Vol 2, Issue #3
Victory in the Pacific: Reflections on the Tournament Trail: Alan Applebaum
Vol 2, Issue #4
Comprehensive strategy article by Alan Applebaum
Vol 3, Issue #2
A simultaneous movement variant by Jonathan Lockwood
Vol 4, Issue #2
A game narrative by Mike Crowe
Vol 6, Issue #1
An article explaining the use of chess clocks to speed play by Al Wong
Vol 7, Issue #2
Rules for an Atlantic Fleet variant by Michael Knautz
An Australian strategy by Mike Day
Vol 8, Issue #3
Short proposed rules modifications by Tom Cundiff
Vol 8, Issue #4
An analysis of Turn 2 strategies for the Allies by Tim Tow
Vol 9, Issue #1
An analysis of the sea areas by Attilio Tribuzi
Vol 9, Issue #3
The strategy of using landing forces by Bob Hamel
Campaign #82
Thumbnail Analysis: Victory in the Pacific: Don Lowry (Review)
Campaign #85
Victory in the Pacific: A Review: Gerald Lannigan (Review)
Japanese Strategy in Victory in the Pacific: Don Lowry (Strategy)
Campaign #88
Rebalancing Victory in the Pacific: Tom Dworschak (Analysis)
Canadian Wargamers Journal #5
USN Groundwork for Victory: Victory in the Pacific strategy notes: B. Albrecht (Strategy)
F&M #12
The Sun Also Rises: Games of WWII in the Pacific: Friedrich Hefflerich (Review)
F&M #68
World War II Anthology: Chapter 5: The Pacific Theater: Friedrich Hefflerich (Review)
F&M #71
A Survey: Simulating World War II Pacific Strategy: John Sokol and Bill Miller (Review)
Beginnerís Guide to Strategy Gaming
Victory in the Pacific: Bob Proctor (Review)
GENERAL Magazine
General Vol.14, #4
Victory in the Pacific, Nuts, Bolts, Philosophy and Design, Richard Hamblen
Victory at Sea, Richard Hamblen
Contest #80
General Vol.14, #6
Victory in the Pacific Replay, Series Replay, 14, Staff
General Vol.15, #2
Air Power in the Pacific, Strategy, 29, Harry Buchanan
General Vol.15, #6
Realistic Victory at Sea, Richard Hamblen
General Vol.17, #3
Air Power in VITP, Variant units and rules, Craig Burke
General Vol.17, #4
TKO in Three, Strategy, 29, Japanese Strategy in Victory in the Pacific, Alan R. Moon
General Vol.17, #6
The Maniacal Approach, Strategy, 39, Countering the TKO in VITP, Ed O'Connor
General Vol.18, #2
Pearl Harbor Defended, Strategy, 29, Response to the Ideal Japanese VITP Strategy, James M. Lutz
General Vol.18, #3
More Realism For VITP, Variant, 27, A Collection of Optional Rules for VITP, Robert Caleater
General Vol.18, #6
The British Fleet in Victory in the Pacific, Variant, 21, Expanding the British Role in VITP, J. Davis, R. Hamblen
Blitz Japanese, Article, 29, How to Pronounce Oi, Ise, Hiei, et al, C. Roehl, G. Beard
General Vol.19, #6
VITP Play by Mail with Simultaneous Movement, Play-By-Mail, 5, A System for Expanding Enjoyment, James Lutz
VITP Series Replay, Series Replay, 9, VITP-PBM-SM, Staff
Contest #112
General Vol.20, #1
Series Replay, Series Replay, 34, VITP-PBM-SM, Part II, Staff
General Vol.22, #2
T.K.O. in Two, Strategy, 35, An American Strategy for VITP, P.Hanson, B.Schroedr
General Vol.23, #1
This is No Drill, Variant, 22, Historical Views and Variants for VITP, David Porter
General Vol.23, #5
Pilots, Man Your Planes, Strategy, 33, A Commander's Notebook for VITP, Robert Harmon
General Vol.25, #4
Keep On Truk-In', Strategy, 36, Strategy & Tactics for Victory in the Pacific, Alan Applebaum
General Vol.27, #2
The Flattops, Strategy, 50, The Components of Victory, Gary L. Jones
General Vol.28, #5
Series Replay - VICTORY IN THE PACIFIC W.Jockusch, D.Targonski, A.Applebum
Variants in the Pacific - Historical Variants for VICTORY IN THE PACIFIC W.Kawato
QUESTION BOX: 14-4, 17-4, 18-2, 18-6, 22-2
PHOENIX Magazine
Phoenix #20
Victory in the Pacific: Dave Mylie (Review)
S&T #29
The War in the Pacific 1941-1943: Albert A. Nofi (Historical)
S&T #38
'CA', Tactical Naval Warfare in the Pacific 1941-43: David C. Isby (Historical)
S&T #65
The War against Japan 1941-45: John Prados (Historical)
Wargamer Vol.1 #7
Victory in the Pacific: A Guide to Japanese Strategy: Simon Field (Strategy)
Wargamer Vol.1 #10
Victory in the Pacific: Another Guide to Japanese Strategy: David Buckland (Strategy)