Napoleon's Last Battles

INTRO: Napoleon's Last Battles is an operational level simulation of the battle which comprised the Campaign of 1815 in Belgium, which was the culmination of Napoleon's brief, hundred-day reign after his return from exile on the island of Elba. The four battles are Ligny, Quatre Bras, Wavre and Waterloo; the components of these four games may be linked together by owners of the entire QuadriGame to create the campaign Game.

GAME SCALE: Hexes are 480 meters across, each strength point represents between 350 and 750 men, or one battery of artillery. The Game-Turns are hourly.

MINI-REVIEW: If you want a game with strategy and tactics wrapped up in one game you have found it. I don't think Napoleon has a chance in this game but it is fun to try for the big win.

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