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Game: Little Wars

Publisher: H.G.Wells
Article ID: 323 Date: 9/8/2019 8:24:00 AM How To Play Little Wars, by H. G. Wells
”kingbirdy” provides concise and detailed instructions to play Little Battles by H. G. Wells. This miniatures gem from 1913 allows players to simulate pre-World War I era battles. The instructions include links to Well’s original book, equipment needed, and several illustrations. Step 7 includes a link to an illustrated after action report for the Battle of Hook’s Farm.
Article ID: 324 Date: 6/13/2012 3:15:00 PM War games
Brett Holman summarizes his thoughts on several early 20th Century War Games including War Tactics or Can Britain Be Invaded? By Lowe and Carr, Aviation: The Aerial Tactics Game of Attack and Defence, L'Attaque, Dover Patrol, and Tri-Tactics all by H. P. Gibson & Sons, and Little Wars by Arms and Armour Press. Holman calls War Tactics the most intriguing of the group and supposes the game was a reflection of the anti-German war scare in Britain prior to World War I. The first war game with cardboard counters also features an asymmetrical map unlike most early war games like chess, Aviation, Dover Patrol, L’Attaque and other Stratego type games that featured symmetrical maps.
Article ID: 321 Date: N/A review
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