Vol 5, Issue #4
Special rules and 1943 scenarios by Trevor Bender
F&M #71
World War II Anthology: Chapter 5: The Pacific Theater: Joseph Miranda (Review)
GENERAL Magazine
General Vol.3, #1
Contest #13
General Vol.3, #2
Guadalcanal Jungle Tactics: John Dotson
Guadalcanal Clarifications
General Vol.3, #3
Fast hidden Movement for Guadalcanal: Robert Dieli, Ken Hoffman
Guadalcanal - Combat Power: Steve Torkelson
General Vol.3, #5
Guadalcanal Hidden Movement  PBM: Lee Trowbridge
General Vol.3, #6
Operation Sea Dragon: Hans Kruger
General Vol.4, #1
Navy and Air Force in Guadalcanal: Richard Giberson
General Vol.4, #2
Hidden U.S. Strength: Steven Torkelson
General Vol.4, #3
Navy and Air Force in Guadalcanal  II: Richard Giberson
Guadalcanal PBM Artillery System: Steve Torkelson
General Vol.4, #6
Put a Little Imagination in Guadalcanal: Ray Johnson
General Vol.5, #1
Guadalcanal PBM Hidden Movement: Richard Nichols
General Vol.5, #4
PBM Artillery Fire: Richard Nichols
General Vol.7, #2
Realism and Play-balance: John Ellsworth
How to Reduce Units Quickly: Allen Davidson, David Drayner
General Vol.10, #6
Guadalcanal: The Island, the Campaign, the Game: Joel Davis
QUESTION BOX: 3-2, 3-3, 4-5, 9-4, 10-6
S&T #39
The Battle for Guadalcanal 7 Aug 1942  7 Feb 1943: Stephen B. Patrick (Historical)
S&T #52
Island War: The US Amphibious Offensive Against Imperial Japan 1942 to 1945: David C. Isby (Historical)
S&T #65
The War against Japan 1941-45: John Prados (Historical)
S&T #125
Island Combat: Marines versus the Japanese in the Central Pacific: David C. Isby (Historical)