The Mythical Campaign Scenarios Mr. Hendrick gives are quite playable as a change of pace from the 18 historical scenarios. For those of you who are still jaded, here is yet another scenario, this time from the English Civil War. It hasn’t been adequately playtested, but appears to be even. The Royalist (Green) Player has the added fillip of making a desperation attack and of being able to turn Blue’s armaments against him, a common feature of war in this period. The Hendrick point system rates the armies at 124 for Parliament (rating force b at 1/6 p.v. because it arrives late and may not arrive at all) to 114 for Royalists (rating the PM and EA units at 1/3 normal for lack of ammunition).



        16 May 1643


FIRST PLAYER: Parliamentarians

Units: a) 8MP, 12PM, 1EA

       b) 2LC, 2DR, 4RC

Stacking: 2

Deployment: Force a) deploys within 4 hexes of hex 9



Units: 12PP, 8PM, 1EA, 5LC

Stacking: 2

Deployment: Within 8 hexes of hexes 6 or 8, or both


GAME LENGTH: 12 Game-Turns


VICTORY: Control of hex 9



1.     The Royalist EA may only fire once in the game. Royalist PMs may only fire once before the enemy EA is captured (see #3 below).

2.     The Parliament Player may neither move nor fire during his 1st Player-Turn. In effect, only the Royalist Player has a 1st Player-Turn.

3.     If the Parliament EA is captured (D result during Melee Combat), it may be manned by any Royalist PM. Replace it with a Green EA. In addition, any Royalist PM stacked with it at the beginning of any Movement Phase replenishes its ammunition and may fire for the remainder of the game.

4.     On Turn 6 the Parliament Player rolls one die. A roll of “1” or “2” indicates he receives reinforcement b) on any clear terrain hex between hexes 13 and 15.


Lord Stamford’s Parliament Army had just defeated Hopton’s Cornish Royalists, capturing their powder train. They then encamped on a hill and sent most of their Horse on a raid. Hopton rallied and sent his elite pikemen against the Roundhead camp, routing them and confirming the Royalist hold on Cornwall for a year.


         Lawrence P. Duffield



MOVES #18, p. 20

Transcribed by Mark Kindrachuk

August 2003