Record HT expenditures for Initiative and bids for proposed transactions.


Determine Initiative Order and Turn Order

Initiative Total (4.0): 2D + HT expenditure


A. Reveal and return to pool News chits in current turn space.

B. Draw fresh News chits.

News Chits Draw (6.0): 1D / 2 (round down)

C. Examine appropriate chits:

Eligibility for Chit Examination (6.0): 5HT and appropriate Connection Level


Conducted in Turn Order

Travel to destination Systems; resolve interception attempts. (Note that destination area within System must be declared before interception is announced. Also note that illegal hulls, pods, and commodities may not enter Spaceports with a Law Level greater than 2.)

Hyperjump Resolution (9.0): Successful if 2D is less than or equal to modified Jump Chance
Modifiers: Class C crew +1
Class B crew +3
Class A crew +5
Aug. Jump +2

Enter Safe Berth (9.3): Costs 5HT per ship per turn

Smuggling Check (16.0): Successful if modified 2D is greater than System Security Rating
Modifiers: Battle Com +3
Streamlined +2
If roll is equal to System's Security Rating, ship is placed in Spaceport and owner immediately loses 2D from his Reputation. Any illegal commodities are jettisoned (lost); a ship with an illegal hull or pods is confiscated (lost).
If roll is less than the System's Security Rating, the ship is lost with all cargo, and the owning player loses 3D from his Reputation.

5. TRANSACTIONS PHASE (For each commodity, in order determined by player with highest Initiative.)

Note: At beginning of Transactions Phase, Market Managers call for bids on products, then announce their bids on those products.

A. Resolve non-player market activity

Market Activity (12.0): 2D + commodity's S/D Modifier

B. Reveal bids.

C. Buy and sell commodities

Eligibility to buy/sell (12.0): If the S/D marker is at 0 or higher: the player who bid the greatest amount to purchase has the option to buy the commodity. (Ties go to the player with the highest Initiative.) The amount that may be bought is calculated as follows: The commodity's current price is subtracted from the amount offered, and the box furthest to the left on the S/D Track with a Price Modifier corresponding to that difference is located. 1 unit of the commodity may be purchased for each position the S/D marker is to the right of the box. If the S/D marker is at less than 0: the player who bid to sell at the lowest price has the option to sell the commodity, and the reverse procedure applies for calculating the amount that may be sold.

Gain Market Position (13.0): Successful if 2D is less than or equal to number of units bought or sold (minimum of 6 units). Note that gaining a market position adds 1 to the player's Business Connection Level, with a corresponding addition of 2 to his Reputation Level.

D. Modify commodity's market price according to S/D marker's final position on track.

E. Contractor/Market Manager may buy or sell up to five units at new market price. (Contractor may only use this ability if he or she did not place a bid.)


Conducted in Turn Order

* Receieve commodities produced in factories.

Factory Production (19.0): 1 unit per factory unit present

* Attempt sabotage (only once per turn per target)

Sabotage Attempt (20.0): Costs 20HT x System Law Level; 2D + Criminal Connection Level

* Attempt to undermine market position (only one attempt per player per turn).

Undermine Attempt (13.7): Costs 20HT; successful if 1D is less than difference between appropriate Connection Levels. (Either Business or Political Connections may be used.) If the undermine attempt is successful, the victim also loses 2 from his Reputation Level. If the attempt failed, the undermining player loses a number of Reputation Levels equal to the amount by which the result failed.

* Hire Agents

Hire Agent Attempt (17.0): Successful if 2D x 5 is less than or equal to HT's expended

* Embark passengers in eligible spaceships.

Available Passengers (15.0): Number of groups equals sum of origin and destination Systems' Spaceport Classes; receive 5HT per group embarked. (Carrier must have Reputation 15 or higher.)

* Use opportunity chit previously examined.

Illegal Goods Available (6.2, 16.1): Up to ten units may be bought at the listed price by a player who has a ship On Planet in the indicated system.

* Sell illegal commodities.

Illegal Transactions (8.5, 16.2, 16.3): May only be conducted while On Planet. Sale price of illegal commodities is determined via the Black Market Table (16.6).


Conducted Simultaneously in any order.

* Purchase increase in Reputation Level.

Increase Reputation (21.0): Costs 20HT; Levels of increase equal to 1D (no increase on roll of 6)

* Purchase warehouse units.

Purchase warehouse units (14.1): 20 per unit; each unit has a capacity of 10 cargo units.

* Purchase and sell factory units.

Factory Availability (19.1, 19.3): Only for those commodities which are abundant in the System; in addition, a player may never have more factory units in all Star Systems than the total of his Business and Political Connection Levels.

Purchase Factory (19.0): [(5 x current commodity price) + 10HT] per factory unit

Sell Factory to Market (19.4): (5 x commodity current price) per factory unit

* Purchase, repair, or sell spaceships, hulls, pods.

Purchase Ship (8.0): Hull list price + pods list price + (required Crew Groups x Crew Class Bounty [if using bounties]); once purchased, place ship in shipyard. During next Investment Phase, place ship currently in shipyard in spaceport.

Sell Ship (8.4): 10 x (3D - Spaceport Class) equals percentage of list price received. (Round to nearest whole number.)

Repair (7.8): See Summary of Ship Hull and Pod Characteristics for cost.

Store Pod in Warehouse (8.3, 14.6): Takes up 5 cargo units of space.

* Hire or replace spaceship crews.

* Pay crew salary (if using salaries).

Unpaid Salary (8.8): Lose crew (and ship if not in a Spaceport) and 2 Reputation Levels.

* Take out loans.

Loan Availability (18.1): 100HT per ship + 20HT per factory and warehouse unit + assets

4-Turn Interest Payment (18.0): (Principal-Reputation) / 20 (round off to nearest whole number; minimum of 1HT).

8-Turn Interest Payment (18.0): (Principal-Reputation) / 10 (round off to nearest whole number; minimum of 1HT).

* Pay off interest on existing loan or repay debt in full.

Missed Interest Payment (18.2): Reputation Level reduced by 4; add the missed interest to the amount of the debt (but do not recalculate interest).

Insufficient Funds for Repayment (18.4): Sell ships and factories according to 8.4 and 19.4; warehouses may be sold for 20HT each; a ship not in Spaceport may sold at a flat fee of 50HT.

* Increase Connection Levels. (one level in one Connection per turn)

Gain Connection Level (5.0): Costs 10HT x new Level; gain 1 Reputation Level for each Political Connection Level increase; gain 2 Reputation Levels for each Business Connection Level increase; lose 1 Reputation Level for each Criminal Connection Level increase.


A. Conduct Federal Patrol Sweeps

Sweep (10.3): Successful evasion if modified 2D is greater than System Patrol Value. (Modifier: + 2 if ship has a Battle Comm Pod.) If evasion is unsuccessful, ship must be immediately moved to the Spaceport box; if ship is illegal, it must immediately attempt to land On Planet (16.0). If a ship fails to evade a Patrol Sweep, the owning player immediately loses a number of Reputation Levels equal to the dice result.

B. Consult Inquiry Table as required.

Inquiry Check (21.2): An inquiry occurs if 1D is greater than the player's Reputataion Level.

Political Conection Modifier (21.6): Player or supporting player's Political Connection Level 5-8: subtract 1 from the roll on the Inquiry Table. Player or supporting player's Political Connection Level 9 or 10: subtract 2 from the roll on the Inquiry Table.

C. Raise Reputation Levels (not above 20) for players whose current Levels are 1-19 and did not undergo an inquiry this Phase.

D. Award Reputation Bonuses for Reputation Levels 25 or higher.

E. Re-invert any Jump Failed counters to spaceship side.


Interrupts Hyperjump Phase as required.

A. Interception Segment

Interception (10.0): Successful if intercepting ship's modified Interception Rating + 1D is greater than or equal to evading ship's modified Interception Rating + 1D.
Modifiers to Interception Rating (10.1):
+1 if the ship has a Battle Comm Pod
+1 if the ship has a Class A crew
-1 if the ship has a Class D crew

B. Attack Segment

Fire Procedure (10.0): 1D + firing ship's Combat Strength (consult Combat Results Table)

Missile Fire (10.0): Target destroyed if 1D is equal to or less than the number of hits inflicted on target this Round

C. Salvage Segment

Salvage Attempt (11.4): 10 x (2D-2) equals percentage of commodity that can be salvaged. (Roll for each commodity; round fractions up.) Commodities from ships that are destroyed by missiles may not be salvaged. If more than one player's ships are capable of taking salvage, the players choose their salvage in Initiative Order.