Chariot Lords

Sequence of Play

Turn sequence is random, determined by draw of a chit for each power

If Beloved of the gods, get two turns one immediately after the other. Victory points are counted each time.

  1. New units/replacements are placed on the map.
    1. Units on Turn Arrival Chart, placed regardless of enemy
    2. Replacements - placement is optional
      1. from dead, 1 replacement - one permanently destroyed
        1. exception, Major empires who have lost face, 1 for 2 destroyed
        2. if only 1 unit, optional 50/50 die roll. Replace or destroy.
      2. Placed in same areas as new (or see areas listed on chart), but areas cannot be occupied
      3. no more than one replacement/per area controlled
        1. except Libya, Nubia, Aramea, one replacement even if no area

  2. Movement
    1. Sea Movement first
      1. Uses up entire movement
      2. Egypt, Assyria, Achaea, 3 units move up to 6 areas
      3. Libyans, Arameans, Chaldeans, Cimmerians - not allowed
      4. Others - 3 units - move up to 3 areas
    2. Movement allowance
      1. Foot, Siege,Terror and Chosen People: 3
      2. Rulers, Cavalry and Chariots: 4
      3. Mountains cost 2
        1. If controlled at time of entry: 1
        2. Exception - Media and Cimmerians: 1
    3. Move through enemy occupied area, only if 2x as many left behind
      1. Exception, can move through Canaan if permission given
      2. Can leave area with enemy units if you start there
      3. Can leave area if “invading”
    4. Desert
      1. Arabian - enterable by Arameans only - 2 for movement purposes
      2. Libyan - only Libyans can enter
      3. Pelusium and Sinai - normal movement for all
    5. Check stacking, limit is 5
      1. Exception, Canaan is 3
      2. Canaan with Ruler is 5
    6. Meshwesh if left alone, desert

  3. Battle -each side follows procedure. defender first, losses simultaneous
    1. if prevent control, country may move units in from adjacent area
      1. must control area at start of turn
      2. units moving in can not be pinned - 2:1
      3. Ruler may move in if with a combat unit
      4. Terror/Siege may move in if with a foot unit
    2. Declare die adjustments
      1. Attacking ruler may affect 2 combats within 3 areas, +1 to die
      2. Defending ruler affects combat in area only, +1 to die
      3. Terror/Siege, Fertile only, +1 to die for up to two foot units
      4. Judah, if Godly, die adjustments are cumulative
        1. +1 against Canaanite or Sea Peoples
        2. +1 if attacking the province of Judah
    3. Each side follows the procedure - defender first, loses simultaneous
      1. opposite side places units in a row
      2. player places his units one-to-one, then extra units as desired
      3. Resolve battle
      4. loses taken from Meshwesh first
      5. eliminated Libyan (when fighting Egypt/Nubia) checked for Meshwesh
        1. 1-4 normal dead pile
        2. 5-6 Meshwesh for Egypt/Nubia, within 2 areas
      6. Rulers left alone are eliminated
      7. check for Vassals
    4. after first round, either side may retreat, defender first
      1. sole Ruler may prohibit
      2. defender retreats to adjacent area
        1. not occupied by any foreign nation
        2. not to space where attacker came from
      3. attacker retreats into area from which he entered, not occupied!
    5. Libyans only get one round, except on 4th turn, then normal
    6. sole Ruler may force third round

  4. Redeploy
    1. Moving player moves again
      1. may move only through controlled areas or areas moved through
      2. must be free of enemy units
        1. exception, units redeploying after two battle rounds may move through occupied spaces that they moved through
      3. units that entered by Sea may redeploy back to area they left
  5. Victory Point addition
  6. Judah checks for breaking God's law (1-3 ok)/repenting (1-2 repented)
After each side has had a turn, Remove all Rulers

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