Alan R. Arvold


The following errata and optional rules the game Fulda Gap were

submitted to SPI in the late 1970's for consideration. They were

never published by them. Thus here they are.


[8.0] Divisional Integrity

General Rule: (Add) The following rules do not apply if the

division has lost one or more of its regiments/brigades.


(Add) [12.4] Warsaw Pact Divisions Fourth Regiments

Every Warsaw Pact Division (except Airborne and Airmobile) have a

fourth regiment which in the game is assumed to be broken up and

use to reinforce the other three regiments. While this is common

procedure in the Warsaw Pact it is not always done. Many times

the fourth regiment is held in reserve and is committed as a

separate unit, not as reinforcements. Thus the Warsaw Pact Player

may use the fourth regiment for each of his divisions. Each

motorized rifle division has a fourth tank regiment and each tank

division has a fourth motorized rifle regiment.


[12.41] At the beginning of any scenario the Warsaw Pact Player

decides which divisions will have four regiments and which

divisions will have three regiments. He also does this for all

divisions which enter the game as reinforcements at the beginning

of the game turn of entry. All units which begin or enter the

game do so in their untried status. Divisions which have four

regiments count all "Doubled" results on the Untried Unit Table

as "Normal" when determining the strength of its regiments.

Divisions which are only using three regiments may still accept

the "Doubled" result on the Untried Unit Table as "Doubled" when

determining the strength of its regiments.


[12.42] Divisions with four regiments may still use the

Divisional Integrity rules and all other rules which apply the

Warsaw Pact units. When the fourth regiment is destroyed the NATO

Player receives the the full point value for the destroyed unit.


[18.7] Alternative Air Superiority Procedure

(Add) During the Joint Air Superiority Turn both players each

throw one die. The number that comes up on each die is the number

of Air Superiority Points that each player may commit that turn.

This procedure does not apply during Game Turn 1 of the Trip-Wire

Scenario. It does apply in all further turns in that scenario and

in all turns in all other scenarios.


Fulda Gap Variant: Instead of withdrawing the 3/1 AD brigade on

the first turn commit it to battle on the first turn and the rest

of the 1st Armored Division enters the game as scheduled. (This

represents that the Soviet secondary drive through Hof Gap is

being contained and that the 1st Armored can be committed against

the Soviet drive through Fulda Gap.)