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Command was published by XTR. It is no longer available for subscription. Back copies may be obtained from specialist shops/dealers/etc. Command and XTR had web sites with descriptions, errata etc for Command games. Capsule reviews of most issue games and a list of issues containing errata and variant counters (Word file) are available. The Magazine Game Pocket Review Project covers Command games.
  1. Blitzkrieg '41
  2. Sunrise of Victory
  3. Samurai Sunset
  4. Lion of Ethiopia
  5. Hamburger Hill / Operation Solace (Vietnam)
  6. Krim: Von Manstein in the Crimea
  7. Kadesh
  8. Jutland
  9. Inchon: MacArthur's Gambit
  10. Alexandros
  11. Hougomont: Rock of Waterloo
  12. Chaco
  13. Desert Storm: The Mother of All Battles
  14. Victory at Midway
  15. I am Spartacus
  16. 1918: Storm in the West
  17. Gettysburg
  18. Tet '68
  19. Port Arthur (+major Plan 1919 variant for issue 16)
  20. Cortes: Conquest of the Aztec Empire
  21. Blood & Iron (Koniggratz 1866)
  22. Antietam
  23. Shogun Triumphant (Sekigahara)
  24. Czechoslovakia '38
  25. When Eagles Fight (WWI East Front)
  26. When Tigers Fight (China/Burma 1944)
  27. Proud Monster (Barbarossa) (Mini-Monster)
  28. Like Lions They Fought
  29. 1914: Glory's End
  30. Across the Potomac
  31. Budapest '45
  32. Bunker Hill
  33. The Great War in Europe (Mini-Monster)
  34. Death and Destruction (expands issue 27) / Rommel at Gazala
  35. Mason-Dixon/Balkan Hell
  36. SS Panzer
  37. Mukden/ The Moscow Option: Guderian's Gambit (magazine review)
  38. The Great War in the Near East (expands issue 33)
  39. Strike North: Scandinavia in WW2/Hoorah! The Battle of Pittsburgh (ACW alt hist)
  40. The Battle of Buena Vista/Moscow Burning
  41. Wave of Terror: The Battle of the Bulge (Mini-Monster)
  42. Hell Before Midnight: The Battle of Shiloh/Blitzkrieg 1940 (France & BeNeLux)
  43. Chattanooga
  44. Second Front Now (ViN system)/The Alamo
  45. Operation Sea Lion/Yarmuk
  46. End of Empire
  47. Attila: Scourge o' God/Perfidious Albion
  48. Tomorrow the World, 2nd Ed. (Mini-Monster)
  49. Warmaster Chess 2000
  50. Back to Iraq (2nd ed.)
  51. The Fire Next Time: The Next India-Pakistan War
  52. The Battle of Grunwald, 1410
  53. Iron Dream: The War in Russia,1941-42
  54. When Dragons Fight


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