Cedar Mountain

INTRO: Cedar Mountain is a simulation of the battle, on 9 August 1862, between the Union forces of General Nathaniel Banks and the Confederate forces of General Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson. The battle was one of those sharp but indecisive battles unique to the American Civil War. Banks launched his attack even though greatly outnumbered and caught the Valley Army unprepared. The battle that followed was ultimately a Confederate victory, but it can also be seen as an effective Union spoiling attack. It is Volume 4 of the Great Battles of The American Civil War.

GAME SCALE: Individual artillery pieces, 100 men per strength point and 125 yards per hex and thirty minute turns.

MINI-REVIEW: My first game of Cedar Mountain was a loss because I failed to gain the ridge as the Union. I should have used that last movement point to move onto the ridge at the Wheatfield. I was at a disadvantage when the Confederates controlled the Steep Crest. The cornfield in the valley is an interesting bit of terrain to consider in this battle. I prefer this game of all the GBACW with a possible exception for Terrible Swift Sword.

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