COMMAND 38: The Great War in the Near East - Errata

TGWINE Errata: 12 October 1996

There are 12 TGWINE errata counters on the Hoorah! countersheet; substitute the new counters and discard the old.

The other bits of errata were discovered too late to be placed on this issue's countersheet.

All Allied TGWiNE chits have a red stripe on the back; use the white (TGWiNE) or red (TGWiE) stripe on the front to determine which game the chit is used in. Allied air units with a red stripe on the front are for use on the Western Front; air units with a white stripe on the front are for use in the Near East.

Ignore the Turkish font on the back of the British 20 and 21 CRP and Russian Caucasus HQs-these units don't defect when flipped!

Rules Changes

4.2 (Correction) The Turkish Surrender roll comes at the END not start of the Strategic Turn (after Fortress Surrender rolls).

7.32 (change) There is no event chit for the RU Persian Expeditionary Force. Instead the Allied player may activate the RPF once per game on any turn in 1916 before the Fall of the Czar. All other 7.32 rules apply.

11.2 Change the first paragraph to read: No unit may end its move out of supply. Units may move through hexes where they are OOS provided they end their move in supply. Supply is checked for Strategic Movement at the start of the Strategic Movement Phase, for combat at the start of each individual combat, and for attrition during the Attrition Phase.

13.22 (Add) CP units in any of the three "K" hexes may use that hex as a secondary supply source. CP units outside those hexes, and all Allied units, may not use them as secondary supply sources.

16.2 (change) Last sentence should read 10 divisions, not 11.

17.4 (clarification) In combined play (only) this rule does replace the first sentence of TGWiE rule 6.12; all British units eliminated in Europe must be rebuilt in Europe.

17.7 (change) Do remove TGWiE chit 7.23 from play, instead of just treating it as no effect.

17.9 When using this rule remove the Arab Northern Army chit from play.