INTRO: Wolfpack is an historical simulation of the decisive North Atlantic conflict of World War II in which the German U-boat "packs" preyed on Allied merchant convoys and almost succeeded in severing Britain's vital sea communications with North America - "democracy's arsenal".

GAME SCALE: Each hex is forty-three nautical miles across, units individual U-boats, U-boat packs, Air Groups, convoys and escort groups, each turn represent twenty-four hours.

MINI-REVIEW: This game is probably the best strictly solitaire game produced. A game that moves at medium speed and complexity, Wolfpack gives the feeling of exasperation when a convoy zigs when you were prepared for the kill. The convoys move by a simple system. The time period is February to May 1943 with each month a different scenario. Optional rules include "schnorkels", Type XXI U-boats, free Allied air group deployment, increased Allied Air commitment and increased U-boat production. I just wish my newly acquired copy had all the counters.

Game introductions in italics are directly from the game rules or game box.