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Reviving the Eagles at Quatre Bras rules

Spotlight Article Graphic

"...the only way to create a meaningful merging of the two was to break one of them." Norm Smith, in his Battlefields & Warriors blog, gives us a window into his effort to align two of his historical period rule sets, "…striving to get a single Horse and Musket set…". Being Norm, he always has a sharp eye on playability, and is thinking about ways to "…make it easier to get either period to the table without needing full re-reads!"

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 9/5/2022

Grant’s Top 10 Solitaire Wargames – 2022 Edition

Spotlight Article Graphic

"...I only included games on this list that were designed as solitaire only wargames with an AI or some type of Bot." Grant Kleinhenz, in The Players' Aid, brings us his revised top 10 list of solitaire only wargames, after playing an additional 25 or so games. Check out his new list of titles that he's "…found to be fun and engaging to play, challenging and that also wove an interesting narrative as a part of the process."

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 8/31/2022

Making “Next War” More Multi-Domain: Some Alternative Rules for the “Next War” Series

Spotlight Article Graphic

"...as I played through them all, I started adding elements—what I termed 'House Rules'...". Ian Sullivan offers rules extensions for GMT's Next War series of games to make them more "multi-domain" oriented: that is, requiring players to "…converge capabilities across all domains—air, land, sea, cyber, and space…" in even a broader manner than the existing rules address. Check out his extensions for: Will to Fight; Delaying Reinforcements; Hypersonic Missiles; Advanced Chinese Ballistic missiles; Alternative AEGIS Ashore Rules; Non-Kinetic, Reversible Counterspace Attacks; Kinetic, Non-Reversible Counterspace Attacks

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 8/26/2022

Maneuver Warfare Who what huh what game is this again??

Spotlight Article Graphic

"As an avid board gamer and computer wargamer, I have always wanted to see game play with out tips, tricks, or cheats." Rob, in his newly launched YouTube channel 89volvowithlazers, offers a first round of the approach he plans on taking with his videos. Using a flavor of Command Ops 2, his idea is to let you "…actually see how the game plays before downloading the demo or making a purchase."

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 8/15/2022

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Grognard Originals

In addition to our links to great content all around the internet, expect to see more Grognard.com "originals" in the future.

A Close Look at a Neglected Gem

Long overdue review of Victory Games' "Central America: America's Backyard War", written by Mark D.. In depth review covering rules, game features, and scenarios (one of the highlights of the game). Editor's note: I've been playing this game again after a long, long time, so I felt this article was worth re-publishing to maybe spark interest in the game...

Falling Sky - Perfect Opening Moves - Roman (updated)

Is there such a thing as a "Perfect Opening Move" in any of GMT's COIN Series games? Mark D. shares his idea of a "perfect" opening turn for the Romans in Falling Sky. Enjoy.

Editor's note added on 5/15/2021.

Higlanders - Scenario for Vietnam: 1965-1975

Experimental scenario for Vietnam: 1965-1975 created and shared by Mark D'Agosta.

Battle for Russia - Game Turn Restrictions Summary

I'm finally getting to play this game, and am looking forward to it. There are a decent amount of "special rules" and restrictions that apply to either the Axis or Soviet player, depending on which turn it is. Rather than flipping back and forth in the rule book, I made a quick & dirty cheat sheet for myself which I have been using, and thought I'd share it. If anyone sees anything that's incorrect, please let me know via email at mark at grognard dot com. (updated 4/11/2020 to include rules for ignoring Rivers - Axis only on Turn 1; both sides on Turn 2)

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Game Articles


Pub Dates
Game: The Plum Island Horror
Publisher: GMT Games
Game Type: Board
Designer(s): Hermann Luttmann

Article Descriptions
Article ID: 4
Date: 9/15/2021
Poster: Harvey M.
The Plum Island Horror short story written by David Spangler

The first eyewitness account of the horrible, tragic events that took place on a small island off of the tip of Long Island, New York that hosted a federal animal disease research center known as Plum Island Animal Disease Center. Since 1954, this little-known facility listed in the DHS S&T Office of National Laboratories (ONL) as Plum Island Animal Disease Center (PIADC), served as the nation’s premier defense against accidental or intentional introduction of transboundary animal diseases (a.k.a. foreign animal diseases) including foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) and African Swine Fever (ASF). PIADC was the only laboratory in the nation that could work on live FMD virus (FMDV). The lab and its staff of nearly 400 employees provide a host of high-impact, indispensable preparedness and response capabilities, including vaccine R&D, diagnostics, training, and bioforensics among others. Until something went terribly wrong! Here is the first eyewitness account of the horrifying and tragic events that transpired at a hypothetical time represented by designer Hermann Luttmann's newest sci-fi horror game, The Plum Island Horror, to be published by GMT Games. Warning! Please do not read this if you're alone in the house in a dark room.
Article ID: 3
Date: 9/14/2021
Poster: Harvey M.
The Cards of Plum Island (or … How Can Such Mundane Components Contain So Much Evil?)

Designer Hermann Luttmann tries to warn you about his upcoming game to be published by GMT Games, The Plum Island Horror, a game where every card has such frightening, unspeakable horror that only the designer can tell you about them without getting .... aahh....HELP!......
Article ID: 2
Date: 7/29/2021
Poster: Harvey M.
The Baddies of Plum Island and How to Fight Them (If You Dare)

Hermann Luttmann, designer of The Plum Island Horror, introduces you to the terrible creatures that await you on this government operated infectious disease research facility gone awry! This tongue-in-cheek introductory guide to the monstrous Horrors (Don't call them zombies if you know what's good for you!) explains how they move, how they multiply, and what they are likely to do to you if you're in the same room with them. He also gives some tips on how to fight back But, be warned, no matter what you do, you will come away from playing this upcoming GMT design shaking your head and saying, "and we thought Covid was bad!!!!"
Article ID: 1
Date: 7/18/2021
Poster: Harvey M.
The Plum Island Horror: An Overview of Gameplay (or … How to Lose at The Plum Island Horror Without Even Trying)

As a private pilot on Long Island,, I have made many trips to its eastern fringes and beyond being careful to avoid a small island off the northeastern shore since it is highly restricted government airspace. The history of the island is somewhat secretive and obscure but is known for its experiments in highly infectious diseases. Designer Hermann Luttmann gives you one possible theory of what one day might happen if something there goes awry in his new game, The Plum Island Horror, to be published by GMT Games. It is a 1-4: player cooperative game and Inside GMT teaches you the basics of how to survive. I was a playtester for this game and I am also a doctor and all I can say is, "and you thought Covid was bad!".