Bill Ramsay - 05:33am Jul 4, 2001 PST (#1994 of 1994)
"Steady Monty. You can't speak to me like that. I'm your boss." - Ike

Richard Berg asked me to post the following photos from his trip to the World Boardgame Championships (note that all comments are Richard's, and he bears sole responsibility for them):

Mark Herman destroying another gamer's career at FOR THE PEOPLE

Ted raicer ruminates about taking Mark Herman's advice about PATHS OF GLORY. Or maybe it's just that tooth abcess.

Doc and Callie Decision (Cummins) casting a wary eye at a group of Eurogamers.

Mike Welker (left) and Rob Winslow, two more for the PEOPLE grinder.

The Fox at Rivoli (an upcoming game)

The brace of interactive Waterloo games provided by Breakaway Games.

Dave Powell visits the (Euro)Loo.

Terry Coleman and Roger Taylor duke it out at Heraclea for the GBoH Laurel Wreath.

Dave Powell and Rick Barber discuss building a hacienda on the CONRAILS map.

Evan Jones introducing one and all to THE SON OF HEAVEN (who is obviously not a hairdresser).

Midnight OUTBREAK game, with the Prime Minister of 'Mbuku phoning his doctor to ask what the symptoms of Ebola are.