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Winter of Wargaming 2017 Wrapup - Podcast

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Three Moves Ahead, Episode #389 - Rob and Bruce wrap up this year's winter of wargaming by looking back at some of the games they played and some of the trends they've seen in the wargame space. From boutique games to the pros and cons of computer wargaming, they cover a wide array of topics on their favorite hobby. Does a narrow scope limit a game's design or does it open up new possibilities? How well can you really simulate a given scenario?

Notes on Games with Sequential Moves

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Paul Owen, writing for his Man Overboard blog, pens a fairly deep analysis of strategic games involving sequential moves (i.e. those in which each player's decision happens in the context of knowing opponents' previous decisions). This is actually the second post in a series exploring games of strategy, begun last month, that is co-authored by designers Aaron Honsowetz and Austin Smokowicz...

1066 Project (leading to the Battle of Hastings).

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William the Conqueror is coming! Norm, of Battlefields and Warriors, is designing using the accretive process, with the goal being a battle of Hastings game later this year. Follow his thoughts on figures, terrain and rules: "Oh Dear! To be both blessed and cursed by choice!"

Reflections on (another) McGill megagame

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This year's rules "...facilitated the sort of creative, emergent gameplay that is at the heart of a successful megagame." Rex Brynen of Paxsims gives an AAR on the War in Binni Megagame, held at McGill University on February 11th . Apparently the event was a great success, and had a strange twist: "Little did the players know that, hidden among the participants were a small group of secret cultists."

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The U.S. Civil War: Game Replay - Part 3

The 3rd and final session in the replay series, covering game turns 6 through 8, Summer and Fall of 1862. Harvey Mossman plays the Union and Mark D. the Confederates. Written by Mark D. for

The U.S. Civil War: Game Replay - Part 2

Continuing with the full campaign game of "The U.S. Civil War". We have completed 5 full turns, i.e. through the Spring 1862 turn, and the Confederates are still hanging in there. This is the second installment, penned by Mark D. for, which covers game turns 3, 4 and 5.

The U.S. Civil War: Game Replay - Part 1

We started a new campaign game of "The U.S. Civil War" last Sunday and I'm going to attempt to submit a brief replay summary each week. This first installment, penned by Mark D. for, covers the first two turns of the game (Summer 1861) No Safe Harbor Review

Mark D. pens a review of Paul Rohrbaugh's "No Safe Harbor: The Raid on Darwin", published by Against the Odds/LPS.

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Game: 1866: The Struggle for Supremacy in Germany

Publisher: Compass Games
Date: 4/14/2017 9:14:00 PM
Poster: Yannick Stoneage
Stuka Joe: Unboxing of 1866: The Struggle for Supremacy in Germany

Stuka Joe produces an "unboxing" video for Compass Games recent title "1866: The Struggle for Supremacy in Germany". Normally, I'm not a fan of "unboxing" videos, but Joe always makes it interesting...
Game: Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea

Publisher: GMT Games
Date: 4/14/2017 8:33:00 AM
Poster: Doug Holt
Solitaire Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea (Part 1 of 2)

"The Mycenaeans can be tough customers indeed!" Designer Mark McLaughlin walks us through a solitaire scenario of his GMT Games' Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea. Mark points out that solitaire play is "an intrinsic part of the design", so get ready for some "Competition"!
Game: Scourge of War: Wavre

Series: Scourge of War
Publisher: Matrix Games
Date: 4/12/2017 8:46:00 AM
Poster: Doug Holt
Review: Scourge of War: Wavre

Try out the "HITS (Headquarters in the Saddle) switch." Colonel (Retired) Bill Gray reviews the pleasures he finds in Matrix Games' Scourge of War: Wavre. The Colonel likes how it plays, and he definitely likes the graphics: "…I actually use this game as templates for painting my own tabletop buildings, so color me impressed."
Game: American Revolution: Decision in North America

Publisher: Decision Games
Date: 4/10/2017 9:23:00 AM
Poster: Doug Holt
The American Revolution Board Game Review

"The game plays beautifully and really seems to capture the feel of both the combat and politics of the time period." Rick Martin reviews Decision Games' American Revolution: Decision in North America with glowing words. But there's a fly in the ointment. See why he only gave the game an Armchair General Rating of 83%…
Game: La Bataille Series

Series: La Bataille Series
Publisher: Clash of Arms
Date: 4/9/2017 6:59:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
"La Bataille" Considered - by Jeff Capuano

Very interesting video produced by Jeff Capuano. Sure to be of great interest to fans of the La Bataille series. This is the first in a planned series of presentations on the La Bataille board wargame system. "These are not tutorials; more like a series of examinations of the system by an awful but thoughtful player."
Game: Combat Infantry: World War II Tactical Combat

Publisher: Columbia Games
Date: 4/9/2017 6:52:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
Combat Infantry - Columbia Games - Now on Kickstarter!

"There have been many squad level games published over the past 40 years, but Combat Infantry is really different. The rules are just 12 pages long, but you will find their depth of play remarkable." Check out the latest design from Columbia Games now on Kickstarter!
Game: Battle of the Little Bighorn

Series: Indian Wars of the American West Series
Publisher: Legion Wargames
Date: 4/8/2017 7:12:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
Battle of Little Bighorn - Gilbert Collins Video Review

High quality production and content, as usual, from Gilbert Collins. Gilbert continues to focus on games of the Indian Wars of the American West series, now published by Legion Wargames...
Game: The Last Hundred Yards

Publisher: GMT Games
Date: 4/7/2017 10:03:00 AM
Poster: Doug Holt
Why We Do What We Do in LHY: Mortars

"As it was historically, mortar fire is the single most powerful element in The Last Hundred Yards." Designer Mike Denson explains the role and use of mortars in his GMT Games' The Last Hundred Yards, a post-D-Day tactical simulation. Devastating, Mike points out, because "...there is NO incoming sound, so no warning to take cover..."
Game: Assault - Tactical Combat in Europe: 1985

Series: Assault Series
Publisher: Game Designers Workshop (GDW)
Date: 4/4/2017 7:12:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
Assault Page: The New Polish Army

The new Polish Army moves north towards Hamburg. The latest in a series of "Assault" variants shared by Chris Selman.
Game: Proud Monster

Publisher: XTR
Date: 4/4/2017 6:49:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
Proud Monster - Review/Replay by Lou Coatney

Lou Coatney describes a recent play session of "Proud Monster" with gaming buddy Fred. Part review, part analysis, part replay... it's a good read for players curious about the game. After a 9-hour session, Lou has a lot to say...
Game: Bloody Monday: Napoleon at the Gates of Moscow

Publisher: Vento Nuovo Games
Date: 4/4/2017 4:35:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
The Tuesday Interview – Bloody Monday with Ventonuovo

"For his second run into the 19th Century, designer Emanuele Santandrea has chosen to have a go at Borodino, the climactic struggle between Napoleon and the Emperor of Russia that in many ways ended the First Empire. The game, Bloody Monday, Napoleon at the Gates of Moscow, has already hit its Kickstarter funding goal, so it was particularly nice of him to answer a few questions about his design philosophy, why Borodino, and the difference between Goretex and Magnatex." (paraphrased from the Grogheads interview article...)
Game: Bloody Monday: Napoleon at the Gates of Moscow

Publisher: Vento Nuovo Games
Date: 4/3/2017 10:35:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
Bloody Monday! Game Replay

Emanuele (designer) and Luca square off for one hour of gaming with VentoNuovo's Bloody Monday!. Interesting replay, well illustrated; gives a decent feel for the flow of the game. This replay was brought to my attention by Kev Sharp at the Big Board Gaming blog. Kev has always got something interesting going on, so you should made Big Board a regular stop in your web browsing sessions...
Game: No Retreat: The Russian Front

Publisher: GMT Games
Date: 4/3/2017 10:23:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
No Retreat! The Russian Front - Video Review

Check out initial thoughts of Grant and Alexander of the Players Aid blog, after their first play of "No Retreat! The Russian Front". They thought the game was fun, well designed and the rules were easy enough to pick up. One thing that they really liked and would like to explore more is the use of counter blows...
Game: Ships of the Line: Trafalgar 1805

Publisher: Trafalgar Editions
Date: 4/3/2017 9:48:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
Ships of the Line: Trafalgar Part 2

Part two of a review of Trafalgar Editions’ game of Nelson’s Epic Battle. Written by Paul Comben for The Boardgaming Life. Trafalgar has a range of advanced and optional rules designed to add a higher level of detail to the process of an engagement in the Age of Sail. In this article, Paul focuses on additional procedures where there is a significant change to proceedings compared to the relatively simple “move and fight” nature of the basic rules...
Game: Conquest of Paradise

Publisher: GMT Games
Date: 4/3/2017 2:55:00 PM
Poster: Doug Holt
“This Must Be Just Like Living in Paradise…” Review of GMT’s Board Game – Conquest of Paradise

"Failed Basic: None. This game is almost perfect." Ray Garbee finds a lot to like in his review of GMT Games' Conquest of Paradise - 2nd Edition. See why he gives it an Armchair General 95% rating, in part because "…it ensures that no two games will ever be the same."
Game: Target for Today: Bombers Over the Reich, 1942-45

Publisher: Legion Wargames
Date: 3/31/2017 10:21:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
Target for Today: On Sale from Legion Wargames!

Target for Today is a solitaire game that recreates American's Daylight Strategic Bombing Campaign against Nazi Occupied Europe during the Second World War. Considerable research, including review of many oral histories gathered from veterans who flew heavy bombers in the Daylight Strategic Bombing Campaign was done to make Target For Today! function as closely as possible to reality. The game was designed to provide YOU, the player with the ultimate gaming experience depicting the same types of events and decision making processes experienced by our veterans who flew the real-life missions. Order your copy now...
Game: Red Typhoon: The Soviet Winter Counter-Offensive, 1942

Publisher: Revolution Games
Date: 3/31/2017 10:11:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
Red Typhoon: Shipping in April

RED TYPHOON is a redesign by Revolution Games of the fourth game of the popular PANZER KORPS series; originally published by Command Magazine Japan. Red Typhoon simulates the early 1942 Russian counter-offensive in front of Moscow that almost destroyed Army Group Center. Can you as the Soviet player complete the destruction or can you as the German player survive the Soviet onslaught. Order now for shipment in late April...
Game: Patriot Battles

Publisher: Digital Gameworks
Date: 3/31/2017 9:27:00 AM
Poster: Doug Holt
Review: Patriot Battles

"...part of the combat system that I'm not a fan of is the map size..." Jean Marciniak sound a bit disappointed when reviewing Digital Gameworks' Patriot Battles. Is it just a matter of expectations leading him to conclude "…there are so many great games from Digital Gameworks that coming across an average one was bound to happen eventually."?
Game: Blood in the Fog

Publisher: Hollandspiele
Date: 3/30/2017 10:22:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
Fun Game Set in an Under-Served War...

Brief, but worthy review, written by Lang Jones on BGG. Lang is 100% correct: how many Crimean War games have you played lately? I think it's lack of supply, not lack of demand...
Game: Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain

Series: COIN Series
Publisher: GMT Games
Date: 3/29/2017 1:04:00 PM
Poster: Doug Holt
The Pendragon Chronicles – Vol. 7 – Control, Population and Prosperity

Ravage or Rule? Marc Gouyon-Rety considers the differing goals faced by barbarians and "Civitates" in his GMT Games' Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain. Just how do you get those “Prosperity cubes“?
Game: Third World War

Series: Third World War Series
Publisher: Game Designers Workshop (GDW)
Date: 3/27/2017 8:55:00 AM
Poster: Doug Holt
The Third World War – Persian Gulf

"… I can see why TWW is well-regarded." Ty Snouffer posts some nice shots of the fun he had playing the Persian Gulf module of GDW’s Third World War Series. Sounds like a great weekend!
Game: Genesis: Empires and Kingdoms of the Ancient Middle East

Publisher: GMT Games
Date: 3/26/2017 6:07:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
Genesis: Military Variants

Chris Salander shares some military variants for GMT's "Genesis", for the purpose of bringing some balance to the game...
Game: The Battle of Rosebud Creek

Publisher: Legion Wargames
Date: 3/26/2017 4:56:00 PM
Poster: Ed Sommers
The Battle of Rosebud Creek - Gilbert Collins Review

A brief look at this second volume in the "Indian Wars of the American West" from Designer Michael Taylor and published by Legion WarGames. Video produced by Gilbert Collins for his YouTube channel...
Game: 7th Cavalry

Publisher: Attack Wargaming
Date: 3/26/2017 4:48:00 PM
Poster: Ed Sommers
7th Cavalry - An Obscure Review

Leave it to Gilbert Collins to find such an obscure, and interesting, game about the 7th Cavalry during the "Indian Wars" of the late 19th century. Apparently Gilbert is on a Indian Wars kick lately (see his review of "The Battle of Rosebud Creek" also)...
Grognard Challenge Extra - Mystery Game?

Date: 3/26/2017 1:00:00 PM
Grognard Challenge Extra - Mystery Game?

Can you guess the game that the pictured counters belong to? It's not technically a Grognard Challenge, because the answer is not known! It's more of a Grognard Mystery Game. Please take a look at the linked document and image and let us know if you have any idea at all where these game counters come from... (Mystery counters shared by Robert Dickerson)