Vol 1, Issue #2

"The British Dilemma. A hefty scenario set in the north in 1778. Victory conditions are not determined until halfway through the game. Excellent "meatier" scenario by Jim Lawler.

Vol 2, Issue #1

"Partisan Leaders". Jim Lawler continues his support of 1776 by adding rules covering some of the irregular warfare of the revolutionary war. Really adds some fine color to the game. Now at last the "swamp fox" rides again.

Vol 2, Issue #2

Strategy and a new scenario for the Carolinas in 1776 by Michael Anchors

Vol 3, Issue #2

A variant introducing the city of Wilmington by Jim Lawler

Vol 3, Issue #3

A description of the Saratoga scenario used at Avaloncon by Steve Packwood

A new 1781 scenario by Jim Lawler

Vol 4, Issue #1

A series replay for The British Receding scenario by Jim Lawler and Rod Coffey

Vol 5, Issue #3

An article proposing more realistic rules for movement of supply units by Gilbert Collins

Vol 6, Issue #4

Errata and clarifications for the Boardgamer's Guide by Jim Lawler

Vol 7, Issue #4

A revision and expansion of the 1781 Yorktown scenario by Robert Furney



Campaign #71

The Southern Strategy: Chuck Holland (Strategy)

Campaign #73

In Pursuit of Greene and Lafayette: Some Strategic Notes on the two Southern Scenarios of Avalon Hillís 1776 Game: Gregory J. W. Urwin (Strategy)

Campaign #76

Our Most Worthy Enemy: Robert A. Braun (Historical)

Campaign #83

Keeping the Colonies Royal: Thomas Dworschak (Strategy)



F&M #75

Profile: Three Games on the American Revolution: Gilbert Collins (Review)


GENERAL Magazine

General Vol.12, #1

1776: A Colonial Overview, Robert Beyma

General Vol.14, #4

Patience in 1776, Major Edward Caswell

General Vol.16, #1

The 1776 Thesis, Strategy, 28, Jonathon Lockwood

General Vol.16, #2

The Incoming Tide, Strategy, 24, Part II of the 1776 Thesis, Jonathan Lockwood

General Vol.16, #3

American Strategy in the 1776 Campaign, Strategy, 26, Part III of the 1776 Thesis, John Lockwood

General Vol.17, #4

The Tory and Indian War, Scenario, 35, A 1776 Scenario, Vincent O'Neal

General Vol.19, #3

Lincoln's Southern Strategy, Scenario, 34, A Quick-Playing Scenario for 1776, Jim Lawler

General Vol.20, #3

Montcalm and Wolfe, Scenario, 28, The French and Indian War -- 1759, Fred Sassin

General Vol.21, #2

The 1776 Experience, Strategy, 35, The 'Good Guy' Strategy, Peter Croft

General Vol.25, #4

Command Pressures, Variant, 54, Leaders for 1776, Jim Lawler

General Vol.25, #5

Redcoat Advance, Strategy, 25, The British in 1776, Scott Hess


MOVES Magazine

Moves #6

The World War of 1778-1783 (a/k/a World War Zero) (Historical)



Outposts #7

1776 vs The American Revolution: Robert Chenoweth (Review)



Panzerfaust #63

Thumbnail Analysis: 1776: Don Lowry (Review)

Panzerfaust #64

1776: Jack Greene Jr. (Review)



Issue #35

1776: Rod Coffey (Review)


PHOENIX Magazine

Phoenix #7

American Revolution/1776: A Comparative Review: Paul Hirst (Review)



S&T #34

The American Revolution 1775-1783: Albert A. Nofi (Historical)



Wargamer Vol.1 #17

The Passing of the Pike: Peter Hatton (Review)