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Gaming Conventions

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Gaming Clubs and Organizations

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Size Matters: the Evolution of Scales & Figures in Miniature War Games

Spotlight Article Graphic

"The scale actually, physically did grow up. Seriously, not joking here. As in the figures actually got bigger and taller." Bill Gray reflects on trends in the miniatures figures market, some good, some annoying. Like his conclusion that "…all of us true 15 mil aficionados are simply going to have to adjust, become REAL good at figure placement and generally suck it up."

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 6/3/2020

The Last Dice

Spotlight Article Graphic

"...the new series documenting part of the career of a man who was so good he is almost a myth." Prufrock is up to something…! Perhaps a directorial debut? Who is the mysterious "Ear Bevan"?

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 5/25/2020

The Wargamer's Guide to Heraldry, Uniforms & Flags in Tabletop Wargaming

Spotlight Article Graphic

"...pageantry is one of the reasons I do historical miniature wargaming." Bill Gray brings us a fascinating look at the how and why of the way armies looked before things became nationalized and regularized in the past couple of centuries. Which is why Bill particularly likes games where "…you need to stop thinking like a 21st Century humanoid, at least understand why generals long ago thought the way they did, and then do likewise."

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 5/22/2020

Empire of the Sun: Full Campaign PBEM Tournament

Spotlight Article Graphic

Now registering for the "Empire of the Sun: Full Campaign PBEM Tournament". Check the site for details of tournament rules and requirements. Registration will be limited to 16 participants or no later than August 31, 2020.

Poster: Mark D.
Post Date: 5/20/2020

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Grognard Originals

In addition to our links to great content all around the internet, expect to see more "originals" in the future.

Falling Sky - Perfect Opening Moves - Roman

Is there such a thing as a "Perfect Opening Move" in any of GMT's COIN Series games? Mark D. shares his idea of a "perfect" opening turn for the Romans in Falling Sky. Enjoy.

Battle for Russia - Game Turn Restrictions Summary

I'm finally getting to play this game, and am looking forward to it. There are a decent amount of "special rules" and restrictions that apply to either the Axis or Soviet player, depending on which turn it is. Rather than flipping back and forth in the rule book, I made a quick & dirty cheat sheet for myself which I have been using, and thought I'd share it. If anyone sees anything that's incorrect, please let me know via email at mark at grognard dot com. (updated 4/11/2020 to include rules for ignoring Rivers - Axis only on Turn 1; both sides on Turn 2)

French "Low Density" Blues in Ici c'est la France!

Brief strategy article written by Mark D. that explains the concept of "Troop Density" and examines how that level can have a big impact on French and FLN play in the early stages of the game. Ici c'est la France! was designed by Kim Kanger and published by Legion Wargames in 2009. Outstanding game!

Alone Against the Soviets

Brief review of VentoNuovo's title "Stalingrad: Inferno on the Volga" shared by Mark D. for Discusses the game mechanics that provide the game with the Stalingrad "feel"...

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Game Articles


Pub Dates
Game: Enemy Coast Ahead: The Doolittle Raid
Publisher: GMT Games
Series: Enemy Coast Ahead Series
Game Type: Board
Designer(s): Jeremy White

Article Descriptions
Article ID: 5
Date: 4/25/2019
Poster: Mark D.
I Could Never Be So Lucky Again - Armchair General Review

Excellent illustrated review of "Enemy Coast Ahead" by Rick Martin for "Armchair General" magazine...
Article ID: 4
Date: 1/15/2018
Poster: Doug Holt
Tokyo at Dawn #5: The Doolittle Raid Debriefing

"In Tokyo, outrage prevailed..."! Christopher Davis concludes his AAR of GMT Games' Enemy Coast Ahead: The Doolittle Raid. Yet the game's debriefing tracks can differ: "The Navy thought the mission was risky for the amount gained."
Article ID: 3
Date: 1/6/2018
Poster: Doug Holt
Tokyo at Dawn #4: The Doolittle Raid: April 19th, 1942

"So far, the mission has been a success. Now it was time to find their way home." Christopher Davis continues his AAR of GMT Games' Enemy Coast Ahead: The Doolittle Raid. Can they make it, considering that "…a fuel leak heightened everyone’s alarm."?
Article ID: 2
Date: 12/22/2017
Poster: Doug Holt
Tokyo at Dawn #3: The Doolittle Raid: April 18th, 1942

"Fortunately, the gale also meant severe tailwinds will carry the planes for several hours and reduce fuel consumption." Christopher Davis continues an AAR of GMT Games' Enemy Coast Ahead: The Doolittle Raid. Check out what happens in Imperial skies before "…the Americans needed to find their way to China with Japanese planes in hot pursuit."
Article ID: 1
Date: 9/8/2017
Poster: Doug Holt
Playing the Story in GMT’s Enemy Coast Ahead: The Doolittle Raid

"Somehow, the wargame does a sneak maneuver and finds a way into our imagination..." Jerry White describes how GMT Games' Enemy Coast Ahead: The Doolittle Raid works to immerse you in the story of the raid, using the magic of rules, game components and setting. "Each [game] segment is devoted to a portion of the raid, each with its unique scale and its own set of counters."