Attack in the Ardennes

INTRO:Attack in the Ardennes is a game on the German counter-offensive on the western front in December, 1944. The game covers the critical period of action from December 16 through December 26.

GAME SCALE: Each turn represents twelve hours, each unit represents regiments and brigades, an unknown ground scale and point-to-point movement.

MINI-REVIEW: I like this game better than A House Divided even though it is basically the same game system. Here you have a front line to break or patch, it is a favorite battle and I've been there. While there is no stacking restrictions, you do have a limit of how many units may move down the three different classes of roads in a turn.

CREDITS - 19?? (Unknown!) Design: Frank Chadwick - Development: John M. Astell & John Harshman - Graphics: Paul R. Banner

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