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Latest Grognard Updates

Game Image Game/Publisher Article Info
Game: Mud, Blood and Steel: The Battle of Hoveyzeh, January 1981

Publisher: High Flying Dice Games
Date: 9/16/2019 5:12:00 AM
Poster: Doug Holt
Mud, Blood & Steel: The Battle of Hoveyzeh Review
"You have to carefully decide whether or not it is worth bringing aboard reinforcements." David Lent, in the Centurion's Review blog, checks out High Flying Dice Games' Mud, Blood & Steel: The Battle of Hoveyzeh, which covers action in the Iran/Iraq war of the '80s. See why David reaches the conclusion that "This game felt way too variable to me."
Grognard Challenge Time!

Date: 9/15/2019 7:05:00 PM
New Challenge Clues! Last Challenge Results!
See the graphic clues for the new Challenge (#934) for 15-Sep-2019 and the winners for the last Challenge (#933).
Game: Time of Crisis

Publisher: GMT Games
Date: 9/15/2019
Poster: Harvey Mossman
Time of Crisis using Bots
If you don't have enough players, The Boardgames Chronicle, lets you know how GMT's Time of Crisis plays with Bots
Game: Fighting Eagles

Publisher: High Flying Dice Games
Date: 9/14/2019 11:44:00 AM
Poster: Mark D.
Armchair General Review of "Fighting Eagles"
“Fight on and fly on to the last drop of blood and the last drop of fuel, to the last beat of the heart.” ― Baron Manfred von Richthofen

Review of Fighting Eagles written by Rick Martin for "Armchair General".
Game: The Naval War Game

Publisher: Bill Leeson
Date: 9/14/2019 10:05:00 AM
Poster: Pat L.
Simulating Gunfire in Naval Wargames: Fred Jane and Fletcher Platt
Bob Cordery on his Wargaming Miscellany blog presents a comparison between Fred Jane’s original rules and Fletcher Platt’s revised rules for Jane’s “The Naval War Game”. Starting with a vintage picture of player’s in action, Cordery explains the action and includes interesting illustrations to explain and critique the differences between the games.
Game: The Last Hundred Yards

Publisher: GMT Games
Date: 9/13/2019 4:55:00 AM
Poster: Mark D.
Design Considerations for Opportunity Fire in the Last Hundred Yards
Mike Denson wants to allow "…players to focus on fire and maneuver and tactics without getting bogged down in the details." That was a major objective in designing his GMT Games' Last Hundred Yards, a World War II tactical game. Mike offers some insights on how he went about giving "…players the feeling or sensation that actions are occurring simultaneously."
Game: Front Toward Enemy

Publisher: Multi-Man Publishing
Date: 9/12/2019 5:00:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
Front Toward Enemy from MMP - Unboxing
Unboxing video produced by Moe's Game Table.
Game: No Retreat: The Russian Front

Publisher: GMT Games
Date: 9/11/2019 5:16:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
No Retreat – USSR wins barely Barbarossa scenario
"What follows is a brief photo session report from a very exciting and dramatic play-through." The Boardgames Chronicle offers a nice photo recap of a scenario replay in GMT Games' No Retreat - Russian Front. How did the Soviets win after it "Seems like a preparation for a final push…"?
Game: Neuschwabenland

Publisher: Tiny Battle Publishing
Date: 9/9/2019 5:05:00 AM
Poster: Doug Holt
Neuschwabenland Review by David Lent
"I wish more game designers would do that." David Lent, in the Centurion's Review blog, reviews Tiny Battle Publishing's Neuschwabenland, a tactical science-fiction game pitting World War II era German troops against aliens (in Antarctica, no less)! Check out David's tip on how the "…German infantry can give them a taste of their own medicine…".
Game: Little Wars

Publisher: H.G.Wells
Date: 9/8/2019 8:24:00 AM
Poster: Pat L.
How To Play Little Wars, by H. G. Wells
”kingbirdy” provides concise and detailed instructions to play Little Battles by H. G. Wells. This miniatures gem from 1913 allows players to simulate pre-World War I era battles. The instructions include links to Well’s original book, equipment needed, and several illustrations. Step 7 includes a link to an illustrated after action report for the Battle of Hook’s Farm.
Game: Salem Church: East of Chancellorsville

Series: Musket & Saber
Publisher: Decision Games
Date: 9/7/2019 8:30:00 PM
Poster: Mark D.
12mm Black Powder Conversion for Salem Church scenario
This post, written by Norm Smith for his Battlefields & Warriors blog, looks at converting this small slice of Decision Games hex and counter original game to a Black Powder figure game. Conversion notes, a downloadable scenario that just uses a 3’ x 3’ table and AAR highlights included.
Game: Gulf Strike

Publisher: Victory Games
Date: 9/6/2019 7:23:00 AM
Poster: Harvey Mossman
Airpower Strategy for Victory Games' Gulf Strike
In Scenario 1 of Gulf Strike (VG, 1983), the Iranians are set to invade the Gulf Council States. With the US presence in the area growing more powerful each turn, Iran has to move very quickly to gain control over and consolidate its hold on the Straits of Hormuz. Time is of the essence and an Iranian player who does not move quickly will almost certainly lose the game. Brad from Hexsides & Hand Grenades presents a well thought out strategy using airpower to achieve the Iranian goals.
Game: Robin Hood

Publisher: Worthington Games
Date: 9/6/2019 6:30:00 AM
Poster: Mark D.
Robin Hood: A Marco Review
Nice video review of Robin Hood by Worthington Publishing by Marco Arnaudo.
Game: Commands & Colors: Medieval

Series: Commands & Colors
Publisher: GMT Games
Date: 9/6/2019 6:15:00 AM
Poster: Mark D.
Commands & Colors: Medieval Player's Aid (PDF)
Alejandro Calle offers a player's aid for GMT Games' Commands & Colors: Medieval, which includes interactions between units. Thanks Alejandro!
Game: Dien Bien Phu: The Final Gamble

Publisher: Legion Wargames
Date: 9/5/2019 9:00:00 AM
Poster: Mark D.
Dien Bien Phu - Unboxing Video
Unboxing video produced by Moe's Game Table.
Game: Sixth Fleet

Series: Fleet Series
Publisher: Victory Games
Date: 9/5/2019 7:00:00 AM
Poster: Mark D.
Sixth Fleet: ASW in the Med
Brief after-action report of Scenario 1 from Victory Games’ 1986 classic, "Sixth Fleet" designed by Joe Balkoski. This is a simple short scenario with clear objectives: sink the other guy’s subs before the end of Turn 9. Article shared by Brad Smith on his outstanding (and newly redesigned) Hexsides & Hand Grenades blog.
Game: Wolfpack

Publisher: SPI
Date: 9/5/2019 6:00:00 AM
Poster: Mark D.
Wolfpack - Gilbert Collins Review
Outstanding video review (as usual) by Gilbert Collins, covering the old SPI title "Wolfpack".
Game: Lost Provinces

Publisher: Hollandspiele
Date: 9/5/2019 5:40:00 AM
Poster: Harvey Mossman
Moe's Game Table Review Of The Lost Provinces
Moe's Game Table gives an excellent video review of Hollandspiele's game on Thailand's attempt to regain Lost Provinces from Vichy France during World War II. Designer John Gorkowski provides some unique mechanics to simulate this little known campaign
Game: Fields of Fire

Publisher: GMT Games
Date: 9/4/2019 10:48:00 AM
Poster: Harvey Mossman
Tactical Genius: A Look at Fields of Fire
Excellent review of GMT's Tactical solitaire World War II combat game and its place among other WWII tactical games. Written for the WargameHQ blog.
Game: Blitzkrieg Commander IV

Series: Blitzkrieg Commander
Publisher: Pendraken Miniatures
Date: 9/4/2019 4:58:00 AM
Poster: Doug Holt
10mm Pendraken U.S. 1944 forces - a starter army.
Here's some experienced how to on moving your miniatures "…from raw lead to completed game pieces." Norm Smith, in his Battlefields & Warriors blog, discusses his prep work with a batch of Pendraken Miniatures figures. Looks sharp Norm! "…the Americans are ready to take their place in the fields around St. Lo."
Game: Saigon 75

Series: Under Pressure
Publisher: Nuts! Publishing
Date: 9/3/2019 7:52:00 PM
Poster: Harvey Mossman
Playthrough of Nuts! Publishing's "Saigon 75"
Link to latest video by Homo Ludens, dedicated to "Saigon 75", currently on Kickstarter. Competitors are Jean-Philippe Barcus & Pascal Toupy. "Saigon 75" is a wargame about the end of the Vietnam war (73 to 75), introducing a new beginner friendly series: Under Pressure. This video will give you an overview of gameplay to make up your mind for the Kickstarter campaign.
Game: Commands & Colors: Medieval

Series: Commands & Colors
Publisher: GMT Games
Date: 9/3/2019 8:00:00 AM
Poster: Mark D.
Commands and Colors: Medieval vs Ancients Comparison – Part 2 – Minor Changes
Link to second article in the series comparing newest installment of Commands & Colors - Medieval and its natural predecessor - Ancients. Have a great read! Article written by our friends at the Boardgames Chronicle blog.
Anyone Have a Copy of
The General Volume #3, Issue #1?

Date: 9/2/2019 9:30:00 AM
Looking for hard copy of The General magazine, Volume #3, Issue #1

Does anyone have an original hard copy of The General Magazine, Volume #3, Issue #1 that they'd be willing to part with? If so, please respond via email to mark at Thanks.
Game: Churchill

Publisher: GMT Games
Date: 9/2/2019 8:00:00 AM
Poster: Mark D.
Churchill - Playing Short Scenario
Lately I was coming back pretty regularly to "Churchill" – my favorite 3-player game. That position landed on our table pretty often and everything started two years ago with one session. It never got properly published so today it is time to fix it…
Game: Falling Sky: The Gallic Revolt Against Caesar

Series: COIN Series
Publisher: GMT Games
Date: 9/2/2019 6:23:00 AM
Poster: Doug Holt
Falling Sky Session Report: “The Great Revolt” Scenario
" of the most volatile Falling Sky games I have played so far." Michal, of The Boardgames Chronicle, enjoys a rollicking play of The Great Revolt scenario in GMT Games' Falling Sky: The Gallic Revolt Against Caesar. Michal goes "…from the enthusiasm of defeating Vercingetorix to the despair of losing half of my army…". So did he win or lose?

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