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Axis strategy by Bruce Monnin
Rules clarifications by Avaloncon GM's
Vol 1, Issue #3
U-boat strategy by Steve Packwood
Vol 2, Issue #2
Part 1 of a three match series replay by Ray Freeman, Bruce Monnin and Ron Artigues
Vol 2, Issue #3
Part 2 of a three match series replay by Ray Freeman, Bruce Monnin, John Pack and Ron Artigues
Vol 3, Issue #3
Allied opening strategy by Jonathan Lockwood
Vol 5, Issue #4
10 Quick Tips for play by Tim Hitchings
Vol 6, Issue #1
A short War At Sea variant accounting for timeliness and damage to Allied convoys by Michael Knautz
Vol 8, Issue #1
A series replay featuring Jim Laws vs Bob Hamel
Vol 8, Issue #3
Short proposed rules modifications by Tom Cundiff
Campaign #73
German Strategy: War at Sea (Jedko): Steve Jane (Strategy)
Campaign #76
Thumbnail Analysis: War at Sea: Don Lowry (Review)
Campaign #103
Thumbnail Analysis: War at Sea 2: Kevin Pollock (Review)
Campaign #105
German Strategy in War At Sea: Dan Steinberg (Strategy)
Beginnerís Guide to Strategy Gaming
War at Sea: Bob Proctor (Review)
F&M #62
World War II Anthology: Chapter 2: The Naval Anthology: John Vanore (Review)
GENERAL Magazine
General Vol.13, #3
Basic Probability For War At Sea: At Sea With The Fuzzy Wuzzy Formula: R.Hamblen
War At Sea in the Mediterranean: R.Hamblen
General Vol.13, #4
Series Replay: War At Sea: R.Hamblen, M.Uhl, D.Greenwood
General Vol.13, #5
Contest #75
General Vol.13, #6
Tirpitz & The Die-Roller: Or, at Sea With the Binomial Distribution: C.Ransom
General Vol.14, #3
War at Sea and the French Navy, Variant, 28, Dr. Joseph Connolly
General Vol.14, #4
Victory at Sea, Richard Hamblen
General Vol.15, #3
War at Sea and the Russian Navy, Variant, 28, Sean Canfield
General Vol.15, #5
Tournament Level War at Sea, Variant, 22, War at Sea as a Simulation, Richard Bauer
General Vol.15, #6
Realistic Victory at Sea, Variant, 26, Kurt Kimball
General Vol.16, #3
The Ships of War At Sea, Strategy/Historical, 12, A Look Behind the Names on the Counters, Kevin Duke
General Vol.16, #5
Montgomery at Sea: Allied Strategy in WAR AT SEA: J.Pelliccia
General Vol.17, #1
Series Relay: WAR AT SEA, So Much for the Med: A.Moon, R.Hamblen, D.Greenwood
General Vol.17, #6
War At Sea '81, Variant, 18, In Defense of Historical Verity, Jim Davis
General Vol.18, #4
British Strategy in War At Sea, Strategy, 40, Six Ways to Domination of the European Theatre, Ray Freeman
General Vol.22, #1
The Mediterranean Strategy Revisited, Strategy, 33, Alternative British Opening Strategy, David Hablanian
General Vol.22, #6
Commander's Notebook, Analysis, 28, War at Sea, Robert Harmon
General Vol.28, #4
Rheinubung on the Chesapeake: 1992 AvalonCon WAR AT SEA Tournament: B.Monnin
QUESTION BOX: 13-5, 22-1
Panzerfaust #70
Thumbnail Analysis: War at Sea (Jedko): Don Lowry (Review)