Battleplan #1
The Russian Campaign: Strategic Political Variants: Alan Emerich (Variant)
Battleplan #6
Rumania Uber Allies: Strategies in Russian Campaign: Marc Dultz (Strategy)
Campaign #72
Official Rule Changes: The Russian Campaign: Jedko (Variant)
Campaign #75
Thumbnail Analysis: The Russian Campaign: Don Lowry (Review)
Campaign #76
Tactics in Russian Campaign: Thomas E. Hilton (Strategy)
Campaign #80
Thumbnail Analysis: The Russian Campaign: Don Lowry (Review)
Campaign #82
Strategies and Tactics in Russian Campaign: Alan Emerich (Strategy)
Campaign #84
Breaking through the Viipuri Defense: Mark Diehl (Strategy)
Campaign #86
Another Russian Start for Russian Campaign: Patrick A. Flory (Strategy)
Campaign #94
An Examination of Russian Strategy in Russian Campaign: Ronald D. Morley (Strategy)
Beginnerís Guide to Strategy Gaming
The Russian Campaign: John Burtt (Review)
F&M #5
The Russian Campaign: Battle Report, Developerís Notes, Designerís Notes: R.deBaun, F.Aker (Analysis/Review)
The Russian Campaign: T.Oleson (Analysis)
F&M #62
World War II Anthology: Chapter 3: The Eastern Front: Rick Swan (Review)
GENERAL Magazine
General Vol.13, #3
Initial Impressions of Russian Campaign, D. Miller
Another Man's Impressions of The Russian Campaign, Richard Hamblen
General Vol.13, #4
But What If, Variants and Alternate Strategic Scenarios, Richard Hamblen
General Vol.13, #6
The Viipuri Defense, J. Richard Jarvinen
General Vol.14, #1
Design Analysis, The Russian Campaign, Richard Hamblen
General Vol.14, #3
Barbarossa Repulsed!,Strategy,16,Expanding on the Viipuri Defense,J.R.Jarvinen
General Vol.14, #5
The Final Line, Strategy, 21, The Third Instalment of the Jarvinen RC Series,J.R. Jarvinen
General Vol.15, #1
The Road to Berlin, Strategy, 28, J. Richard Jarvinen
General Vol.15, #3
Tournament (Strategic) Level Russian Campaign, Variant, 20, Tyrone Bomba
General Vol.16, #4
Russian Campaign Replay, Series Replay, 22, Viipuri Defense, Staff
General Vol.16, #5
Tactical Alternatives in 1941, Analysis of Russian Strategy in the Russian Campaign, Paul Jameson
General Vol.17, #3
Dividing Pressure Zones: A Weather Variant For THE RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN: T.Oleson
General Vol.17, #6
Back to the Viipuri, Strategy, 41, Once Again Into the Fray of TRC Opening Setups, J. R. Jarvine
General Vol.18, #5
Variant Ten (RCX), Variant, 27, Another Variation on The Russian Campaign, Kurt Blanch
General Vol.21, #1
The Crimea River Defense, Strategy, 38, Lines of Departure in Russian Campaign, Robert Harmon
General Vol.21, #4
Turning the Tide, Strategy, 27, Playing the Russian in Russian Campaign, Michael Anchors
The Ideological Factor, Variant, 29, Benign German Occupation in TRC, Richard Eggleston
General Vol.22, #4
The Long Trek Eastwards, Variant, 23, Tracking the Weather of TRC, Marc Dultz
Handicapping in the Russian Campaign, Variant, 25, Options for Balancing the Old Favorite, Joe Carberry
General Vol.23, #6
The Long Haul, Strategy, 29, Axis Strategy for TRC, James Werbaneth
General Vol.24, #1
The Steppes: Key to Victory, Strategy, 21, Playing the German in TRC, Paul Morrison
General Vol.25, #2
Play Conventions For Russian Campaign, Play-By-Mail, 39, Plugging the Holes in PBM, Robert Costello
General Vol.27, #1
The Offensive Approach, Strategy, 6, Soviet Strategy for Russian Campaign, David Buckland
To the Gates, Historical Background, 17, The Historical Russian Campaign, R.B. & R.E. Allred
Divisions, Corps, & Armies, Variant, 23, Realistic Russian Campaign, Antonio Munoz
General Vol.28, #3
The Black Sea Waltz, Naval Movement Options in the Russian Campaign, J.Lutz
A Fond Friendship Renewed, Re-Acquainting Oneself with the Russian Campaign, A. Kritzer
General Vol.31, #4
Tournament Scenarios for The Russian Campaign, Two Scenarios Covering '41-'42 and '42-'43, Robert Beyma
QUESTION BOX: 13-2, 16-3, 21-4
MOVES Magazine
Moves #36
Russian Campaign: John Prados (Critique/Analysis)
Panzerfaust #67
Thumbnail Analysis: The Russian Campaign (Jedko): Don Lowry (Review)
Issue #18
Russian Campaign: Mike Ryan (Review)
S&T #41
War in the East: The Russo-German Conflict: Stephen B. Patrick (Historical)
S&T #214
Air Warfare on the Eastern Front: Joseph Miranda (Historical)
Wargamer Vol.1 #1
Russian Campaign: Replay and Analysis: Bruce, Barum, K.Poulter (Replay/Analysis)
Wargamer Vol.1 #5
Russian Campaign: Battle of Annihilation Concept (Strategy)