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Issue 1, February 1997

Departments: Issue Feedback

Please answer the following questions. They have been designed to be quick and easy to answer. All responses will be anonymised. Your response will help us to develop The Web Wargamer further. Thank you in advance for your time.

Section A

For each question please choose the most appropriate response

1. What is your age?
under 21 21-30 31-40 41-50 51 and over

2. How long have you been playing wargames?
less than a year 1 to 5 years 6 to 10 years 11 to 20 years over 20 years Do not play wargames

3. Where are you accessing The Web Wargamer from?
Own machine at work
Own machine at home
Own machine at home and work
Shared machine at work/college/school
Shared machine in a public location
Some other location

4. What web browser are you using?
Netscape Navigator v4.x
Netscape Navigator v3.x
Netscape Navigator v2.x
Netscape Navigator v1.x
MS Internet Explorer v3.x
MS Internet Explorer v2.x
MS Internet Explorer v1.x

5. What is the best type of printer you have access to?
Color laser B&W laser Color inkjet B&W inkjet Other None

6. Where did you first find out about The Web Wargamer?
Recommended by a friend
Followed a link from a web page
E-mail list or newsgroup
From a search engine
Saw it mentioned in print

7. What is your opinion of this issue of The Web Wargamer overall?
Very poor Poor Average Good Very good No opinion

8. What is your opinion of the Cowpens game in this issue?
Very poor Poor Average Good Very good Have not played it

9. Will you browse the next issue of The Web Wargamer?
Yes Possibly No

10. How much would you pay for a game in The Web Wargamer?
Up to 5 US dollars
6-10 US dollars
11-20 US dollars
Over 20 US dollars
Would not pay

Thanks for filling in Section A! You can if you want go on to Section B which asks you to rate certain wargames.

If you have any comments of a general nature you want to make about Issue 1 then please use the Firing Line page.

Issue 1: American Legions: The Battle of Cowpens

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