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On the Origins of the Royal Navy’s Grand Fleet. Book Review.

Spotlight Article Graphic

"The discourse surrounding fleets deployed in support of a global empire is as valid today as it was at the start of the 20th Century." Ray Garbee reviews Genesis of the Grand Fleet: The Admiralty, Germany, and the Home Fleet, 1896–1914, by Christopher Buckey. Ray finds a book that offers solid insights "...as it details how the government – specifically the Admiralty – had to wrestle with Fredrick the Great’s maxim of 'He who defends everything, defends nothing'."

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 10/8/2021

Confronting Chaos: a New Concept for Information Advantage

Spotlight Article Graphic

"...although American teams lose wargames all the time, this is, in fact, a very big deal." Chris Dougherty explains his concerns about how three decades of Pentagon war planning have "…assumed U.S. forces could achieve information dominance in a great-power conflict, akin to what the American military attained during the 1991 Gulf War. That assumption is fatally flawed."

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 9/17/2021

The Return of Great Power Proxy Wars

Spotlight Article Graphic

"If the United States fights with China or Russia, what type of war will it be?" Frank Hoffman and Andrew Orner, in War on the Rocks, make the argument that proxy wars are likely to again become a preferred tool of statecraft. "Proxy conflicts are, after all, the ultimate indirect approach."

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 9/10/2021

WotR - Recruiting continues

Spotlight Article Graphic

"...the herald is such a splendid figure, that Lord Cobham insisted on him joining the ranks!" Norm Smith, in Battlefields & Warriors, gives us a figures and painting update for his Wars of the Roses collection. Check out more of Norm's excellent miniatures work. And perhaps there is some action coming: "…I hear there are rumblings in the Parish of Piggy Longton, something to do with the Bishop of Dungborough recruiting for The King - what could possibly go wrong there!"

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 9/6/2021

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How to Play Shores of Tripoli: Naval Combat

The Shores of Tripoli, published by Fort Circle Games, is a great game to introduce someone to the hobby.Seek Out and Play has produced a series of excellent videos tutorials to help people learn the game and start playing quickly. In this video, they teach you how naval combat works.

Falling Sky - Perfect Opening Moves - Roman (updated)

Is there such a thing as a "Perfect Opening Move" in any of GMT's COIN Series games? Mark D. shares his idea of a "perfect" opening turn for the Romans in Falling Sky. Enjoy.

Editor's note added on 5/15/2021.

Higlanders - Scenario for Vietnam: 1965-1975

Experimental scenario for Vietnam: 1965-1975 created and shared by Mark D'Agosta.

Battle for Russia - Game Turn Restrictions Summary

I'm finally getting to play this game, and am looking forward to it. There are a decent amount of "special rules" and restrictions that apply to either the Axis or Soviet player, depending on which turn it is. Rather than flipping back and forth in the rule book, I made a quick & dirty cheat sheet for myself which I have been using, and thought I'd share it. If anyone sees anything that's incorrect, please let me know via email at mark at grognard dot com. (updated 4/11/2020 to include rules for ignoring Rivers - Axis only on Turn 1; both sides on Turn 2)

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Game Articles


Pub Dates
Game: Combat Commander: Europe
Publisher: GMT Games
Series: Combat Commander
Game Type: Board
Designer(s): Chad Jensen

Article Descriptions
Article ID: 665
Date: 10/1/2021
Poster: Doug Holt
Combat Commander Europe – #12 Misty Mountain

"Having good cards in hand, I immediately initiate attack in the middle, killing one Volksgrenadier in the process and preparing to storm the bunker. However…". Michal, in The Boardgames Chronicle, brings us his final scenario replay in GMT Games' Combat Commander: Europe, having worked through the entire game. Check out why he finds his concluding lesson to be "…not to sit but to risk and charge forward!"
Article ID: 664
Date: 7/11/2021
Poster: Mark D.
Combat Commander Europe – Session Report by The Boardgames Chronicle

One more exciting session with Combat Commander Europe. That was a multi-stage scenario, with reinforcements coming from all directions. Enjoy session report full of pictures! (shared by The Boardgames Chronicle)
Article ID: 663
Date: 6/15/2021
Poster: Harvey M.
Combat Commander Europe – #8 Breakout dance

It is 1943 and the war is still more or less in balance. This is story of German 277th Infantry Regiment , completely encircled in January that year near Velikiye-Luki by the Soviets Shock Armies . The relief will not come – soldiers know it. So order has come for the Wehrmacht units to try a breakout. The Boardgames Chronicleplays Combat Commander Europe scenario number 8 Called the Breakout Dance.
Article ID: 662
Date: 6/4/2021
Poster: Mark D.
Combat Commander: Europe - Scenario 7 Replay

Combat Commander Europe – Scenario #7 Bessarabian Nights - one of the most volatile and crazy scenarios we have seen so far. Historical background: It is 1944 and partisan activity at the rear of Wehrmacht is increasing with advancing Red Army from the East. The dense woods of Romania, especially in area of Bessarabia, are perfect place for such activity. The German forces in this scenario (Michal, attacker) are executing another policing action while allied partisans (Dave, defender) will try to ambush the poorly equipped (Volksgrenadiers) enemy forces. Replay shared by the good folks at The Boardgames Chronicle.
Article ID: 661
Date: 4/18/2021
Poster: Harvey M.
Combat Commander Europe – #4 Closed for Renovation

The Boardgames Chronicle continued their Combat Commander Europe campaign with scenario #4 Closed for Renovation. It is end of December 1944 – Humaine, Belgium. Most of Germans were overrun by US 2nd Armored Division but stubborn remnants of 9th Panzer Division occupy a chateau on the end of the city (15 VPs for building in game terms). US CCR (Combat Command Reserve) unit will be tasked with rooting out those stubborn enemies. They will bring high caliber machine guns, artillery and even flamethrowers. But the Germans will surprise them with a hidden field gun!
Article ID: 660
Date: 3/30/2021
Poster: Harvey M.
C&C Europe – #3 Bonfire of the NKVD

The Boardgames Chronicle continues to play through the scenarios contained in Combat Commander Europe, published by GMT Games. This time they present a replay of scenario #3 Bonfire of the NKVD.
Article ID: 659
Date: 3/16/2021
Poster: Harvey M.
C&C Europe – introduction continuation – #2 Hedgroves and Hand Grenades

The Boardgames Chronicle continues their introductory articles on Combat Commander Europe published by GMT Games. They are now using scenario 2, Hedgerows and Hand Grenades, which introduces new complexities of the design.
Article ID: 658
Date: 2/19/2021
Poster: Harvey M.
Once again introducing Combat Commander Europe – #1 Fat Lipki

The Boardgames Chronicle declares their love of Combat Commander Europe published by GMT Games stating, "whenever possible, I advocate to other players the advantages of the system: fantastic rulebook, great replayability and what I like most – the presentation of battlefield chaos and confusion in the game mechanics.". Follow them along as they do a replay of the Fat Lipki scenario.
Article ID: 657
Date: 2/17/2021
Poster: Mark D.
Introducing Combat Commander... Again

Another player introduced to fantastic world of Combat Commander! We started - traditionally - from the Fat Lipki scenario. Enjoy this short report from the battlefield. Thanks to the good folks at The Boardgames Chronicle for sharing. "Next scenario already started - I will also make sure to report!"
Article ID: 656
Date: 1/21/2021
Poster: Harvey M.
[REVIEW] Combat Commander Europe

The Boardgames Chronicle writes a "long-overdue review" of Combat Commander published by GMT Games. They give it a 4.5 / 5 recommendation.
Article ID: 655
Date: 5/8/2020
Poster: Harvey M.
Combat Commander Europe – 025b – Fields of Blood

The Combat Commander series has many devoted fans. The Boardgames Chronicle presents a replay of the Fields of Blood Scenario from Combat Commander Europe published by GMT games. “When I need a good and exciting wargame entertainment on tactical level I know I can always count on Combat Commander. That game is simply unending source of interesting scenarios, close games, twists of fate as well as very exciting events on the battlefield. I simply cannot get enough of it and play whenever possible."
Article ID: 654
Date: 3/29/2020
Poster: Harvey M.
Combat Commander Europe – 025a – Fields of Fire

Combat Commander from GMT Games remains a very popular system particularly loved by the Boardgames Chronicle. This time they use scenario 025a Fields of Fire from the Paratrooper Battle Pack. This is pretty interesting depiction of one of the most heroic events of US army during WWII on the Western Front during the Battle of the Bulge. Yes, the skirmish takes place during the infamous though surprising German offensive in Ardennes during December 1944. The German infantry is tasked with the orders to clear all the US roadblocks / infantry resistance points so the King Tiger tanks of Joachim Peiper’s 1st SS Panzer Division can swiftly advance. One of such battles was fought near the village of Lanzerath where US Intelligence & Recon platoon – in total 18 men (!) was placed to observe enemy moves and report back. Americans spent time well, enhancing their defensive positions. Still, once German column approached, it was clear that they face hundreds of enemy soldiers. They fought bravely, being able to delay Germans for a full day. For their actions, all the Platoon members were awarded medals, becoming most decorated platoon of WWII.
Article ID: 653
Date: 1/29/2020
Poster: Harvey M.
Combat Commander Europe – #6 Paralyzed from the West Down

The Boardgames Chronicle brings us a quick replay of Scenario #6 Paralyzed from the West Down from GMT's popular WW II card driven tactical simulation of close quarters fighting in Combat Commander Europe.
Article ID: 652
Date: 12/29/2019
Poster: Harvey M.
Combat Commander Europe – #8 Breakout Dance

A brief replay of scenario #8 Breakout Dance from GMT's popular card driven tactical WW II game Combat Commander Europe by Boardgames Chronicle
Article ID: 651
Date: 11/24/2019
Poster: Harvey M.
A Replay of Combat Commander Europes's Fat Lipki Scenario

A replay of Scenario #1 Fat Lipki from Combat Commander Europe designed by Chad Jensen for GMT
Article ID: 649
Date: 3/7/2019
Poster: Mark D.
Barbarossa Unleashed – a Combat Commander FireFight

Combat Commander Tournament Pack - playing the scenarios one by one from that expansion. Here we have very balanced and interesting scenario, where both Russians and Germans attack in recon posture, trying to take important objectives in the middle of the map. Shared by the good folks at Boardgames Chronicle.
Article ID: 648
Date: 1/29/2019
Poster: Mark D.
Scenario: #6 One Steppe Beyond

Nice illustrated replay of Combat Commander: Europe, Scenario #6. Shared by The Boardgames Chronicle...
Article ID: 650
Date: 12/31/2018
Poster: Mark D.
Combat Commander for New Year's Eve

ou can prepare for celebrating the New Year in many ways but one of the best is by planning the boardgames. During our “end-of-year” boardgames convent (which we held every year since 2009) today I had pleasure to play Combat Commander. We played the Scenario Three from Tournament Pack #3 A midnight Clear...
Article ID: 647
Date: 6/6/2015
Poster: Mark D.
Graphic Wargames: Combat Action Report - Fat Lipki

The first three pages of a complete AAR for Graphic Wargames, a creation of Ian Hamilton. Features the first scenario of GMT Games’ “Combat Commander: Europe” game, titled "Fat Lipki". The narrative is run solely by what happens in the game. Truly a "graphic replay". Check it out...
Article ID: 646
Date: 4/4/2015
Poster: Mark D.
Drive Thru Review: Video Review

From the "better late than never" department, Joel Eddy turns in an informative review of Combat Commander: Europe, published by GMT Games in 2006.
Article ID: 645
Date: 1/7/2015
Poster: Mark D.
Yet Another Friggin Gaming Blog: Replay

David Pretty, writing for the "Yet Another Friggin Gaming Blog" blog, whips up an outstandingly detailed and illustrated replay session that he played with his gaming buddies. And I believe he coined the term "douche-y"… so I've added it to my spell-check custom list...
Article ID: 644
Date: 3/21/2014
Poster: Mark D.
Big Board Gaming: Replay

This 'Narrative, Pictorial Essay AAR', titled 'Hedgerows and Handgrenades', has got it all: a detailed written replay accompanied by a video replay, complete with background music and sound effects.
Article ID: 643
Date: 3/20/2012
Poster: Mark D.
Boots: Review

Nice review and argument for the relative merits of ASL vs CC by Boots for BGG
Article ID: 642
Date: 10/20/2010
Poster: Mark D.
Jeff Ven: BGG Review

Review by wargaming newcomer Jeff Ven for BGG.
Article ID: 641
Date: 4/29/2010
Poster: Mark D.
Francis Lalumiere: Review

"Why Combat Commander is better than Memoir 44" by Francis Lalumiere for BGG.
Article ID: 640
Date: 1/29/2010
Poster: Mark D.
Commnder Harris: BGG Review

Nice review by Commander Harris for BGG.
Article ID: 639
Date: 5/15/2009
Poster: Mark D.
Brian Morris: Review

Nice review, with graphics, from Brian Morris for BGG.
Article ID: 637
Date: 12/26/2008
Poster: Mark D.
Adam Ruzzo: Review

Detailed review by Adam Ruzzo for BGG.
Article ID: 633
Date: 4/23/2007
Poster: Mark D.
Tom Vasel: BGG Review

Nice review by Tom Vasel for BGG
Article ID: 631
Date: 4/2/2007
Poster: Mark D.
Lawrence Hung: Replay/AAR

Excellent replay/AAR by Lawrence Hung.
Article ID: 634
Date: 3/27/2007
Poster: Mark D.
Tom Duensing: BGG Review

Review by Tom Duensing for BGG
Article ID: 630
Date: 3/19/2007
Poster: Mark D.
Peter Appleton: BGG Review

Nice honest review by Peter Appleton for BGG.
Article ID: 629
Date: 3/13/2007
Poster: Mark D.
Mikko Saari: BGG Review

Nice review by Mikko Saari for BGG
Article ID: 632
Date: 3/9/2007
Poster: Mark D.
John Brader: Review

Review by John Brader for BGG.
Article ID: 627
Date: 2/14/2007
Poster: Mark D.
Brian Bankler: Review

Brief review by Brian Bankler for BGG.
Article ID: 626
Date: 2/6/2007
Poster: Mark D.
Aldaron: Review

Review of CCE by Aldaron for BGG.
Article ID: 628
Date: 1/29/2007
Poster: Mark D.
Eric Landes: BGG Review

Nice review by Eric Landes for BGG.
Article ID: 625
Date: 1/24/2007
Poster: Mark D.
William Terdoslavich: Replay

Replay action from William Terdoslavich and J.R. Tracy.
Article ID: 624
Date: 1/24/2007
Poster: Mark D.
J.R. Tracy: BGG Review

Nice review by J.R. Tracy for BGG.
Article ID: 623
Date: 12/24/2006
Poster: Mark D.
Doug Cooley: BGG Review

Review by Doug Cooley on BGG.
Article ID: 622
Date: 8/1/2006
Poster: Mark D.
Publisher Website

GMT's Combat Commander: Europe page
Article ID: 635
Date: 5/1/2006
Poster: Mark D.
GMT Games: Bonus Scenario #101 (PDF)

Bonus scenario from GMT Games.
Article ID: 636
Date: 5/1/2006
Poster: Mark D.
GMT Games: Bonsu Scenario #102 (PDF)

Bonus scenario from GMT Games