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Issue 1, February 1997

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Welcome to the premier issue of The Web Wargamer, the web-zine with a game in it!

This issue's game is on the Battle of Cowpens, which took place during the American War of Independence. It is one of a series of four games, going under the title of American Legions. The other three games will be published in future issues. To play the Cowpens game you will need to print the rules and charts for American Legions as well as the rules, map and charts for Cowpens. To find out more about the game, be sure to read the American Legions designer's notes, by Mike Joslyn.

We hope you like the Cowpens game. There is a feedback questionnaire for this issue so that you can tell us what you think. If that is not enough there is also the Firing Line, a general comment form.

Planned for the the next issue is a strategic level game on the Barbarian invasions of Roman Britain in 367 AD. Issue 2 should be out later in the year: watch out for annnouncements on Consim-l,, and the Virtual Wargamer Discussion Board

Issue 1: American Legions: The Battle of Cowpens

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