Campaign #100
Stalingrad Variant #82: Steve Kane (Variant)
F&M #62
World War II Anthology: Chapter 3: The Eastern Front: Rick Swan (Review)
GENERAL Magazine
General Vol.1, #3
Plan Lenin: Carl Knabe
Contest #3
Operation Barbarossa: Daniel Hughes
Sage Sarge Sez: Stalingrad - Win With Either Side: Louis Zocchi
General Vol.1, #6
Stalingrad Re-played
Stalingrad: Victor Madeja
General Vol.2, #1
A Critique: Stalingrad Re-played
Play-by-Mail Grid Coordinates
New Stalingrad: J.Norris
General Vol.2 #2
Best Stalingrad Defense Ever: Ron Bullis
General Vol.2, #3
Perfect Stalingrad Placement: Scott Geller
General Vol.2, #4
Attack and Expectations: Stanley Hoffman
Invitation to Disaster: William Creamer
The Perfect Russian Placement Criticized: Raymond Utz
General Vol.2, #5
Hints for Stalingrad
How to Exploit Russian Errors in Stalingrad: Richard Shagrin
Stalingrad Over Simplified: Terrence Zuber
General Vol.2, #6
In Defense of Finland: Carl Knabe
Stalingrad - Tournament Game: Dick Westlund
General Vol.3, #1
German Changes in Stalingrad: Carl Knabe, Roger Cormier
General Vol.3, #2
Moscow at 3 to 1: Jack Donovan
Question Box: Stalingrad
General Vol.3, #3
Success in Stalingrad: Richard Shalvoy
Russian Front  1941: Barry Jackson
General Vol.3, #5
The True Worth of Stalingrad: J.Norris
An Amazing Stalingrad Tactic: Richard Shagrin
Counterattack or Withdraw: Steward Grossman
Stalingrad - Super Tournament Game: James Stein
Contest #17
General Vol.3, #6
The Pyrrhic Victory - The Doubled Exchange: James Stein
General Vol.4, #1
The Forgotten Attack: Robert Shalvoy
General Vol.4, #2
Son of General von Blunder: James Stein
Rejuvenated Stalingrad: Norman Zinkhan
General Vol.4, #4
Speedy Stalingrad: Michael Whinihan, Paul Hunt
General Vol.4, #6
Bring Ivan to His Knees: Ted Harpham
General Vol.5, #4
All It Takes is Efficient Planning: Emmet Dowling
General Vol.5, #5
The Goldwasser Test: A New Dimension for Stalingrad: Naomi Goldwasser
General Vol.6, #1
The Mathematics of the CRT: William Gilbert
General Vol.6, #2
The Mathematics of the CRT  II: William Gilbert
General Vol.6, #3
Quality vs. Quantity: William Searight
Barbarossa: Thomas Fowler
General Vol.6, #5
Strategic Breakthrough - Strategic Paralysis: Mark Lowenthal
Tactics of Defense: Thomas Fowler
General Vol.6, #6
19(41)14???: William Searight
General Vol.7, #2
Realism and Play-balance: John Ellsworth
General Vol.7, #3
Barbarossa With a Purpose: E.Henderson
General Vol.7, #4
Fabian Stalingrad: Mark Morss
General Vol.7, #5
Getting It Together: Scott Sherwood
Contest #41
General Vol.7, #6
Ostrieg [sic]: Mark Teehan
General Vol.8, #2
What! Another Stalingrad Variant?: Daniel Kronemyer
General Vol.8, #3
Stalingrad Breakthrough: Lawrence Valencourt
General Vol.8, #6
Urals Before 1942: William Searight
Stalingrad - The Middle Game: George Phillies
General Vol.9, #1
Stalingrad - The Middle Game II: George Phillies
General Vol.9, #2
Double Stalingrad: Robert Garbisch
General Vol.9, #3
The Lambert Defense: Richard Lambert
General Vol.9, #5
Assault from the South: Stalingrad: A short course on the offensive: Rick Moyer
General Vol.10, #3
Contest #57
General Vol.10, #4
Series Replay: Stalingrad: Evans, T.Oleson
General Vol.11, #2
The Invasion of Russia: A cultural & strategic analysis: Mark Saha, Mark Irwin
Defense in Stalingrad: Mark Irwin
General Vol.11, #3
Defending Russia: Richard Shalvoy
General Vol.11, #4
The Southern Gambit: An analysis of a Russian deployment in Stalingrad: Gary Gygax
General Vol.11, #5
Contest #64
Series Replay: Stalingrad: D.Greenwood, R.Reed
General Vol.12, #1
The Turk Connection, Mike Markowitz
General Vol.12, #2
Which City First: STALINGRAD, Emphasis on Advanced Planning: R.Moyer
General Vol.12, #4
Starting Stalingrad in 1942: A Variant of the Middle Game of Stalingrad: Dr.J.Connolly
General Vol.12, #6
Stalingrad Scenario Strategy: Starting STALINGRAD in 1942: G.Phillies
General Vol.13, #3
Stalingrad: The Finnish Front, Variant, 3: Mark Saha
General Vol.13, #4
Taking the Offensive in Stalingrad: Joseph A. Angiolillo, Jr.
General Vol.14, #3
Stalingrad Replay, Series Replay, 24, Part I, Staff
General Vol.14, #4
Stalingrad, Part 2, Replay: Paul Balulski
General Vol.15, #2
Stalingrad - Revisited and Revised, Variant, 16: Louis Coatney
General Vol.17, #5
Once More, Into the Rubble of Stalingrad, Variant, 15, A Revisionist's Reply to Unjust Criticism: Louis R. Coatney
General Vol.17, #6
The Russian View, Strategy, 5, An Analysis of the Defense in Stalingrad: J. A. Angiolillo
General Vol.21, #4
Soviet Union - 1941, Variant, 31, Melding Two Classics: Dean Miller
The Big Three, Strategy, 38, Common German Errors in Stalingrad: James Corling
QUESTION BOX: 1-3, 1-4, 1-5, 1-6, 3-2, 3-3, 5-1, 6-1, 6-6, 7-5, 9-5
Vol 3, #10
The Pieces of Stalingrad: George Phillies
MOVES Magazine
Moves #1
Bias for Better Balance: D. Keith Baker (Analysis)
Moves #50
On the Eastfront: Twenty-Nine Games in Print: A Survey: Steve List (Review)
Panzerfaust 1968 (issue unknown)
Stalingrad in detail: George Phillies
Panzerfaust #17 (Vol 3, #1)
Stalingrad Tournament Style: Steve Tinsley
Panzerfaust #53
Fuhrer Directive 33: Stalingrad and the Southern Offensive: G.Gygax (Analysis)
Panzerfaust #54
Stalingrad Rules Interpretations: George Phillies (Design)
Panzerschreck #3
Streamlined Turning Point: Stalingrad (AH): G.Graber
Short Takes: Stalingrad: B.Shatner
Issue #26
Stalingrad: Lou Coatney (Review)
Jul 1970
Russian Analysis: Richard Giberson
Variants and Redesigns: George Phillies
S&T #1
AH Variants: Stuka Stalingrad Variant: R.Gutenkunst (Variant)
S&T #4
AH Variants: AH Stalingrad: The Northern Offensive: F.Kruger (Variant)
S&T #11
AH Variants: The Stalingrad II Project / Stalingrad II Map: S.Berschig (Variant)
S&T #13
Thoughts on Stalingrad: J.K.Norris
S&T #41
War in the East: The Russo-German Conflict: Stephen B. Patrick (Historical)
S&T Supp #3
Stalingrad - Australian Style (John Edwards)
Magazine and issue unknown for the following:
German Analysis by Gary Charbonneau (previously unpublished)