Battleplan #3
The Relief of Wake Island: James E. Meldrum (Variant)
Battleplan #6
Midway Random Events: George Sauer (Variant)
Battleplan #7
Midway Japanese Style: James E. Meldrum (Variant)
Vol 9, Issue #3
A system for resolving hidden movement and searching without a referee by Scott Romanowski
F&M #12
The Sun Also Rises: Games of WWII in the Pacific: Friedrich Hefflerich (Review)
F&M #65
Classic Wargame Series: The Midway Legacy: James P. Werbaneth (Analysis)
F&M #67
World War II Anthology: Chapter 5: The Pacific Theater: Friedrich Hefflerich (Review)
GENERAL Magazine
General Vol.1, #5
Midway-Reworked: Victor Madeja (Variant)
Naval Affairs: Walter Green
Contest #5
General Vol.1, #6
The Japs [sic] have the Best of It in Midway: John Curtis (Analysis)
Amercs [sic] Have It Made in Midway: Louis Zocchi (Analysis)
General Vol.2, #2
Midway  Solitaire: Robert Olson
Midway's Hidden American Power: Louis Zocchi
General Vol.2, #3
Problems and Solutions: Tom Bosseler
Thoughts on Midway: Carl Knabe
General Vol.2, #4
Definite Edge to the Japs: Victorio Gervol
General Vol.2, #5
Definite Edge to the Japs [sic]: Victor Gervol
Midway for the Cautious Jap [sic]: Jack Donovan
General Vol.2, #6
Midway, Bismarck Style: P.Harlem (Variant)
General Vol.3, #1
Operation Atsui: Bill Stone
Midway by Mail: Earl Hodin
General Vol.3, #3
Midway - The First Day: John Michalski
General Vol.3, #4
Submarines at Midway: Richard Gutenkunst
General Vol.3, #5
Gross Injustice to Submarines: R.Gutenkunst (Variant)
Midway  PBM: Richard Giberson
General Vol.3, #6
How to Change a Dull Jap [sic] Victory into a Heartless American Win: Richard Shagrin
General Vol.4, #2
Midway Un-Stereotyped: M.Saviet (Variant)
General Vol.4, #3
Mastery of Midway: Jared Johnson
General Vol.4, #4
What Next? Destroyers at Midway: S.Marston (Variant)
General Vol.4, #5
Midway Equilibrated: C.Nelson (Variant)
General Vol.5, #5
Surprise at Midway: Chris Meagher
General Vol.5, #6
Five Fickle Factors: Doug Hallet
General Vol.6, #2
Midway Revisited: How One Man's Decision Brought Victory 27 Years Ago
General Vol.6, #3
One Ship Invasion Fleet?: C.Pelto (Variant)
General Vol.6, #6
Chicken Yamamoto: L.Clark (Variant)
General Vol.7, #4
Midway in Focus: Kevin Slimak
General Vol.8, #6
Midway and the British Home Fleet: R.Thurston (Variant)
General Vol.9, #3
Mass or Maneuver: M.Gray (Strategy)
General Vol.9, #4
The Midway Thesis: H.Totten, D.Greenwood (Analysis)
General Vol.10, #1
The Rest of the Alphabet: L.Berger
General Vol.10, #2
Series Replay  Midway: Bill Barr, Don Greenwood, Harold Totten (Replay)
General Vol.10, #3
Leyte Gulf: R.Harmon (Variant)
General Vol.11, #3
Series Replay: M.Uhl, D.Greenwood (Replay)
General Vol.12, #4
Back to Nuts and Bolts: H.Totten (Strategy)
General Vol.13, #3
Series Replay  Midway: M.Uhl, D.Greenwood, T.Hilton (Replay)
General Vol.13, #6
Midway by Mail: T.Cragg
General Vol.14, #5
Away From the Combined Fleet, Strategy, 27, New Concepts and Tactics for Midway, William B. Searight
General Vol.15, #5
Pacific Theatre Via Midway: A.Moon (Variant)
The Battle for Australia: R.Sarti (Variant)
Contest #87
General Vol.16, #3
Advanced Level Midway, Variant, 30, Mark Dumdei
General Vol.17, #1
Where Did He Come From? - Deep Sixing Step Seventeen in MIDWAY: M.Ross, S.Tyrer, K.Self
General Vol.17, #4
Dirty Weather Cruising, Variant, 21, Weather Rules for Midway, L. Dooner Ross
General Vol.18, #6
Pre-Emption, Strategy, 24, Naval Aviation Tactics in Midway, R. Harmon
General Vol.20, #6
Debacle at Midway, Strategy, 27, Japanese Jaws, William Searight
QUESTION BOX: 1-5, 1-6, 2-1, 5-1, 7-1, 9-2, 9-5, 10-2, 11-6, 17-4, 18-6
S&T #29
The War in the Pacific 1941-1943: Albert A. Nofi (Historical)
S&T #38
'CA', Tactical Naval Warfare in the Pacific 1941-43: David C. Isby (Historical)
S&T #65
The War against Japan 1941-45: John Prados (Historical)
Wargamer Vol.1 #9
A Midway Reader: Marc Harries: (Strategy)
Wargamer Vol.1 #12
Fleet Trains and Boats and Planes: Meic Harris (Review)