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On wargames campaigns (after Polemarch)

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"If one is to do this, it is quite useful to read Caesar to see the kinds of things he considered important when choosing if or when to give battle." Prufrock muses about the value of running campaigns for the ancients gaming he prefers. See why "It turned out I'd rather refight Zama for the tenth time than try to sustain interest in endless minor encounters between similarly equipped neighbours over local concerns."

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 2/28/2024

Lord Stanley arrives at Piggy Longton 1472

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"...Piggy Longton is under the certain threat of Yorkist attack." Norm Smith, in Battlefields & Warriors, sets the stage for our next Piggy Longton encounter. Why must Lord Darcy cautiously accept help from one who is "...gaining a reputation of duplicity based upon political expedience."?

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 1/29/2024

Piggy Longton - Bishop of Dungborough’s perilous journey.

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"Nervousness flickered through the group as the cavalrymen started to move amongst them, eyeing them suspiciously." Norm Smith, in Battlefields & Warriors, resumes Piggy Longton action with Stephen the Fearless and his travelling party entrusted to get a crucial warning to the King. "Suddenly there was a swirling melee with swords slashing to the right and left."

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 1/22/2024

December WWII gaming

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"Well, what do I know. It turns out it was great fun. Trust Richard Borg!" Prufrock recaps replays he enjoyed during the Christmas season with Memoir'44 and Undaunted Normandy. See which game gained the comment: "…the tweaks oozed class and induced that nodding satisfaction…"!

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 1/17/2024

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Fast, simple, not expensive, little errata, but only reasonably fun. (War game Review)

In his review on BoardGameGeek, Brendan Whyte first turns a critical eye towards the components and rules and lists their shortcomings. Game play fares better: “…the game is fast and quite fun”. Whyte then goes into comprehensive details covering game mechanics and spares no criticism for the game opponent (AI). His discussion concerning solitaire board games vs solitaire computer games is very interesting.

PE TANG 1900 Q&A with Marco Campari

Some Q & A between myself and Marco Campari, designer of Pe Tang 1900 from Lumaca Games.

PE TANG 1900 Strategy Tips

This is the strategy I developed after playing Pe Tang 1900 from Lumaca Games.

PE TANG 1900 Optional Line of Sight Table

Here is an optional table to make it a little more difficult to eliminate the Boxer artillery.

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Game: Panzer Leader


Publisher: Avalon Hill
Game Type: Board
Designer(s): Dave Clark, Randall C. Reed, Nick Smith
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Tactical armored combat, World War II western front


Article ID
Pub Date
Article Description
Date: 9/4/2023
Poster: Doug Holt
Current Clarifications and Answers Box Article for Panzer Leader

"...it was time for an update as several new questions have come up over the years and need to be addressed." Alan Arvold brings us this compilation for a classic game.
Date: 12/10/2021
Poster: Pat L.
War and Pieces with Rob Oren - October 17, 2018 (video)

If the wargaming hobby is to survive it will need a new generation of players. Rob Oren recommends finding older, easier war games, like Afrika Korps and Panzer Leader, and using them to introduce new players to the hobby.
Date: 1/8/2021
Poster: Harvey M.
Improved Panzer Leader

This is a variant rule set rule set for Panzer Leader from Avalon Hill. The variant has been developed in Italy and played regularly in Modena, Roma, Torino in friend's group and gaming club. The variant is based on the Arab Israeli War game from Avalon Hill a variant of the original Panzer Blitz/Panzer Leader series itself. A large number of scenarios have been developed for this variant: Italy 1943-1945, desert 1943, North Europe 1944-1945, Eastern front, Indo-Pakistani wars. More are under development. Next addition will be Arnhem campaign, still under development.
Date: 8/12/2020
Poster: Mark D.
The Evolution of a Great Game

Marco, writing for the "A Wargame Page" web site, comments on the evolution of a great game; from Panzer Blitz to Panzer Leader...
Date: 12/24/2016
Poster: Mark D.
Panzer Blitz/Panzer Leader Rules Consolidation

Set of rules consolidating the PanzerBlitz and Panzer Leader rules into one rule set, but keeping, as much as possible, the original feel of the games. Incorporates Optional Rules by Byron Henderson, and some new rules by Fred Schwarz. Developed by Byron Henderson and Keith Plymale. Consolidated and shared by Fred Schwarz.
Date: 6/8/2014
Poster: Mark D.
Maps, Counters, Variants, Scenarios

Patrick Storto had a fan page for the PanzerBlitz and Panzer Leader games from Avalon Hill. The now defunct web site offered Game, Articles, Variants and Spare Parts for sale. We thank Archive.org for preserving this web site.
Date: 1/27/2011
Poster: Mark D.
Panzer Games Forum

Jayers maintained a fan site/forum until 2011. The site has some interesting features for panzer game enthusiasts. We thank Archive.org for preserving this web site.
Date: 1/27/2007
Poster: Mark D.
Panzer Leader Variant Rules

An unknown blogger, a member of the Columbus Area Boardgaming Society, used to have a web page devoted to his gaming interests. This link has variant rules for Panzer Leader but if you follow other links you can see information about other games that were of interest to this unknown blogger. We thank Archive.org for preserving this web site.
Date: 6/15/1990
Poster: Mark D.
Aachen scenario (PDF)

PDF with setup for Aachen scenario.
Date: N/A
Poster: Mark D.
double blind scenario

Date: N/A
Poster: Mark D.
article index

Date: N/A
Poster: Mark D.
variant using rules from Arab-Israeli Wars

Date: N/A
Poster: Mark D.

Date: N/A
Poster: Mark D.
list of PBEM opponents

Date: N/A
Poster: Mark D.

Date: N/A
Poster: Mark D.
Q&A (Word file)

Date: N/A
Poster: Mark D.
scenario list (Word file)

Date: N/A
Poster: Mark D.
scenario analysis (zipped Word files)

Date: N/A
Poster: Mark D.
Panzer Leader '70 variant

Date: N/A
Poster: Mark D.
new geomorphic map boards

Date: N/A
Poster: Mark D.
rules differences with PanzerLeader (Word file)

Date: N/A
Poster: Mark D.

Date: N/A
Poster: Mark D.
article review

Date: N/A
Poster: Mark D.

Date: N/A
Poster: Mark D.
Q&A (PDF file)

Date: N/A
Poster: Mark D.
review of Situation 13

Date: N/A
Poster: Mark D.
The Fortified Goose Egg errata