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Game: Commands & Colors: Medieval

Publisher: GMT Games
Article ID: 8 Date: 9/30/2019 5:24:00 AM Belisarius Campaign – Part 3 – Dara (530 AD)
"Dara is an interesting, asymmetric scenario which can finish in any side gaining victory…". Michal, writing in The Boardgames Chronicle, covers a couple of intense replays of the Dara (530 AD) scenario in GMT Games' Commands & Colors: Medieval. And, like the saying goes, it ain't over till it's over: "The most astounding thing happened at the end of the game."
Article ID: 7 Date: 9/17/2019 Boardgames Chronical Reviews Commands & Colors: Medieval
A concise review of GMT's Commands & Colors: Medieval by the Boardgames Chronicle
Article ID: 6 Date: 9/6/2019 6:15:00 AM Commands & Colors: Medieval Player's Aid (PDF)
Alejandro Calle offers a player's aid for GMT Games' Commands & Colors: Medieval, which includes interactions between units. Thanks Alejandro!
Article ID: 5 Date: 9/3/2019 8:00:00 AM Commands and Colors: Medieval vs Ancients Comparison – Part 2 – Minor Changes
Link to second article in the series comparing newest installment of Commands & Colors - Medieval and its natural predecessor - Ancients. Have a great read! Article written by our friends at the Boardgames Chronicle blog.
Article ID: 4 Date: 8/14/2019 5:37:00 AM Commands and Colors: Medieval vs Ancients Comparison Part 1: Major Changes
What are "Inspired Actions"? A first article by The Boardgames Chronicle examines how GMT Games' Commands & Colors: Medieval differs from its predecessor, Commands & Colors: Ancients. The "Major Changes" include some surprises: "Who would dream in C&C: Ancients about charging headlong into a supported Auxilia and surviving…".
Article ID: 3 Date: 8/7/2019 6:12:00 PM Commands and Colors: Medieval vs Ancients Comparison – Part 1 – Major Changes
As an ardent fan of the "Commands & Colors" system - especially "Ancients", I awaited "Medieval" version with great anticipation. New installments definitely do not disappoints. I am sure it will for long time stay as one of more played games by me. Today I would like to share with you first article in series regarding the differences between both games, i.e. Medieval vs. Ancients. Have a great read!
Article ID: 2 Date: 6/27/2019 4:00:00 AM Session Report - 004 Thannuris – 528 AD
The good folks at The Board Games Chronicle follow up their unboxing video with a session report from play of the Thannuris-528AD scenario. Gotta love a good session report...
Article ID: 1 Date: 6/13/2019 5:00:00 AM Unboxing / New Release
"I am a big Commands & Colors Ancients fan and this is definitely the best light-wargame I have ever played. When I heard that its logical continuation focusing on the early Medieval period (Byzantine vs Sassanids) - was next from GMT, I knew I had to have the game." Unboxing video by the good gamers at Boardgames Chronicle.

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