Campaign #80

Thumbnail Analysis: The Arab-Israeli Wars: Don Lowry (Review)


GENERAL Magazine

General Vol.14, #1

Programmed Instruction for AIW, 26-27,Jim Stahler

General Vol.14, #3

Armies in Conflict, Historical Background, 3-9,TO&E: Anatomy of a War, Seth Carus

Behind Closed Doors,9,-

Unit Composition Charts, Designer's Notes,10, Seth Carus

Armies in Conflict, Designer's Notes,15, Morale: Key to Victory, Seth Carus

Arab Tank Tactics in AIW, Strategy, 31, Or Methods of Manoeuvring Mighty Masses of Metal, Jim Stahler

CONTEST #79,Insert

QUESTION BOX: 14-3,15-5

General Vol.15, #6

Situation S-7, El Al, Strategy, 28, (and what the Israelis can do about it), Richard Boughton

General Vol.18, #2

AIW Point By Point, Variant, 26, The Design Your Own Formula Rides Again, James Gordon

General Vol.21, #6

Sand in the Wind, Strategy, 22, Playing the Scenarios of AIW, Robert Allred

Lebanon, Scenario, 39, New Scenarios for AIW, Michael Anchors

General Vol.22, #3

Saving the Third Army, Strategy, 33, Across the Suez Canal, Jim Eliason

General Vol.25, #2

The Pieces of Arab-Israeli Wars, Strategy, 50, A Unit-By-Unit Review, David Howery

General Vol.25, #3

The King of Battle, Analysis, 38, Artillery in the Panzerblitz Series, Carl Schwamberger


MOVES Magazine

Moves #56

A Survey of Arab-Israeli Wargames (Ian Chadwick)



S&T #61

October War: Doctrine and Tactics in the Yom Kippur Conflict 6 to 24 October 1973: Thomas Walczyk (Historical)