The Marne

INTRO: The Marne recreates on a divisional scale the climatic battle of the opening campaign of the First World War. This was the Allied counter-offensive that shattered the right wing of the German Schlieffen Plan, drove the Kaiser's armies out of range of Paris and decided that the war would not end in 1914. The game covers the critical days of September, 1914 as the French an British armies, retreating towards Paris, rallied and counter-attacked.

GAME SCALE: Units are divisions, each turn is one day, and an unknown ground scale (but Paris is eight hexes).

MINI-REVIEW: This game is interesting in that you can move, attack then move or you can move, move then attack in your turn. The game starts with the French and British retreating ONTO the map with the German units right behind. The game is ugly, the rules are simple and its fun to play either side.

Game introductions in italics are directly from the game rules or game box.