Gaming Conventions

Gaming Conventions

Another new feature for, the Gaming Convention calendar will make it a snap to keep up with all the latest gaming conventions in your area. But we need your gaming convention information, so please contribute.

Gaming Clubs/Organizations

Gaming Clubs and Organizations

Please check out our new (and growing) database of gaming clubs and organizations world-wide. Please let us know of your gaming club, or any other clubs that you know about so we can make this a truly useful resource.

Spotlight Articles

Outstanding articles that are not necessarily linked to one particular game, but may have broad appeal to gamers.

Moe's Game Table - Gaming at WBC 2018 - Part 2

Spotlight Article Graphic

Part #2 of Moe Fitzgerald's trip to the World Boardgaming Championships in the appropriately named town of Champion, Pennsylvania.

Poster: Mark D.
Post Date: 8/8/2018

Moe's Game Table - Gaming at WBC 2018 - Part 1

Spotlight Article Graphic

Last week Moe Fitzgerald of Moe's Game Table site, made the trek from Dallas, Texas to the World Boardgaming Championships in the appropriately named town of Champion, Pennsylvania. While there, he had the chance to check out several upcoming games and learn of updates to existing ones. Read part #1 of his coverage here...

Poster: Mark D.
Post Date: 8/5/2018

Historicon 2018: Historicon Comes Home

Spotlight Article Graphic

"…this year the company of doughty presenters was just a little bit different and a little bit special." Bill Gray offers an after action report on this year's Historicon, held in Lancaster, PA. Bill found plenty to enjoy, given that "…this year’s program weighed in at a whopping 104 pages of which 57 were devoted to game listings."

Poster: Doug Holt
Post Date: 7/23/2018

Reserve Troops From 35 Board Games

Spotlight Article Graphic

Marco Bijl presents samples of plastic figures from 35 board games on the Plastic Soldier Review web site. The article has a list of links for the games found on the BoardGameGeek web site, many illustrations of the plastic figures, and commentary concerning the size, number of poses, and colors used by the game publishers.

Poster: Pat L.
Post Date: 7/1/2018

More Spotlight articles...

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Gaming Conventions

New Gaming Conventions calendar. You can see all upcoming gaming conventions worldwide.

If you are sponsoring a board gaming convention of some type, or know of one that is not listed on, then please contact us and let us know!

Gaming Clubs/Organziations

New Gaming Clubs/Organizations listing. You can search for existing gaming clubs worldwide.

If you belong to a gaming club, or know of one, please drop us a line and let us know so we can get it listed on!

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Now you can search for specific games (or games by publisher) using the new Game Search feature, located at the top right corner of the this page. In addition you can now harness the power of Google to search the entire site for any specific information you'd like. Just enter a search word or phrase into the Google box labeled "Search All of" and click magnifying glass button. Search features will continue to be improved and enhanced going forward so check back often to see the latest stuff.

Grognard Originals

In addition to our links to great content all around the internet, expect to see more "originals" in the future.

Land of the Two Rivers: Iraq War - In Development (Grognard Enterprises)

The first game from Grognard Enterprises ( will be Land of the Two Rivers: Iraq War which covers Operation Iraqi Freedom from June of 2003 through the end of 2012 the latest (the game can end earlier). Design by Mark D'Agosta. Check in on the info article for the latest info on this game...

South China Sea: Learning Game Replay

Mark D. and Harvey Mossman go head to head in a learning game of "South China Sea", a recently published title from Compass Games. This is a learning game for both of us so there will be lots of mistakes. But we'll try to keep the article updated as the game progresses.

Fifth Corps: NATO Player Aid sheet (PDF)

NATO player aid sheet that allows for tracking of Electronic Warfare Points, Air Points, Tactical Nuclear Points and the locations of Hidden Static Territorial Units. Created by Mark D. for

Fifth Corps: Warsaw Pact Player Aid sheet (PDF)

Warsaw Pact player aid sheet that allows for tracking of Electronic Warfare Points, Air Points and Tactical Nuclear Points for the Warsaw Pact player. Created by Mark D. for

More Grognard Originals...

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Game Articles


Pub Dates
Game: Steel Division: Normandy '44
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Game Type: Computer

Article Descriptions
Article ID: 5
Date: 5/11/2018
Poster: Doug Holt
The 1. SS-Panzerdivision is coming to Steel Division

Make that heavy on the realism! Joe Robinson has some info on what the free First Blood update to Paradox Interactive's Steel Division: Normandy '44 will contain. Check out some of the interesting details on a division "…missing a quarter of its fighting strength, with existing replacements of dubious quality and/or loyalty."
Article ID: 4
Date: 4/16/2018
Poster: Doug Holt
Review: Steel Division: Normandy '44 - Back to Hell DLC

"One wonders when their research team will run out of options for its Frankenstein force pools." Charles Ellis has a look at Paradox Interactive's Steel Division: Normandy '44 - Back to Hell DLC. While Charles would like to see more missions in the scenarios, he nonetheless find plenty to enjoy: "…if you’re in the market for buying just one Steel Division add-on (out of the two available), this is the one you want."
Article ID: 3
Date: 11/10/2017
Poster: Doug Holt
Situation Report: Steel Division: Normandy ’44

"...Steel Division has grown a lot in six months." Ian Boudreau looks at progress with Paradox Interactive's Steel Division: Normandy '44 since its launch. While he has a few suggestions for the developer, he's also enjoyed a lot of what's new, like how "…the new scenarios help round out the game’s single-player experience…"
Article ID: 2
Date: 5/15/2017
Poster: Doug Holt
From the Frontline: An Interview with Steel Division Developer Eugen Systems

"The combat system has been redesigned to feel more visceral, more realistic." Joe Robinson interviews Alexis Le Dressay of Eugen Systems, developer of Steel Division: Normandy '44. It seems proximity was helpful: "Eugen System’s office is only a few hours drive from the beaches of Normandy!"
Article ID: 1
Date: 4/28/2017
Poster: Doug Holt
Preview: Steel Division Normandy '44

"Given the beta, the full release can’t come fast enough!" James Cobb is more gung ho than we've ever seen him, previewing Paradox Interactive's Steel Division: Normandy '44. Apparently the designers have succeeded at "…tempting the cattiness of Grognards."