Armor at Kursk

Armor at Kursk is a two player operational level simulation game depicting the largest single tank battle in this history of warfare. This battle was fought on July 12, 1943, between the German SS Panzer Korps and the Russian 5th Guards Tank Army, just south of a small Russian town called Prochorovka (occasionally spelled Prokhorovka or Prokchorovka). This battle was the climax of the Kursk campaign.

The SS Panzer Korps began its attack on July 3rd, and spent the next 8 days breaking through the dense Russian defensive positions. During the late afternoon and evening of the 11th, the SS Panzer Korps broke through the defenses. The Russian 32st Tank Corps was thrown in to counter-attack, but was repulsed with heavy losses. The Germans spent the night of the 11/12th reorganizing, and attacked northward before dawn on the 12th. As dawn broke the lead German elements ran head on into the lead elements of the 5th Guards Tank Army and the battle was on. It was to last all day, in confused and savage fighting at close ranges. In the end, the Russians were driven back to the town of Prochorovka, but the Germans were unable to push them any further. Over 1500 tanks had been involved (700 German and 800 Russian). Losses exceeded three hundred tanks on each side.

But for all that, the battle was inconclusive. The Russians were not destroyed,and the Germans ran out of time. Allied operations in the Mediterranean required the immediate transfer of the 1st and 2nd SS Divisions to Italy. Ther Germans had staked the war on one battle, and had achieved at best a draw. From that time onward, the Germans would grow consistently weaker, the Russians progressively stronger. A decisive German victory at Prochorovka would have opened the road to Kursk. Capture of that city, and the destruction of the Russian strategic reserves, might have turned the war around for the Germans. Because they never won at Prochorovka, ther Germans never had that chance.

Publisher: Task Force Games - 1979
Designer: Stephen V. Cole
Developer: R. Vance Buck
Graphics: Allen D. Eldridge, R. Vance Buck, Stephen V. Cole

Each hex is 400 meters across, each turn is one hour and the units are battalions or battalion-sized units.

Armore at Kursk, previously called Prochorovka is a simple game and meant to be played in less than two hours. The combatants start intertwined and are separated into three arenas of battle by the Psel river and the eighteen foot high railroad embankment. There are no zones of control. Armor at Kursk is a re-issue of Prochorovka with additional designer notes and errata which is on the last page and not inserted into the text of the rules. It would be OK for teaching wargames or running a tournament but not for serious gaming.


	A special Initiative Turn is played prior to the first Game-Turn

	A. First Player Phase
		1. Movement Phase
		2. Combat Phase
		3. Inverted Unit Recovery Segment
	B. Second Player Phase
		1. Movement Phase
		2. Combat Phase
		3. Inverted Unit Recovery Segment

In case you need to replace a counter.


All three SS Panzergrenadier Divisions have the same composition.

L = Liebstandarte Adolf Hitler - 1st SS Panzergrenadier Division
R = Das Reich - 2nd SS Panzergrenadier Division
T - Totenkopt - 3rd SS Panzergrenadier Division

One 3-6-7 Armored Recon Battalion
One 10-4 Tiger Tank Battalion
One 9-7 Panther Tank Battalion
Two 7-6 Panzer IV Tank Battalions
One 6-6 Assault Battalion
Two 4-6-7 Mechanized Infantry Battalions
Four 3-5-6 Motorized Infantry Battalions
Two 1-2-18/A-3-4 Towed Artillery Battalions
One 1-2-16/S-6-6 Self-Propelled Artillery Battalion
One 2-4-5 Engineer Battalion

SS Corps Units:
Two 1-2-18/A-3-4 Towed Artillery Battalions
One 1-0-24/A-1-4 Long-Ranged Towed Artillery Battalion (170mm guns)
Two 1-2-16/S-6-6 Self-Propelled Artillery Battalions
One 2-4-5 Engineer Battalion


There are four Tank Corps (2nd, 18th, 29th 31st) and one Mech Corps (33rd) in the game. The 31st Tank Corps had been badly handled by the SS Corps the previous day and is now understrength.

The 2nd, 18th and 29th Tank Corps have the same composition.
One 8-6 KV-1 Tank Brigade
Two 6-7 T34c Tank Brigades
Three 2-3-6 Motorized Infantry Battalions
One 3-1-7/S-1-6 Mortar Regiment
One 1-3-2/D-6-6 Anti-Tank Regiment
One 3-1-10/X2-1-4 Towed Artillery Brigade

The 31st Tank Corps remnants.
Two 6-7 T34c Tank Brigades
Two 2-3-6 Motorized Infantry Battalions
One 3-1-10/X2-1-4 Towed Artillery Brigade

The 33rd Mech Corps reinforcement composition:
One 8-6 KV-1 Tank Brigade
Three 4-7 T34c Tank Regiments
Nine 2-3-6 Motorized Infantry Battalions
Three 3-1-7/S-1-6 Mortar Regiments
Three 1-3-2/D-6-6 Anti-Tank Regiments
One 3-1-10/X3-1-4 Towed Artillery Brigade
One 2-3-2/D-6-6 Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun Regiment
One 2-1-4 Engineer Battalion

Game introductions in italics are directly from the game rules or game box.

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