Alan R. Arvold


Due to the recent additions to the T.O.&E. (as of the late

1970's) of the Soviet Tank Regiments certain changes may be made

to the unit counters in the game.

A. Every Tank Regiment, whether in a Tank or Motorized Rifle

   Division, now has a Motorized Rifle Battalion organic to the

   regiment. This Motorized Rifle Battalion is in addition to all

   other motorized rifle battalions in the division. Hence all

   Tank Regiments now have a new counter with the following


   Attack Strength - 5

   Defence Strength - 3

   Movement Allowance - 12

   This Tank Regiment consists of 1488 men, 55 APC, 95 MBT, and

   12 SPAA.

B. In the Motorized Rifle Divisions the Tank Regiment is not

   always broken up to strengthen the Motorized Rifle "Assault"

   Battalions. Many times the Tank Regiment is kept intact to

   exploit a breakthrough or to provide a counterattack force to

   an enemy penetration. Thus the Soviet player now has an option

   for his Motorized Rifle Divisions which he must make before

   the begining of a game. Either the divisions will operate a

   Tank Regiment with the Motorized Rifle "Assault" Battalions

   operating at reduced strength or operate with no Tank Regiment

   and use the normal Motorized Rifle "Assault" Battalion

   counters. This choice may be made on an individual basis for

   each Motorized Rifle Regiment. The values for the reduced

   Motorized Rifle "Assault" Battalions is as follows:

   Attack Strength - 2

   Defence Strength - 2

   Movement Allowance - 12

   This reduced Motorized Rifle "Assault" Battalion consists of

   800 men, 40 APC, 13 MBT, 3 SPAA, 45 ATGM, 2 122mm How,

   6 120mm Mortars, 6 100mm AT Guns, and 2 73mm ATRR.

C. Motorized Rifle Divisions now have an independent Tank

   Battalion which is not part of any regiment, it operates on

   its own. Its missions are normally deep strike missions or

   penetrations, flanking movements, and for defence the

   division's final counterattack force. Thus all Motorized Rifle

   Divisions have an Independent Tank Battalion counter. The

   values for it are as follows:

   Attack Strength - 2

   Defence Strength - 1

   Movement Allowance - 12

   This Independent Tank Battalion consists of 265 men, 2 APC,

   and 51 MBT.

D. For the record the Soviet divisions are part of the following

   armies: 1st Guards Tank Army has the 27th Guards Motorized

   Rifle and the 9th Tank Divisions. 8th Guards Combined Arms

   Army has the 39th Guards Motorized Rifle, 57th Guards

   Motorized Rifle, and the 20th Guards Tank Divisions.