Blue & Gray Quad

INTRO:The Blue & Gray Game System is an operational simulation of warfare during the American Civil War era.

GAME SCALE: Each hex is 400 meters across, each strength point represents 250 to 350 men.

MINI-REVIEW: This series does only a fair job of giving you a simulation of the American Civil War battles. They aren't even good games. They are however fun and easy to teach. I prefer the newer DG/SPI version.

CREDITS - System Design: Irad B. Hardy - Development: (1st ed) Irad B. Hardy, John M. Young, Thomas Walczyk, Edward Curran & Christopher J. Allen, (2nd ed) David J & Deborah C. Ritchie, (3rd ed) Mike Bennighof - Graphics: (1st ed) Redmond A. Simonsen, (2nd ed) Ivor M. Janci, (3rd ed map) Joseph Youst, (3rd ed counters) Rick Pavek & David McElhannon

Reviews of individual games:

INTRO: Antietam is a tactical level simulation of the bloodiest one day battle ever to be fought on North American soil. It was the culmination of the Confederate summer offensive of 1862 and marked the end of the first Southern invasion of the North.

MINI-REVIEW: I can take it or leave it. Playing the Union is exasperating with the movement restrictions. The Union Player may move 15 of his units on Game-Turn One and only 10 units on all other turns unless the Confederate player crosses Antietam creek to the Union side.

Cemetery Hill
INTRO: Cemetery Hill is a simulation, on an operational level, of the battle between the Army of the Potomac and the Army of Northern Virginia at the town of Gettysburg, Pa. The game covers the period from 1 July to 4 July, 1863 when these two armies fought the bloodiest battle in American history to that point.

MINI-REVIEW: The game does not work out like history. The battle lines tend to be East-West rather than North-South in my games. I didn't learn anything from this game.

INTRO: Chickamauga is a simulation on a Grand Tactical level of the battle which took place between the Union Army of the Cumberland and the Confederate Army of the Tennessee in September, 1863.

MINI-REVIEW: Now I really like this game. You never seem to get that flank covered properly.

INTRO: Shiloh is a tactical level simulation of the largest single battle in US military history up to that date. Before the two-day battle was ended, elements of three complete armies totaling 100,000 men had participated, as well as elements of the US Navy. AT the end of the second day, over 23,000 men were casualties.

MINI-REVIEW: This game is fun but I don't believe the Confederate player can win against a competent Union player.

Game introductions in italics are directly from the game rules or game box.