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ConsimWorld Expo 2024

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CSW Expo is an organized gaming event that provides a memorable gaming experience. With 24 years of experience in game conventions, our venue format is the perfect blueprint for celebrating wargaming with newcomers, experienced gamers, designers, and publishers alike. A full week event, July 12-20, 2024. Tempe, AZ.

Poster: Robert Holifield
Post Date: 7/9/2024

Next batch of figures

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"Xyston figures. My goodness, they are a treat to paint." Prufrock is painting, with a couple nice photos! "...it has been nice to come back home to practical hobbying and feel like you are getting somewhere in at least one aspect of your life!"

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 7/1/2024

The winners of the 2024 Charles S. Roberts Awards for Excellence in Conflict Simulation Games have been announced.

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Here are the best games released in the calendar year 2023. These games are exhibits of the highest standards of excellence in design and execution.

Poster: Robert Holifield
Post Date: 6/30/2024

Part 6. The History of The Avalon Hill Game Company 1983-1985

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Legendary Tactics continues to chronicle the history of Avalon Hill.

Poster: Robert Holifield
Post Date: 6/30/2024

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Gaming Conventions

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Fast, simple, not expensive, little errata, but only reasonably fun. (War game Review)

In his review on BoardGameGeek, Brendan Whyte first turns a critical eye towards the components and rules and lists their shortcomings. Game play fares better: “…the game is fast and quite fun”. Whyte then goes into comprehensive details covering game mechanics and spares no criticism for the game opponent (AI). His discussion concerning solitaire board games vs solitaire computer games is very interesting.

PE TANG 1900 Q&A with Marco Campari

Some Q & A between myself and Marco Campari, designer of Pe Tang 1900 from Lumaca Games.

PE TANG 1900 Strategy Tips

This is the strategy I developed after playing Pe Tang 1900 from Lumaca Games.

PE TANG 1900 Optional Line of Sight Table

Here is an optional table to make it a little more difficult to eliminate the Boxer artillery.

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Game: Field of Glory: Kingdoms


Publisher: Slitherine
Game Type: Computer
Designer(s): AGEOD
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Politics, religion, war. They are nothing without a legacy that can stand the test of time. Lead any nation, and turn it into a mighty kingdom in one of the most compelling grand strategy games ever created.


Article ID
Pub Date
Article Description
Date: 6/12/2024
Poster: Doug Holt
Grogheads Impressions! Field of Glory: Kingdoms

"The real kicker for FoG:K is what is going on under the hood." Lloyd Sabin, in Grogheads, takes a look at this in depth, Steam hosted game. Does his conclusion apply to you? "If you are looking for an extremely deep game of kingdom management, look no further, here it is and I do not think it will be surpassed for some time."
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