Wacht am Rhein

INTRO: Wacht am Rhein is a grand tactical simulation of the Battle of the Bulge which occurred from December 16, 1944 to the beginning of January, 1945, in the heavily forested Ardennes region of Belgium.

GAME SCALE: Each hex is one mile across, units are mainly battalions with break-down companies and some regiments, each AM and PM game turns are 4 1/2 hours per turn. The Night game turn is 14 hours.

MINI-REVIEW: I believe this is the only game that gives a feel of managing combat units in a fluid situation. While moving your units in March Mode down the twisting roads of the Ardennes you are vulnerable, can receive enemy artillery attacks from miles away and have problems crossing bridges. A great game even if it's rules are outdated and has an ugly but functional map.

Game introductions in italics are directly from the game rules or game box.