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Players' Aid - Best 3 Games with Chit-Pull Activation!

Spotlight Article Graphic

It's about time that someone compiled a Top 3 List for Chit-Pull activation games. Thanks to The Players' Aid for providing such a list for our review, and agreement... or not...

Poster: Mark D.
Post Date: 2/24/2020

The Best Free Miniature Wargame Rules

Spotlight Article Graphic

"Admittedly, sometimes these offers are fleeting...". Bill Gray offers an intriguing list of free, or near free, miniatures rules, along with his often entertaining tips and insights: "…this is a game covering the age of Louis XIV using a sequence of play so unique it had me saying, 'Damn, I wish I’d have thought of that!'”

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 2/24/2020

The Great War – Mini-Tournament #4

Spotlight Article Graphic

It was already 4th Mini Tournament (on Vassal) played with Richard's Borg The Great War. We focused on Tanks expansion and Cambrai battle. A lot of good games, exciting scenarios and close results. Enjoy this short session report shared by The Boardgames Chronicle blog...

Poster: Mark D.
Post Date: 2/22/2020

The North African Games

Spotlight Article Graphic

ConsimWorld, a forum where wargamers gather, presents a group of wargamers weighing in on their favorite WWII North African based war games. Kim Meints kicks off the discussion with Avalon Hill’s Afrika Korps and lists his other favorites. Jonathan Arnold includes his BoardGameGeek list of North African/Mediterranean games, 36 games and counting. What’s your favorite?

Poster: Pat L.
Post Date: 2/16/2020

More Spotlight articles...

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Grognard Originals

In addition to our links to great content all around the internet, expect to see more "originals" in the future.

French "Low Density" Blues in Ici c'est la France!

Brief strategy article written by Mark D. that explains the concept of "Troop Density" and examines how that level can have a big impact on French and FLN play in the early stages of the game. Ici c'est la France! was designed by Kim Kanger and published by Legion Wargames in 2009. Outstanding game!

Alone Against the Soviets

Brief review of VentoNuovo's title "Stalingrad: Inferno on the Volga" shared by Mark D. for Discusses the game mechanics that provide the game with the Stalingrad "feel"...

Land of the Two Rivers: Iraq War - Now on BGG!

Got the BGG listing for Land of the Two Rivers: Iraq War approved and published! Playtesting is proceeding. Still working on better counters...

Land of the Two Rivers: Iraq War - First draft of rules completed

Grognard Enterprises ( first game will be Land of the Two Rivers: Iraq War which covers Operation Iraqi Freedom from June of 2003 through the end of 2012 the latest (the game can end earlier). Designed and created by Mark D'Agosta.

10/15/2018 - First draft of the rules is completed. All charts and tables are complete. Map is 75% done. Working on the counters...

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The Grognard Challenge

Can You Guess The Name of This Game???

Challenge #957, Started on 23 Feb 2020

(Select your choice from the options below the graphics)

Grognard Challenge: Units Image #1

Grognard Challenge: Map Image #1

Grognard Challenge: Units Image #2

Grognard Challenge: Map Image #2


Comments (Optional - Max 255 characters) - Keep it civil; keep it clean; these comments will appear next to your name in next week's results list.

Results for the Last Challenge

Last Week's Challenge Winner (Game #956) - Attilio Tribuzi

Buy The Rise of the Roman Republic from Noble Knight Games

In the last Challenge, there were 57 correct answers, but this time Attilio Tribuzi was the first to register a correct guess, identifying The Rise of the Roman Republic (GMT Games).

Congratulations to Attilio Tribuzi on Grognard Challenge win #1!

You can purchase The Rise of the Roman Republic from Noble Knight Games and you can also find all the articles here.

Good luck to everyone with the new Challenge!

Thanks for participating in the Grognard Challenge!
-Mark D.


Well done and, for those not in first place, hope you finish higher next time! New Challenge files may be published at any time between 12:01AM to 11:59PM each Sunday (U.S. Eastern Time), so please submit your guesses before 11:59 PM of the following Saturday, and check back often on Sundays for the Challenge results, and the new Challenge images.

An ordered list of Challengers making correct guesses in the 16 Feb 2020 Challenge (956) follows:

* is not responsible for any offensive language in the Challenger Comments. Please report any such language to mark and it will be removed as soon as possible.
#Challenger NameResp Time (PST)Challenger Comment *
1Attilio Tribuzi2/16/2020 12:07:48 PM
2Mark Marychurch2/16/2020 12:08:26 PM
3Michael Riley2/16/2020 12:10:19 PM
4Thomas Heaney2/16/2020 12:15:52 PM
5Dennis Beauchamp2/16/2020 12:16:12 PMprocess of elimination
6Gareth Scott2/16/2020 12:18:02 PM
7Alejandro Calle2/16/2020 12:18:03 PM
8Stephen Mrenna2/16/2020 12:26:53 PM
9Lee Balsiger2/16/2020 12:27:23 PM
10Phillip Campbell2/16/2020 12:27:35 PM
11Dick Boyes2/16/2020 12:29:28 PM
12Marco Campari2/16/2020 12:29:53 PM
13Javier Romero2/16/2020 12:33:30 PM
14James Engler2/16/2020 12:34:04 PM
15koen schoonjans2/16/2020 12:35:09 PMN
16David Mathieson 2/16/2020 12:47:46 PM
17Jeff Muniz2/16/2020 12:50:22 PM
18David Gardey2/16/2020 12:55:07 PM
19Robert Woodward2/16/2020 12:56:03 PMDefinitely GMT graphics and not an point to point movement game.
20Gary Logs2/16/2020 1:07:07 PM
21Jean LEGRAND2/16/2020 1:16:05 PM
22Jonathan Snowden2/16/2020 1:16:56 PM
23Patrick Crawford2/16/2020 1:29:51 PM
24Royce Reiss2/16/2020 1:40:49 PM
25Doug Mann2/16/2020 1:42:39 PM
26Don Timian2/16/2020 1:53:22 PM
27Robert Fix2/16/2020 1:55:21 PM
28John Vinal2/16/2020 2:00:38 PM
29Gary Wishik2/16/2020 2:02:33 PM
30Paul Poon2/16/2020 2:08:51 PM
31Kevin Donovan2/16/2020 2:15:14 PM
32Eric Iven2/16/2020 2:23:49 PM
33Dave Smith2/16/2020 2:42:30 PM
34Ron Freda2/16/2020 2:52:35 PM
35Dave Rubin2/16/2020 2:52:51 PM
36Dan Stueber2/16/2020 2:53:19 PM
37Tina .2/16/2020 3:09:56 PM
38Christine Van Schultz2/16/2020 3:10:52 PM
39Marc Meilleur2/16/2020 3:18:38 PM
40Louis Kolkman2/16/2020 3:24:25 PM
41Mochara Caraher2/16/2020 3:49:08 PM
42Chee-Yan Hiew2/16/2020 3:49:46 PM
43Fred Mottern2/16/2020 5:45:37 PM
44John Careklas2/16/2020 7:29:52 PM
45Tony Jimenez2/16/2020 8:25:54 PM
46Gary Pickett2/16/2020 8:59:17 PMNot Legions or Alesia from AH, I have those. Not Hannibal, too many other nation counters. I know Pax Romana. Easy this week
47R L Moses2/16/2020 9:39:40 PMperhaps to accompany the new review
48Heiko Reffert2/16/2020 10:43:30 PMCounters are GMT and dictator/proconsul hint for elaborate system of the Roman Republic
49Stanley Hazard2/17/2020 8:13:04 AMThe counter art is definitely GMT, but I am unfamiliar with either of the 2 choices by GMT, so...(dice roll)...Rise of the Roman Republic.
50Kent Reuber2/17/2020 9:15:34 AM
51CHIAVERI RICCARDO2/17/2020 12:14:37 PM
52Hans Feldmann2/18/2020 9:16:48 AM
53Mark Kramer2/18/2020 11:37:08 PM
54Will Wilson2/19/2020 11:28:45 PM
55George Nickols2/22/2020 5:02:00 PM
56Matt Kiriazis2/23/2020 7:49:57 AMSemi SWAG since I own 3 of 5 games. Which GMT game is it? Is this swag the last correct answer of the week?
57Stephen Leiter2/23/2020 10:06:30 AM
* is not responsible for any offensive language in the Challenger Comments. Please report any such language to mark and it will be removed as soon as possible.

An ordered list of Challengers making INCORRECT guesses

* is not responsible for any offensive language in the Challenger Comments. Please report any such language to mark and it will be removed as soon as possible.
#Challenger NameResp Time (PST)Challenger Comment *
1Steven Rauch2/16/2020 3:01:44 PM
2Chris Anthony2/16/2020 7:46:24 PM
3Bob DeSilva2/18/2020 1:51:01 PM
4Steve Keifer2/19/2020 7:52:59 AMHave played this.
* is not responsible for any offensive language in the Challenger Comments. Please report any such language to mark and it will be removed as soon as possible.

Challenge History

Top 25 All-Time Challenge Winners

Here are the Top 25 All-Time Grognard Challenge Winners!

Challenge Winner# of Challenges Won
Gareth Scott57
Kim Meints51
Elias Nordling49
Bill Bruno48
Allan Rothberg45
Kevin Donovan37
Koen Schoonjans26
Javier Romero24
Alejandro Calle21
Stephen Mrenna19
Robert Fix18
Eric Iven16
Mike Welsh16
Richard Fluck15
Thomas Heaney15
Tom Collipi14
Paul Poon13
Thomas Sobczak13
David Niday12
Gary Logs12
Julian Barker12
Thomas Margraf11
Dick Vohlers9
Jack Beckman8
Jeff Muniz8

Past Winners of the Challenges

Here's a complete list of Challenge winners, starting from day #1. The only information missing now is the actual dates of the first 30 Challenges. If anyone has this information, please let me know and I'll gladly update the database.

12345678910111213141516...Last -->>
Challenge IDChallenge DateWinner NameGame NamePublisher Name
9562/16/2020Attilio TribuziThe Rise of the Roman RepublicGMT Games
9552/9/2020Mochara CaraherCatherine the GreatDecision Games
9542/2/2020Jeff MunizBattle of the AtlanticOne Small Step
9531/26/2020Royce ReissThe Campaign for North AfricaSPI
9521/19/2020Stephen LeiterInvasion TaipeiDecision Games
9511/12/2020Mark KramerHearts and Minds: Vietnam 1965-1975Compass Games
9501/5/2020Christine Van SchultzThe Emperor ReturnsClash of Arms
94912/29/2019Koen SchoonjansPrague: The Empty TriumphClash of Arms
94812/22/2019Jeff MunizArctic Storm: The Russo-Finnish Winter WarGMT Games
94712/15/2019Gareth ScottIn the Trenches: Devil DogsTiny Battles Publishing
94612/8/2019Jeff MunizPutin Strikes: The Coming War for Eastern EuropeOne Small Step
94512/1/2019Javier RomeroIci c'est la FranceLegion Wargames
94411/24/2019Matt KiriazisWashington's CrossingRevolution Games
94311/17/2019Stephen MrennaDien Bien Phu: The Final GambleLegion Wargames
94211/10/2019Dave SmithGazala: The CauldronRevolution Games
94111/3/2019Thomas HeaneyGettysburgRBM Studios
94010/27/2019Reiss RoyceInto a Bear TrapAgainst the Odds
93910/20/2019Koen SchoonjansTarget for TodayLegion Wargames
93810/13/2019Javier RomeroDay of Infamy: TSWWDiffraction Entertainment
93710/6/2019Alejandro CalleThe Battle of Tanga 1914Legion Wargames
9369/29/2019Royce ReissLuftwaffeAvalon Hill
9359/22/2019Alejandro CalleTo the Last ManNuts! Publishing
9349/15/2019Stephen MrennaCombat Leader: East Front '41Minden Games
9339/8/2019David RobertsNapoleon The Waterloo Campaign 1815Avalon Hill/Columbia Games
9329/1/2019Jeff MunizThe Spanish Civil WarGMT Games
9318/25/2019Javier RomeroThe China WarSPI
9308/18/2019Ron FredaAnzioAvalon Hill
9298/11/2019Gary LogsFirepowerAvalon Hill
9288/4/2019Alejandro CalleStrike of the EagleAcademy Games
9277/28/2019Javier RomeroObjective MoscowSPI
9267/21/2019Phillip CampbellIDFAvalon Hill
9257/14/2019Stephen MrennaBurmaMultiman Publishing
9247/7/2019Gareth ScottRichthofen's WarAvalon Hill
9236/30/2019Alejandro CalleWhere Eagles DareMultiman Publishing
9226/23/2019Gary WishikCruel Morning: Shiloh 1862Tiny Battle Publishing
9216/16/2019Gary Logs1985: Under an Iron SkyThin Red Line Games
9206/9/2019Javier RomeroCase BlueMulti-man Publishing
9196/2/2019Lee BalsigerConquistadorConquistador
9185/26/2019Stephen MrennaLess Than 60 MilesThin Red Line Games
9175/19/2019Javier RomeroMiracle on the MarneOne Small Step
9165/12/2019Alejandro CalleNemesis: Burma 1944Legion Wargames
9155/5/2019Alejandro CalleBack to IraqDecision Games
9144/28/2019Thomas HeaneyPacific TideCompass Games
9134/21/2019Lee BalsigerAir Assault on CreteAvalon Hill
9124/14/2019Lee BalsigerThe Falklands AblazeBerserker Games
9114/7/2019Javier RomeroKorea: Fire and IceCompass Games
9103/31/2019Eric IvenChariots of FireGMT Games
9093/24/2019Mochara CaraherBirth of a LegendCanvas Temple Publishing
9083/17/2019Alejandro CalleBlitzkrieg in the WestCanvas Temple Publishing
9073/10/2019Phillip CampbellWacht am RheinSPI/Decision Games
12345678910111213141516...Last -->>