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Grognard Challenge: map image 1


'Grognard' is slang for someone who likes playing wargames. '' therefore has a unique collection of various conflict simulation game (i.e. wargame) information, including (but not limited to) rules errata and variants, game reviews and links to relevant web sites. The emphasis is on board wargames, but miniatures, computer and card-based wargames are also covered. Many hundreds of games are covered here. Updates for normally appear each Sunday. This site depends on submissions for new material, so please contribute if you can.

With each Update runs a competition known as the Grognard Challenge which is to identify the wargame shown on this page from its map and units (there are two map sections and two sets of units). There are no prizes, :-( but the first person to email the answer will get their name in a winners list. See who came where in the last Challenge. As a warm up you can try past challenges.

If you know little or nothing about board wargaming or want to know more about this site please consult the Web Grognards Frequently Asked Questions page. This site uses many acronyms unfamiliar to those outside the board wargaming hobby: here is a glossary with explanations and another glossary with German as well as English definitions. An Analysis of Top Wargames, 1958-2008 (PDF, 7Mb), based on data from Boardgamegeek, is a useful guide to the hobby. 

Jim Dunnigan's book The Complete Wargames Handbook is also a good introduction, albeit dated. Also dated but still useful is the SPI Introduction to War Gaming (PDF file, 20mb).  Video resourcs are a TV story on board wargaming featuring CABS (Columbus Area Boardgaming Society), a promotional film for board wargaming made by SPI in the 1970s and a film about The Sentry Box game store in Calgary. Finally, the British fanzine The Phoenix covers the SPI era in detail.

The book 'Simulating War', by Professor Philip Sabin of Kings College London, is recomended as it "sets wargaming in the context of established scholarly techniques such as mathematical modelling, operational research, game theory and role playing, and explains how it unites all of these approaches in a synergistic whole". Other textbooks for game designers are Designing Modern Strategy Games and Modern Perspectives on game design, both by George Phillies and  Tom Vasel. Finally, The Grog News blog is a useful source source of news relating games to reality.

For two free board wargames to print and play try First Blood and Battle for Moscow.

For all the latest news and views on board wargaming see Consimworld, in particular its Forward Observer Tumblr feed, Discussion Forums and Social Networking sections.It has an archive.

Thanks are due to Jonathan Arnold who runs The Wargamer site which hosts large files for us.

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Wargames | Wargaming Magazines | Wargaming Hobby | Links

Wargames | Wargaming Magazines | Wargaming Hobby | Links

Grognard Challenge: units image 1

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Grognard Challenge: units image 2


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