Dean Essig - Jun 21, 2004 10:54 am (#20919 Total: 20921)

To get an original DAK up to DAKII, you'll need:

1) OCS v3.1 rules & charts & tables 2) DAKII vol 1 rules 3) DAKII vol 2 rules 4) DAKII vol 3 charts & tables 5) All the DAKII unit countersheets 6) All five DAKII maps

That'll get you completely up to snuff by-passing the Map E abstract, the additional copy of vol III provided, and the marker countersheets.

An incomplete, but ad hoc version can be made by getting:

1) OCS v3.1 & tables 2) The shipping table below 3) DAKII vol 1 rules (that one for sure) and the published errata for 1st ed DAK.