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Issue 1, February 1997

History: Cowpens on the Web

February 1997: there is little on the web currently that looks at the Battle of Cowpens. As part of the American History Archives project there is a short description of the battle, including a map. There is an evocative print by Don Troiani called "The Battle of Cowpens", which is worth viewing.

The National Park Service provides a short guide to the Cowpens National Battlefield while the Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection at The University of Texas at Austin has a collection of maps of National Historic & Military Parks, Memorials, and Battlefields and two maps relating to Cowpens, one of the battle itself and another showing the location of the battle.

For visitors, the Spartanburg Chamber of Commerce lists the battlefield as a local attraction, and it also features on the Upcountry Carolina points of interest and in the South Carolina History. There is also a picture of a reenactment of Cowpens on the actual battlefield, part of a photo tour of South Carolina.

If you know of anything more on the web relating to the Battle of Cowpens, please let us know.

Issue 1: American Legions: The Battle of Cowpens

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