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War Gaming Must Get Red Right

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"An expert in-house adversary is a powerful tool for the fleet." Captain Dale Rielage, U.S. Navy, sheds light on how the Navy is acting on the renewed U.S. military interest in wargaming, "If war gaming is to realize its potential, we must get Red right."

Yaah! 8 - A Look Inside

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Brad, of "Hexsides and Hand Grenades" fame, had the opportunity to fill in as guest editor of Yaah! magazine. He shares the experience with us in his latest article...

Stuka Joe - The Case for Sequence of Play Cards

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First video in a series that discusses the use of Sequence of Play cards in board wargames. Sequence of play cards can ease the learning curve of complex, multi-phased wargames. In addition, they can contain relevant charts and tables on them, saving the player a trip to the player aid card...

The Tuesday Interview – Bob Smith of Oriental Empires

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"...being up at 3am trying to find 3 bytes of memory..." Grogheads interviews computer historical gaming legend Bob Smith, who has some fascinating insights on his games.

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The U.S. Civil War: Game Replay - Part 3

The 3rd and final session in the replay series, covering game turns 6 through 8, Summer and Fall of 1862. Harvey Mossman plays the Union and Mark D. the Confederates. Written by Mark D. for

The U.S. Civil War: Game Replay - Part 2

Continuing with the full campaign game of "The U.S. Civil War". We have completed 5 full turns, i.e. through the Spring 1862 turn, and the Confederates are still hanging in there. This is the second installment, penned by Mark D. for, which covers game turns 3, 4 and 5.

The U.S. Civil War: Game Replay - Part 1

We started a new campaign game of "The U.S. Civil War" last Sunday and I'm going to attempt to submit a brief replay summary each week. This first installment, penned by Mark D. for, covers the first two turns of the game (Summer 1861) No Safe Harbor Review

Mark D. pens a review of Paul Rohrbaugh's "No Safe Harbor: The Raid on Darwin", published by Against the Odds/LPS.

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Latest Grognard Updates

  Game/Publisher Article Info
Game: Red Storm

Series: Downtown
Publisher: GMT Games
Date: 2/17/2017 8:33:00 AM
Poster: Doug Holt
Red Storm AAR Playtest, Part 2

"Time for the SAM crews to earn their pay." Doug Bush and his friend Chris Baer continue their AAR of GMT Games' Red Storm. They've finished planning, and the intense game is on. "I almost felt sorry for Doug and his cardboard crews as they advanced further into my SAM fire zones. Almost ..."
Game: Pub Battles: Sharpsburg

Series: Pub Battles Series
Publisher: Command Post Games
Date: 2/16/2017 10:29:00 PM
Poster: Ed Sommers
Chaos to Order: A Pub Battles Strategy Guide

The traditional turn format of I-GO-YOU-GO is very neat and orderly. The turn sequence actually helps organize your thinking. Handy but that is not the way the real world works. Pub Battles forces you to think like a real commander...
Game: Battle of the Scheldt: The Devil's Moat

Publisher: Decision Games
Date: 2/15/2017 10:56:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
Battle of the Scheldt - A Vandenbroucke AAR

Some people got candy or flowers for Valentine's Day but, lucky us, we got something much better: one of Dav Vandenbroucke's outstanding After Action Reports. This one covers "Battle of the Scheldt" published by Decision Games. It's incredibly detailed, so you really get a feel for how the game plays. It's well illustrated so it's easy to follow. And it wraps up with some final thoughts from Dav which are quite helpful when deciding whether or not to buy/play the game...
Game: The First War

Publisher: Up and Away Games
Date: 2/15/2017 10:38:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
The First War: Enrico's Review

The First War is an empire-building game for 2 players using discovered terrain, four types of pieces and a technology tree. Designed by Rick Heli, this game employs board discovery and significant technological developments to make every turn a different problem to figure out. The player who can best read and forecast the trends and play most efficiently will triumph. This link also contains an extended review/replay/analysis video by Enrico Viglino. (This game was previously only available as a Print 'n Play)
Game: Tank on Tank: Digital

Series: Tank on Tank
Publisher: LNL Publishing
Date: 2/15/2017 10:29:00 AM
Poster: Doug Holt
GrogHeads Reviews Tank on Tank, Digital Edition

“Fight! ...jumps you into a randomly generated quick battle." Chris Paquette checks out Lock ‘n Load Publishing's Tank on Tank:Digital, which he finds to be a very enjoyable “bread and butter” electronic rendering of the board game. But just remember, "As a lighter style game, it’s easy to underestimate the AI..."
Game: Ships of the Line: Trafalgar 1805

Publisher: Trafalgar Editions
Date: 2/13/2017 10:55:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
A Review of Trafalgar Editions’ Game of Nelson’s Epic Battle

Paul Comben, writing for "The Boardgaming Life" site, says "There is always a certain challenge facing designers looking to create games relating to the things men make to fight in – be it ships, be it tanks, be it aircraft, the challenge remains the same: just how much detail should be included?" Paul follows up with an excellent analysis of the game...
Game: The Last Hundred Yards

Publisher: GMT Games
Date: 2/13/2017 2:18:00 PM
Poster: Doug Holt
The Last Hundred Yards: Narrative of Mission 1.0 – Prayer Meeting

"From the start, the Germans maintained the initiative..." Bob Green recounts a tense replay of GMT Games' The Last Hundred Yards, with Germans trying to capture an American outpost. Not all goes as planned when they are "..unable to stop a single section from the German 1st Platoon from charging down the hill..."!
Grognard Challenge Time!

Date: 2/12/2017 9:00:00 AM
New Challenge Clues! Last Challenge Results!

See the graphic clues for the new Challenge (#799) for 12-Feb-2017 and the winners for the last Challenge (#798)
Game: Supremacy 2020

Publisher: Command Post Games
Date: 2/11/2017 9:15:00 AM
Poster: Mark D.
Speed Supremacy - Variant

These new variant rules dramatically speed up the game. All the economics are cut out and streamlined. It’s all boiled down to just attack and build! Shared by Marshall Barrington of Command Post Games...
Game: Assault - Tactical Combat in Europe: 1985

Series: Assault Series
Publisher: Game Designers Workshop (GDW)
Date: 2/11/2017 9:12:00 AM
Poster: Mark D.
Assault Page: U.S. Army Unit Data Cards

US Army Unit Data Cards are now available! Shared by Chris Selman.
Game: Tigers on the Hunt

Publisher: Matrix Games
Date: 2/10/2017 8:26:00 AM
Poster: Doug Holt
Review: Tigers on the Hunt: Kursk

"I found it a little disappointing not to see air power introduced..." Jeff Renaud reviews the new Kursk DLC for Matrix Games' Tigers on the Hunt. See why Jeff offers an equivocal "'Is it worth it, then?' to which I can answer a resounding 'Maybe'."
Game: Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea

Publisher: GMT Games
Date: 2/8/2017 9:35:00 AM
Poster: Doug Holt
“It’s a Cruel, Cruel World!” – A Replay of a Three-Player Game of Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea

"Pharaoh held on, if barely." Designer Mark McLaughlin recounts a rollicking game of his GMT Games' Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea. Rather than take a "nice guy" tack, the players chose to "...unleash hell on each other"!
Game: Grant Takes Command

Publisher: Multiman Publishing
Date: 2/6/2017 8:25:00 AM
Poster: Doug Holt
Board game frustration

"One always lives in hope that next time it will be different..." Prufrock bemoans a board wargame solitaire syndrome. Or maybe this is just an insightful way of posting his collection!
Game: Tank Duel: Enemy in the Crosshairs

Publisher: GMT Games
Date: 2/3/2017 9:45:00 AM
Poster: Doug Holt
Tank Tales #2: Ready, Aim, Fire!

"Mike saw an opportunity to put my tank at a disadvantage..." Jason Carr takes on designer Mike Bertucelli for an example of play in GMT Games' Tank Duel. Jason may be in trouble, but "...Tank Duel never leaves a crafty Commander without options."
Game: Red Storm

Series: Downtown
Publisher: GMT Games
Date: 2/1/2017 9:15:00 AM
Poster: Doug Holt
Red Storm Playtest AAR, Part 1

"I’m relying on the sheer quantity of missiles I can put in the sky every turn to overwhelm his forces." Doug Bush and his friend Chris Baer begin a playtest of Doug's GMT Games' Red Storm. Raid Planning is crucial, aided by a bit of psychology: "A few long-range SAMs on the map could encourage him to plot his raids exactly where I want them to go."
Game: Victory in Europe

Publisher: Columbia Games
Date: 1/31/2017 9:33:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
Victory in Europe - For Discriminating Gamers...

Great review of "Victory in Europe", published by Columbia Games. Outstanding video narrated by Cody, for the "Discriminating Gamer" web site. Covers all the salient points of the game and gives a good feel for game play. And he does it with a British accent that I don't believe is genuine. Nice touch, though...
Game: Panzer Battles Normandy

Publisher: John Tiller Software
Date: 1/30/2017 9:50:00 AM
Poster: Doug Holt
Review: Panzer Battles Normandy

Try a game that's " its best when you advance into ambush." Sean Couture reviews John Tiller Software's Panzer Battles Normandy, which has "...a huge plethora of scenarios...". Just don't play the AI with fog of war off, which " pointless and laughably easy".
Game: Napoleon 1806

Publisher: Dennis Sauvage
Date: 1/29/2017 6:05:00 PM
Poster: Ed Sommers
Designers of Napoleon 1806 (Interview)

Jim Owczarski puts on his "inteviewer" hat for the Grogheads blog and interviews the designer (Denis Sauvage) and developer (Julien Busson) of "Napoleon 1806", a new title from Shakos...
Game: Falling Sky: The Gallic Revolt Against Caesar

Series: COIN Series
Publisher: GMT Games
Date: 1/29/2017 6:00:00 PM
Poster: Ed Sommers
Falling Sky - Pure Wargaming Goodness (Armchair General)

The intrepid Rick Martin, writing for the "Armchair General" site, has high praise for "Falling Sky" a recent addition to GMT's COIN series...
Publisher: Gian Carlo Ceccoli

Date: 1/28/2017 1:57:00 PM
San Marino Gaming Convention - May 5 - 7, 2017

The San Marino Game Convention (May 5-7 2017) is a gathering of board game and war game players. It is open to anyone who wants to participate: experienced players, families, children, schools, etc. Free game demos for everyone! This convention is organized by the Association of San Marino Historical Games (ASGS) and will be held on May 5th, 6th and 7th of 2017 in the Palace Hotel in beautiful San Marino. Visit the convention web site for more information...
Game: Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain

Series: COIN Series
Publisher: GMT Games
Date: 1/27/2017 8:22:00 AM
Poster: Doug Holt
The Pendragon Chronicles – Vol. 6 – Settling Britain

What's the downside of a Settlement? Marc Gouyon-Rety points out that it is "...essential for [barbarians] to settle on the island itself to compete for a win..." in his GMT Games' Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain. Yet at the same time "Settlements also constitute liabilities for the barbarian factions..."
Game: Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear! - Russia 1941-1942

Publisher: Academy Games
Date: 1/26/2017 9:34:00 PM
Poster: Ed Sommers
Club Fantasci Review - Conflict of Heroes

Maurice Fitzgerald shares an excellent review of "Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear" on the Club Fantasci site. Conflict of Heroes is a series of games published by Academy Games.
Game: World of Warships

Date: 1/25/2017 8:39:00 AM
Poster: Doug Holt
(P)Review: World of Warships

"As in many tactical games and in real life, the greatest danger for a player is target fixation." James Cobb previews's World of Warships, a graphics-fest of a game. He finds the battles intense, "resembling rugby scrums", and answers the big question: "Is World of Warships a money sink?"
Game: Islamic State: Libya War

Publisher: One Small Step
Date: 1/23/2017 9:51:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
Islamic State: Libya War - Appearing on the Big Board

Kev Sharp, writing for his Big Board Gaming blog, takes us on a tour of "Islamic State: Libya War" (designed by Javier Romero and published by published in CounterFact Magazine #5). Kev provides a quick review, and a quick overview of how the first few turns might develop...
Game: Gulf Strike

Publisher: Victory Games
Date: 1/23/2017 8:31:00 AM
Poster: Doug Holt
Gulf Strike - Scenario 1: The Russians are Coming!

"It is turn 8 and this is the big enchilada now. WW3 starts this turn..." Brad continues his wild Scenario 1 odyssey in Victory Games' Gulf Strike, with his Iranians thrilled to have Russian support. "Done! Boom - that's what's it like to be a superpower, I guess."