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Game: Time of Crisis

Publisher: GMT Games
Article ID: 6 Date: 1/4/2020 2:23:00 PM Time of Crisis on New Year's Eve!
"A perfect way to start celebrating the New Year - a decent game with the great company! That is exactly Time of Crisis in my regular boardgamers group! Enjoy short after action report from a fresh session!" Shared by the good folks at the Boardgames Chronicle site.
Article ID: 5 Date: 9/15/2019 Time of Crisis using Bots
If you don't have enough players, The Boardgames Chronicle, lets you know how GMT's Time of Crisis plays with Bots
Article ID: 4 Date: 8/20/2019 6:34:00 PM Mid-week session with Time of Crisis
The good folks at Boardgames Chronicle recently produced an "unboxing" article, but now they're back with a more detailed game replay article.
Article ID: 3 Date: 5/12/2019 6:43:00 PM Time of Crisis: Unboxing
Unboxing video by the Boardgames Chronicle. Session reports to follow...
Article ID: 2 Date: 4/28/2019 2:02:00 PM Time of Crisis - "Age of Iron and Rust" Expansion
The eagerly awaited (at least by me) "Age of Iron and Rust" Expansion as well as base game finally arrived! So it was good opportunity - together with Adrian, Pawel and Lukasz - to answer the question who deserves to rule the Rome during it largest crisis since its beginning? Have a enjoyable read - short photo-session-report...
Article ID: 1 Date: 7/18/2017 Time of Crisis board game review by Space-Biff!
I love that Time of Crisis is thick with history, with simulation, with the feel of playing at war and politics — that it does a superb job of replicating an incredibly complicated period of history in a compelling and legible manner — but all without ever feeling particularly complicated itself. As far as games of this caliber go, it’s downright breezy.

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