F&M #65
World War II Anthology: Chapter 4: The Western Front: Jeff Petraska (Review)
GENERAL Magazine
General Vol.1, #1
Plan Red-Face - From Holloman Air Base
Plan Red - From Purdue U.: Carl Knabe
D-Day - Chicago Style: Robert Olson
General Vol.1, #2
Plan Red-Phooey: V.Phillips
Credits and Debits on Plan Red: Carl Knabe
General Vol.1, #3
Cracking the "Unstoppable D-Day Defense": Victor Madeja
General Vol.1, #5
D-Day Reworked: Victor Madeja
General Vol.2, #1
Play-by-Mail Grid Coordinates
German Tactics for D-Day: Ken HoffmanP
General Vol.2, #2
D-Day Used in Medical Research: Charles Wickstorm
Another Look at D-Day: Laurence Plumb
General Vol.2, #3
D-Day '65 Re-visited: Laurence Plumb 
Problems and Solutions: Tom Bosseler
A Plan for Amateur von Rundstedts: Mathew Buynoski
Operation Robert - D-Day : Robert Stephenson
New D-Day '65 Invasion Diagram in Error
General Vol.2, #4
Defensive Reserves: George Phelps
Tactics and Strategy Part 3: David Wiskeyman
Stop the Allies on the Beaches: Don Drewek
You Can Defend All Areas: Brenton Ver Ploeg
General Vol.3, #1
D-Day: The Left Hook: Barry Branch
The D-Day That Was: Ralph Fellows
General Vol.3, #2
The D-Day That Was: Notes and Comments: John Dotson
Bombing in D-Day: James Hales
General Vol.3, #3
Maintain the Offensive in D-Day: R.Smith
General Vol.3, #4
Ultimate German Defense: Mike Clothier
General Vol.3, #5
Festung Europa: Carl Knabe
D-Day - Chicago Style: Robert Olson
General Vol.3, #6
D-Day: The Real Thing: Michael Obolensky
General Vol.4, #2
Normandy - The Way It Really Happened: Hans Kruger
Allies Kaput: Mark Rudolph
General Vol.4, #3
The Best Invasion Area - D-Day: Gary Zintgraff
General Vol.5, #1
Wargamer's Clinic: Myron Brundage
General Vol.6, #1
Strategic Defense of France: Alan Augenbraun
General Vol.6, #3
German Defense of Normandy: Alan Augenbraun
General Vol.6, #4
German Defense of Normandy - Part 2: Alan Augenbraun
Defense of Festung Europa: Louis Menyhert
General Vol.6, #5
German Defense of Normandy - Part 3: Alan Augenbraun
The D-Day Thesis: G.Phillies
General Vol.6, #6
German Defense of Normandy - Part 4: Alan Augenbraun
Defense Plan III: J.Zinkharn
The D-Day Thesis  II: George Phillies
General Vol.7, #1
On the Defense of France: Tyrone Bomba
General Vol.7, #3
TAC Air in D-Day: Robert Burge
General Vol.7, #4
TAC Air in D-Day - Part II: Robert Burge
D-Day '44 Tourney Version: Tyrone Bomba
General Vol.7, #5
Winning With the Wehrmacht: Alan Augenbraun
Gamble of Play Safe?: William Searight
General Vol.9, #4
Fortress Europa: Jon Lockwood
General Vol.10, #1
D-Day Defended, E. Gary Gygax with Rob Kuntz
General Vol.10, #4
Anatomy of a Defense: Robert Beyma
General Vol.11, #1
Contest #60 (D-Day '65)
D-Day - Variation and Play: Robert Garbisch
Beach by Beach: Don Greenwood
General Vol.11, #5
D-Day Airborne Operations: W.Searight
General Vol.14, #6
D-Day: The Evolution of a Game, Analysis, 3, Joel S. Davis
Contest #82
General Vol.15, #2
The Redesign of D-Day, Designer's Notes, 24, Design Analysis, Jim Stahler
General Vol.15, #5
Fortress Europe Revisited, Strategy, 18, New Tactics for a Not-So-Old Game, Robert Beyma
General Vol.18, #2
Hit The Beach, Strategy, 36, Invasion Defenses in D-Day '77, James Stahler
General Vol.21, #1
Blood on the Beaches, Strategy, 43, D-Day, The Allied Invasion, James Lutz
General Vol.24, #2
Not Just Another Day, Strategy, 35, An Overview of D-Day, Don Howe
General Vol.27, #5
One Day at a Time, Strategy, 53, Strategic and Tactical Hints for D-Day, Robert Aldred
[D65] 1-1, 1-3, 1-4, 2-1, 5-1, 5-4, 6-3, 7-2, 7-4, 8-2, 8-4, 9-2, 9-4, 10-2, 10-4, 12-2
[D77] 16-3, 18-3, 18-4
[D91] 28-4
Panzerfaust #56
The Battles for France: Tyrone Bomba (Variant)
Panzerfaust #62
Realistic D-Day: Carl Bennett (Variant)
Panzerfaust #63
The Disposition of the German Army June  December 1944: Antonio Munoz (Historical)
Panzerschreck #1
Short Takes: D-Day '65 Scenario: B. Shatner (Variant)
Issue #3
The John Wayne Variant for D-Day: D. Housman (Variant)
S&T #17
D-Day Revision: The Need for Revision: L.Rusiecki
D-Day Revision: The Folly of Revision: T.Shaw
Special Edition #3
Overlord: The Normandy Invasion: Albert A. Nofi (Historical)