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Game: Sixth Fleet

Publisher: Victory Games
Article ID: 652 Date: 9/5/2019 7:00:00 AM Sixth Fleet: ASW in the Med
Brief after-action report of Scenario 1 from Victory Games’ 1986 classic, "Sixth Fleet" designed by Joe Balkoski. This is a simple short scenario with clear objectives: sink the other guy’s subs before the end of Turn 9. Article shared by Brad Smith on his outstanding (and newly redesigned) Hexsides & Hand Grenades blog.
Article ID: 651 Date: 4/1/2019 4:30:00 PM Channeling Your Inner Tom Clancy and Larry Bond!
Outstanding review of this old classic shared by "The Players Aid" blog. Love seeing great old games like this one still getting attention, and table-time.
Article ID: 650 Date: 2/16/2016 2:07:00 PM Sixth Fleet - Operation Minotaur
Can Gaddafi win? Blogger Brad plays out a "third-party" scenario for Sixth Fleet that brings the French into action!
Article ID: 649 Date: 2/3/2016 10:18:00 AM Sixth Fleet - Libyan - American War
"I ...managed in both games to sink the USS Ramsy." Blogger Brad has tips for playing Scenario 7 from Victory Games' Sixth Fleet, which he calls a "gem of a game." How to be lucky Libyans!
Article ID: 648 Date: 9/8/2014 9:13:00 PM The General: Scenarios for Sixth Fleet
"Across the Years" - Scenarios for Sixth Fleet. Scan of General article written by James E. Meldrum.
Article ID: 647 Date: 2/24/2012 3:27:00 AM Sixth Fleet Still Sails Swift and Strong: A Review
The title is longer than the review, but still worth a read. Share by Brad Smith on BGG.
Article ID: 646 Date: 2/4/2007 12:29:00 AM My first real wargame and the beginning of the Fleet Series
Brief but worthwhile review from Tim Korchnoi on BGG.
Article ID: 644 Date: 8/15/1990 10:00:00 AM Sixth Fleet Article Index
Index of articles that contain info about Sixth Fleet.
Article ID: 643 Date: 9/1/1986 10:00:00 AM Errata as of 1-Sep-1986
Errata to bring it into line with 2nd Fleet.
Article ID: 645 Date: 6/15/1986 10:00:00 AM Errata from Victory Insider
Errata from "Victory Insider"

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