Board wargames published in 2011

See the Key below for subject catogories.

Alan Poulter [email protected]

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[DTP] = Desktop-published game

 [<1816] = Ancient to Napoleonic era game
 [1816-1939] = Post-Napoleonic to Pre-World War Two era game
[WW2] = World War Two era game
[>1945]=Post-World War Two era game
[SF-Fan]=Science-Fiction or Fantasy topic game

CHANGES 1.0->1.1

A Mighty Fortress (reprint)  [<1816]
Axis Empires: Dai Senso!  [WW2]
Axis Empires: Totaler Krieg! [WW2]
The Conquerers (reprint) [<1816] Removed as not published in 2011:  
MMP: Kawaguchi's Gamble: Edson's Ridge [WW2]
MMP: Kingdom of Heaven: The Crusader States 1097-1291 AD [<1816]
MMP: No Question Of Surrender [WW2]
Academy Games: Conflict of Heroes: Guadalcanal [1816-1939]
Mersa Matruh [WW2] [DTP]
Avalanche: Hearts of Iron [1816-1939] 

Removed as not wargames:
Z-Man: The Ares Project
Alderac: Nightfall [SF-Fan]
Alderac: Nightfall: Blood Country [SF-Fan]
Alderac: Nightfall: Martial Law [SF-Fan]
Alderac:  Thunderstone: Dragonspire  [SF-Fan]
Alderac: Thunderstone: Thornwood Siege  [SF-Fan]
Zombie State Games : Zombie State: Diplomacy of the Dead [SF-Fan]
Z-Man : Lords of Scotland

MMP: Raphia [<1816]
MMP: Savage Streets  [WW2]
Games Journal:  #38: Shizugatake Campaign  [<1816]
Games Journal: #39: Storm over Pearl Harbor [WW2]
Games Journal: #40: Mukden 1910
Mayfair Games: Test of Fire: Bull Run 1861 [1816-1939]
#102 of VaeVictis, containing #102 of VaeVictis, containing "Les Maréchaux, Portugal Campaigns 1808-1809"

CHANGES 1.1->1.2

Decision Games : A Mighty Fortress (reprint)  [<1816]
Decision Games :The Conquerers (reprint) [<1816]
Against the Odds magazine : 30c: A Dash of Peiper [WW2]
Against the Odds magazine : 31b: The Bagged Peiper [WW2]
Against the Odds magazine : 32b: #32b: Just a Peiper Dream [WW2]
Against the Odds magazine :33b: Bloody Hunlikely! [<1816]
Campaign Study #3a: Bradley's D-Day [WW2]
Campaign Study #3b: War with a Vengeance! - The V-1 Campaign June
and July 1944 [WW2]
Four Roads to Moscow Annual 2010a: Codeword Barbarossa [WW2]
Four Roads to Moscow Annual 2010b: Hitler Turns East [WW2]
 Four Roads to Moscow Annual 2010c: Strike the Bear [WW2]
Four Roads to Moscow Annual 2010d: Slaughterhouse [WW2]

CHANGES 1.2->1.3

Blood, Steel and Sand: The First Battle of El Alamein [WW2][DTP]
Breaking Into Valhalla  (revised edition) [WW2][DTP]
Blitzkrieg Challenged: The Battle of Dinant [WW2][DTP]
A Clash of Lions : Battle of Giradi Pass [>1945][DTP]
Fox's Gambit: The Gazala Campaign [WW2][DTP]
St. George's Valor: The Raid on Zeebrugge (revised edition) [WW2][DTP]

Possible additions:
Fifth Column Games: Codeword Cromwell: The German Invasion of England: 8th June 1940