Hong Kong Wargamer blog. The title of the article is 'Advanced Squad Leader is the Best Wargame Ever Published'... and he makes a pretty good attempt at scientifically proving it! In addition to the game-specific info, he makes some pretty good observations about the hobby in general. A long, but worthwhile, read.
Game: Starship Troopers

Publisher: Avalon Hill
Date: 6-Apr-2014 Print & Play
A document that contains the entire rule book, all charts and tables, Alien Control Pad, Terran Control Sheet, full map and counter scans. Essentially a Print & Play game!
Game: Angola

Publisher: Multiman Publishing
Date: 5-Apr-2014
Big Board Gaming: Review
High praise indeed from Kev at Big Board Gaming for this multiplayer game of the bad old days in southern Africa. This does look like a very interesting title and the victory conditions, as described by Kev, add excitement to the game.
Game: The Korean War: June 1950-May 1951

Publisher: Victory Games
Date: 5-Apr-2014
Boardgaming Life: House Rules
Korean War sports one of the most solid rule books ever printed. Don't know of any errata or corrections to the originals. However, some experienced players at The Boardgaming Life have added a few House Rules over the years.
Game: B17: Queen of the Skies

Publisher: Avalon Hill
Date: 5-Apr-2014
Stuka Joe: Video Replay
Another great experience from the amazing mind of Stuka Joe. More like a documentary than a board game replay, he takes us through a scenario of B17, complete with suitably martial background music and sound effects! Watching this video is probably more entertaining than actually playing the game, but it accomplishes its mission of informing us about how the 'B17' solitaire game system works. A wonderful instructional tool.
Game: RAF: The Battle of Britain 1940

Publisher: Decision Games
Date: 5-Apr-2014
Stuka Joe: Full Game Replay
Absolutely incredible full game video report of a solo session of RAF: Lion (one of the three sub-games in the box), playing the Hardest Days scenario with Advanced Rules. It's a long video (1 hour, 42 minutes) but it takes you through an entire scenario, explaining everything step by step. If you've purchased this game but haven't yet gotten it on the table, take 2 hours out of your busy day to watch Stuka Joe's video; it may save you a lot more than 2 hours of reading (and re-reading... and re-reading) the rulebook.
Game: Caesar: Epic Battle of Alesia

Publisher: Avalon Hill
Date: 4-Apr-2014
Man Overboard Blog: Review
A very brief review/AAR of a recent contest. 'Caesar' is on many gamers' lists of all time favorites, and it's good to to know that this game is still getting table time. Thanks to Paul Owen at the 'Man Overboard' blog for the write up.
Game: Lock 'n Load: Forgotten Heroes - Anzac Attack Expansion

Publisher: LnL Publishing
Date: 4-Apr-2014
Hexsides and Hand Grenades: After Action Report (AAR)
Lots of good stuff on the 'Hexsides and Hand Grenades' blog, including this After Action Report by Brad, covering a scenario of Anzac Attack. (This is actually Part II of the AAR, so make sure to check out Part I as well)
Game: Ivanhoe

Publisher: GMT Games
Date: 4-Apr-2014
The Voice of E: Card Game Video Review
Starts off kind of silly but ends up being a pretty thorough review of this Reiner Knizia design. Check out Elliott Miller's video review of this military-themed card game. The review is titled 'It’s Just a Flesh Wound!'. Any type of Monty Python reference just draws me right in like a tractor beam...
Game: King's Ransom

Publisher: General Nonsense Games
Date: 4-Apr-2014
Father Geek: Card Game Review
If you're looking for a card game that has a bit of depth, but can be enjoyed by both adults and kids somewhere between 6 and 13 years old (the publisher and reviewer disagree on the proper age range), then read Cyrus's review of King's Ransom by over at the 'Father Geek' blog.
Gaming Club: Wargame Clubs

Platform: Internet/PBEM
Date: 3-Apr-2014
Wargame Clubs
Wargame Clubs was established in 1997 to support computer wargaming in a historical style beyond just a ladder organization. The Clubs support a variety of games designers and companies, including American Civil War games designed by John Tiller and AGEOD's Birth of America.
Game: Last Chance for Victory

Publisher: Multiman Publishing
Series: Line of Battle Series
Date: 2-Apr-2014
Yockbo's Boardgame Blog: Scenario Replay
Stephen Brasseur at Yockbo's Board Game Blog tells us the story of his head-to-head with Bob H. and scenario 7.9, 'The Best Three Hours of Fighting Anywhere'. It's an interesting report but, unless I'm missing something, they left us hanging! It does not appear that they finished the scenario, so I'm hoping for (and have requested) a follow up...
Game: Sparta vs Athens

Publisher: Decision Games
Magazine: Strategy & Tactics #286
Date: 2-Apr-2014
Designer: Player Aids
Game designer Ted Garland has put together some player aids for his new game. It's an Excel workbook containing a template for keeping track of 'Prestige', and another template for each player to record financial expeditures. A lot better than writing it on the back of a napkin... Thanks for sharing this, Ted.

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