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Grognard Challenge: map image 1
Grognard Challenge: Can you name this game?


The site will be undergoing some server changes over the next few weeks, so updates will be sporadic and the next Grognard Challenge will be posted on October 5th, 2014. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Game: Last Chance for Victory

Series: Line of Battle
Publisher: Multiman Publishing
Date: 23-Sep-2014
Enrico Viglino: Video Review and Replay
Somewhere in the vicinity of 20 hours of video, including intro, review and replay. Created by Enrico Viglino; hosted by the GamesOnTables site.
Game: Founding Fathers

Publisher: Rick Heli
Date: 23-Sep-2014
Enrico Viglino: Video Replay
But wait… there's more. There's actually a series of videos by Enrico Viglino for Founding Fathers, including a complete play-through (albeit solitaire).
Game: Age of Dante

Publisher: High Flying Dice Games
Date: 22-Sep-2014
Armchair General: Review
"I come not to bury High Flying Dice but to praise them", says Sean Stevenson, as he pens another solid review of this title from High Flying Dice Games.
Game: Founding Fathers

Publisher: Rick Heli
Date: 22-Sep-2014
Enrico Viglino: Video Review
An hour-long read through of the rules by Enrico Viglino. It's a tough game to review well without having played it a few times, but Enrico does a good job.
Game: The Great Northern War

Series: Fields of Battle
Publisher: The Historical Game Company
Date: 21-Sep-2014
GNW: Game and Magazine
Steve Kling, of The Historical Game Company, provides a closer look at "The Great Northern War" game, part of the "Fields of Battle" series (Volume 1). In addition, he's launching a companion magazine, GNW, also dedicated to the Great Northern War. Check out the ConSimWorld folder for GNW here.
Game: Campaign for North Africa

Publisher: SPI
Date: 21-Sep-2014
Michael Miller: Cyberboard Module & Support Forum
This group intends to play SPI's Campaign for North Africa via Cyberboard. Michael Miller's forum offers a very sophisticated set of play aids, digitized rules and charts, and has (hopefully) fixed the broken air game mechanics. Visit the forum and let them know if you're interested in getting involved.
Game: I Say, Holmes!

Publisher: Victory Point Games
Date: 18-Sep-2014
Publisher Info: 2nd Edition
The first edition of I Say, Holmes! was named one of Toys Bulletin's Best of 2013, and this new version features completely new custom art alongside custom-shaped, laser-cut counters. I've played the 1st edition many times and always found it enjoyable. Looking forward to the new edition.
Game: Russian Front

Publisher: Hunted Cow Studios
Date: 18-Sep-2014
Russian Front: Publisher Info
New from Hunted Cow Studios - Experience grand strategy across the entire theater of the Eastern Front of World War II; the military conflict that many consider to be the iconic attacker/defender scenario. Command massive armies at your fingertips, in this fully 3D turn-based simulation of one of the largest military campaigns in history.
Game: Mound Builders

Publisher: Victory Point Games
Date: 17-Sep-2014
Board Game Quest: Review
Detailed review by Brian Winters for the Board Game Quest blog. Brian covers all the bases and presents an informed opinion to boot. Good stuff.
Publisher: Ventonuovo Games

Date: 16-Sep-2014
Blocks in Africa Available for Pre-Order
The latest game in the "Blocks" series, Blocks in Africa, is available for pre-order starting today!
Game: Battle for Stalingrad

Publisher: Dan Verssen Games
Date: 15-Sep-2014
Armchair General: Review
Helpful review by Gerald Swick for Armchair General. Detailed review, some examples of play, and a fair statement of the pro's and con's (with a heavy bias toward the pro's) of this card game from Dan Verssen Games.
Game: War at Sea

Publisher: Avalon Hill
Date: 15-Sep-2014
Tracy Johnson: Counter Scan (TIFF)
Scan of counter sheet of AH "War at Sea" 2nd edition (1976). Counters were pushed back into the sprue without a model before scanning, so they are not in their original positions but the counter set is complete. Thanks to Tracy Johnson for sharing this counter sheet.
Game: The Great War at Sea: Mediterranean

Series: The Great War at Sea
Publisher: Avalanche Press
Date: 14-Sep-2014
The Boardgaming Life: Series Review
Paul Comben presents a detailed review of the Great War at Sea series published by Avalanche Press (for The Boardgaming Life).
Grognard Challenge Time!

Date: 14-Sep-2014
New Challenge Clues! Last Challenge Results!
See the graphic clues for the new (14-Sep-2014) Challenge and the winners for the last Challenge.
Game: Ancient Battle: Hannibal

Publisher: Hunted Cow Studios
Date: 13-Sep-2014
Grogheads: Review
Michael Eckenfels takes us on a nice guided tour of the iPad game Ancient Battle: Hannibal.
Game: Fire in the Lake

Publisher: GMT Games
Date: 13-Sep-2014
Marco Arnaudo: Video Review
Video review by Marco Arnaudo, covering GMT's latest game in the COIN series.
Game: Advanced Squad Leader: Starter Kit 1

Publisher: Multiman Publishing
Date: 11-Sep-2014
BattleSchool Blog SitRep: Background
Long and winding article about ASL SK. Thought you knew everything about the history of ASL SK? Think again. How do Gilligan's Island and a skinny John Candy with long hair fit into an article about ASL? You'll have to read it for yourself…
Game: Hammerin' Sickles: Longstreet Attacks at Gettysburg

Publisher: GMT Games
Date: 10-Sep-2014
Hermann Luttmann: Design Discussion
"And now for something completely different…", begins designer Hermann Luttmann, as he pens another informative article about his P500 Civil War title. Channeling Monty Python at the start of a wargame article is unique and unconventional, and that's precisely the point when it comes to this game. An excellent read.
Game: Sixth Fleet

Series: Fleet Series
Publisher: Victory Games
Date: 08-Sep-2014
The General: Scenarios for Sixth Fleet
"Across the Years" - Scenarios for Sixth Fleet. Scan of General article written by James E. Meldrum.
Game: Wildcatters

Publisher: RASS Games
Date: 08-Sep-2014
Hiew's Boardgame Blog: Review
Great review, as usual, from Hiew Chok Sien for his namesake blog.
Game: Hannibal: Rome and Carthage in The Second Punic War 219-202 B.C.

Publisher: Aulic Council Publishing Co
Date: 08-Sep-2014
Michael Sosa: BGG Review
Fair but critical review of this old game, but you can tell that review author Michael Sosa still holds out hope that it's fixable…
Game: Guadalcanal

Publisher: Avalon Hill
Date: 07-Sep-2014
Gilbert Collins: Video Review
Another outstanding review/tutorial video by Gilbert Collins. Please visit Gilbert's YouTube site and support him so he continues to create great content.
Game: Dawn of the Zeds

Publisher: Victory Point Games
Date: 06-Sep-2014
Stuka Joe: How-To (Video)
Outstanding extended example of play by Stuka Joe. Without a doubt, Stuka Joe's videos are the best out there. The production quality and content are always amazing. Watch this video, you'll see what I mean…
Game: Task Force

Publisher: SPI
Date: 04-Sep-2014
Gilbert Collins: Video Review
Excellent video review of this classic modern naval warfare game by Gilbert Collins. Task Force is a grognard favorite, although it could use a rules update and a bit of a facelift.
Game: Blood & Roses

Series: Men of Iron
Publisher: GMT Games
Date: 03-Sep-2014
Armchair General: Review
Rick Martin is back with another detailed review, this time about GMT's "Blood & Roses" game, for Armchair General. Quality review, as usual.



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