Alan R. Arvold


   The following errata and clarifications are for the Special

Panzerblitz Issue of the Boardgamer magazine which was published

in March 2001. Anyone wishing to purchase a copy of this issue

can do so from the Boardgamer magazine which has a website at Most of the errors listed are simple

typos and will be corrected in the next printing of the magazine.

As more errors are noticed this list will be updated.



Page 22 - Prokhorovka Situation #6, Russian Order of Battle,

          Group C: There should be two KV-1c's, not one.

Page 26 - Historical Addendum to Prokhorovka, Third Column,

          German Forces: The 55th Werfer Battalion should be the

          55th Werfer Regiment.

Page 37 - Situation 17, German Order of Battle, Group E:

          The two Sg IIIb should be two SG IIIb.

Page 73 - Situation #26, Scenario Introduction, 5th Line: The

          word Grendadier should be Grenadier.

Page 73 - Situation #26 - Russian Order of Battle, Group A:

          The Weapons Class for the M-13 should be H, not J.

          (There is no Weapons Class J in Panzerblitz.)

Page 74 - Situation #27 - Russian Order of Battle, Group C:

          The Weapons Class for the M-13 should be H, not J.


Countersheet - The German Sd Kfz 10/4 and the Ostwind counters

               should have a Weapons Class of H, not A.

               Two of the German Motorcycle units are missing

               their Range Factors and have their Weapons Class

               printed where the Range Factor should be. The

               other two German Motorcycle units are correct


               The T-34 counters are T-34a, not T-34c.

               The Churchill Mk counters should be Churchill

               Mk III.



Through out the book the Russian BT-8 is listed as having a

Weapons Class of H. This is not a typo. In the original article

where the BT-8 was introduced back in the General Vol.13-3 it was

listed as having a Weapons Class of A. This has since been proven

to be in error. The BT-8, which is in reality the BT-7a, was a

support tank which carried a little snub-nosed 76.2mm/L16.5 gun.

This gun fired HE as their primary round. Although the gun did

have an AP round, it was for self-defence only. The majority of

the rounds that this tank carried were HE due to its support

role. Hence the change to the present Weapons Class of H.